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If you are looking or searching online for a reliable Pilates Mat, then check out this short review for what we believe are the best Pilates Mats that are currently available in the UK at present which can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free. We have reviewed over 30 Pilates mats and narrowed our results down to our top 5 options so it should speed up the process when it comes to making up your own final decision.

Delivery Timeframe

All of the 5 Pilates mats on this list can easily be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free in a matter of a few working days. Generally speaking, the average time for a delivery is 3 working days however this can be increased to 5 or even 7 working days depending on your exact location.

Price Indications

As prices can change from week to week or month to month, price guides can only be given at the time of this review. To ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information, please make sure to view the various price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the exact price tags currently available when you visit this website today…

1st Video Tips: Home Pilates 30 Minute Session

Cleaning Pilates Mats

Many of the Pilates mats will have a certain degree of water resistance however you should get into the habit of making sure your Pilates mat is cleaned regularly after use to avoid any stains setting in. All you should apply is a damp cloth and allow it to air dry before rolling it back up into the carry strap position. You can use a small amount of detergent or washing up liquid with an absorbent sponge which tends to do the trick for freshening it up.

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Best Pilates Mats in the UK – Top Recommendations

Option 1: Maximo Exercise Thick Pilates Mat

Main Points to Note:

Multi-purpose mat for varied workouts

Pilates, exercises, sit ups and aerobics

Superior elbow support for planks

Ideal for push ups and stretching also

Size 183cm long by 60cm wide

5 colour options to choose from

Black, blue, green, purple & red

Extra spongy thickness & lightweight

Made from NBR foam water resistant

Includes a convenient carry strap

Price Guide: Less than £30 @ Amazon UK

Option 2: Toplus Thin Pilates & Yoga Mat

Main Points to Note:

Multi-purpose mat capabilities

Pilates, Yoga, exercises & stretching

Includes a carry strap support

Made from TPE eco-friendly material

Super grip non slip ability & high density

Used for gymnastics and aerobics also

Dimensions are 183cm by 61cm

Thickness of the mat is thinner at 0.6cm

Multiple colours to choose from

Double layer design for optimal floor grip

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £30

Option 3: KG Physio Pilates & Yoga Non Slip Mat

Main Points to Note:

Multifunction Pilates and yoga mat

Performs better as Pilates mat

Used for exercises and aerobic

Size dimensions are 183cm by 60cm

Thickness of the mat is 1cm

Over 5 colour options to choose from

Made from NBR rubber materials

Excellent floor solid gripping ability

Great results with holding postures

Carry on strap & 1 year warranty

Price Guide: Less than £25 @ Amazon UK

Option 4: Proworks Pilates & Yoga Non Slip Mat

Main Points to Note:

Mat is made from NBR quality foam

Popular Pilates solution nationwide

Can be used for Yoga & exercises also

Excellent floor gripping capabilities

Over 7 colour options to choose from

Dimensions are 183L x 58W cm

Mat thickness depth of 1cm

Includes a reliable carry strapping

Sweatproof and easy to clean

Anti-tear, durable and portable

Price Guide: Tends to be approx. £20

Option 5: Core Balance 1cm Thick Pilates Mat


Main Points to Note:

Popular Pilates solution 1cm thick

Available directly from Core Balance UK, Customer support on 0345 5191599

5 colour options to choose from - Black, grey, green, purple & pink

Home deliveries in 3 to 5 working days, Hassle free 30 day returns policy

Dimensions 183L x 60W x 1D cm, Multi-purpose mat for exercises

Reduces impact on various joints - Made from NBR closed cell foam

Grooved gripping is provided underneath - Sweat proof and simple to clean down

Price Guide: Less than £25 @ Core Balance UK

2nd Video Demo: Energising Pilates Body Workout session example

Thicker Pilates Mats

As a rule of thumb, the Pilates mats will be thicker than your average Yoga mat and as a result, the thicker Pilates mats won’t be suitable for Yoga or HIIT training workouts. One big advantage of having the thicker mats is having the noise and sound absorbed so the level of noise from the floor surface is reduced which is a serious benefit if you have people living or sleeping downstairs. The disadvantage at times with the thicker mats is that they can be more at risk to wear and tear and leaving dent marks in the sponge surface after use.

NBR Foam Mats vs TPE Mats

When you see Pilates mats made from NBR foam, it means that the material used in the design is Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Foam which is free of Latex and PVC. NBR is designed with a closed cell structure which allows it to be resistant to sweat and moisture. As far as technology goes in the manufacture of exercise mats, the latest technology are mats made from TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) which are free of latex, chemicals and PVC and don’t include any substances that may be harmful to the environment - the cell structure here again is tighter still

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After completing this short list of reliable Pilates Mats in the UK, we hope our work and review here can give you some ideas to think about when making your final selection. We have covered several brands that have experience in this sector along with Mats designed with NBR and TPE as well as thinner mats at 0.6cm and thicker mats of 1cm and beyond so there should be something here that can cater for your needs.

If you are on a budget and you need a multi-function mat that can cater for various type sessions such as Pilates, Yoga, exercises and gymnastics then there should be something here also on this list to meet these requirements

Educate Others?

Have you used any of these Pilates Mats yourself in the recent past? Have you anything positive or negative to report?

If possible, please feel free to educate others in the wider UK community by leaving your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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