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If you are considering buying a Treadmill under the Bodytrain brand in the coming days or weeks, then please make sure to check out my review first which will give you a clear direction if this is the correct Treadmill for you or not.

Multiple Models

In this Bodytrain Treadmill review, we will be covering 4 different models for you to consider which range in price levels from around the £150 mark up as far as £650 and will outline all the significant advantages and disadvantages for each.

Summary table

In addition, a quick summary table is also outlined below which will also give you a clearer picture if you are still undecided on which model to go with, so without any further delay, let’s begin…

Treadmill Review Overview:

BrandBodytrain Treadmills
Models4 separate models
Price LevelsApprox £150 to £650 (at the time of this review)
Warranty12 months
Best Place to Buy:Sports and Leisure UK, Shenstone - View Available Stocks Here
Orders OnlineOrders accepted online with Free delivery
DeliveriesLocation dependant, but they target a next day delivery

Bodytrain Treadmill Review – Across 4 Models

1, The BodyTrain BPM Treadmill


  • Starting off, this particular model has a 500W motor, the pulse sensors and can also be folded and locked away for easy storage. It is a lightweight treadmill suitable for lighter type workouts which weights 24kg and has a speed operation level of 1 to 6Km per hour.
  • In addition, there is a holder to place your phone or tablet which is a great way to keep you entertained as you do your work out.
  • It also has the LED screen which outlines the times taken, the distances, the speed levels and the estimated level of calories being used.
  • The running area available is 1000 x 340 mm and the maximum use weight allowed is 100kg. Price wise it is very reasonable coming in around the £150 level at the time of this review


  • Very low price level suitable for people who need to work off a tighter budget
  • Small and light weight which can be folded away neatly in small storage areas.
  • Simple and effective for people who enjoy lighter type exercise routines


  • Low levels of speed available – only 1 to 6 km/hr
  • Smaller motor which makes it suitable for lighter workouts only
  • Small run deck size dimensions

2, The BodyTrain Speed Treadmill


  • The second model under the Bodytrain brand is the BodyTrain Speed Treadmill which has a lot more features and capabilities than the first but please expect to pay around £100 more for this one.
  • Here you also get the MP3, USB, SD card slot holder and there are the additional 3 separate incline settings to allow for harder and more difficult workouts. You also get the pulse sensors and the speed controls on your arms included of course the tablet or phone holder.
  • Speed levels - you are looking at 1 to 12 km/hr and there are also 12 pre-set workout programs for you to choose from which is great instead of having to program your workout manually.
  • The motor here has a lifetime guarantee which gives you additional confidence and can be folded away easily. Please note also that it has transportation wheels to make it easier to move around your home.
  • There is a selection of different short cut speed controls on the screen, there is the 1.5 HP motor and the price tends to be around the £250 level but can be double checked below.


  • Additional 3 inclines and 12 pre-set programmes along with the MP3/USB slot
  • Lifetime warranty on the motor and can be folded neatly away
  • Larger run deck area of 1.22m by 40 cm


  • Limited to a speed level of 12 km/hr
  • Some of the pre-set programmes could be better

3, The BodyTrain Endurance F18 Treadmill


  • This is another step up from the first and second models above and this one is called the BodyTrain Endurance F18 Treadmill which has a more powerful motor of 2HP motor and also has the 15% powered incline capability included for extra endurance running.
  • The deck suspension here is adjustable to suit your individual needs and it has a speed level that ranges from 1 up as far as 14 km/hr. Another great additional feature is the inbuilt speakers for additional motivation and it also provides you with a 3.5mm MP3 input.
  • The running deck size here is also larger coming in at 1.26m by 42 cm and it has a maximum user weight allowance of 100kg. There are the pulse sensors on the handlebars as standard which also allow you to control the speed and incline settings and levels.
  • Overall for the price you pay against various other models in the same price bracket, this model will provide you will additional features that you will absolutely love which will make you look forward to your next workout instead of looking upon it as a chore. At the time of this review, this model was priced around the £330 to £370 region which of course can be doubled checked below.


  • Additional features thrown in but yet has a similar price range to lower spec treadmills under different brands
  • Larger sized run deck and higher speed level and also the additional incline settings
  • Lifetime warranty on both motors


  • Limited to a maximum user weight of 100kg
  • Higher price level but is warranted with the additional features it offers

4, The BodyTrain Fitness Master 8008B Treadmill


  • The last model for review here is the BodyTrain Fitness Master Treadmill model number 8008B which has the iPhone and Android App Control included for additional control for you and also the larger still deck size of 1.36m by 50cm.
  • The price level is much higher still so be prepared to dig deeper into you pockets for this one. You get the higher powered 3HP motor for extra power, a higher running speed of 18 km/hr and people with heavier weights can use this as it has the capacity of up to 150kg user weights.
  • There is also the incline setting of 15% included, the pulse sensors on the handlebars, the 3.5mm MP3 input device and of course the holder for you tablet or phone.
  • Overall this treadmill is for people who take running and workouts seriously and need a reliable machine with extra power to cater for heavier people and the price region when I last saw it came in at between £640 and £660 which can be checked below if you are interested in taking a closer look.


  • Higher spec treadmill with more power of 3HP and the larger sized running deck
  • Can facilitate heavier weights of up to 150kg


  • Price level remains high and doesn’t tend to be discounted or promoted regularly
  • Size is a lot larger (1.785m by 84.4cm) so you need to make sure you have adequate space in your home for it.

Summary Table

A summary table chart is outlined below:

Model:Motor:Speed Level:Weight:User Weight:Run Deck:
BodyTrain BPM Treadmill500W1 – 6 km/hr24kgMax 100kg1000 by 340mm
BodyTrain Speed Treadmill1.5HP – Life time warranty1 – 12 km/hr46KgMax 110kg 1220 by 400mm
BodyTrain Endurance F18 Treadmill2HP - Life time warranty1 – 14 km/hr80kg Max 100kg1260 by 420mm
BodyTrain Fitness Master 8008B Treadmill3HP1 – 18 km/hr96kgMax 150kg1360 by 500mm

Need to look at Alternatives?

If you are still on the fence about the Bodytrain Treadmill, remember that there is a 12 month warranty available on these treadmills and also a lifetime warranty on the motors which give you the buyer additional confidence before any decisions are made.

If you still wish to consider further options, then feel free to take a closer look at the Reebok GT40S Treadmill from Argos or the JLL S300 Digital folding treadmill from Amazon which are also worth a closer look and consideration before you make your final decision.

Community Feedback

Have you ever used a Bodytrain Treadmill before? If so, please feel free to leave your own personal opinions good or bad about this treadmill brand by leaving a comment in the comment box provided below - so that others can learn also...

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  1. i have a body train treadmill which has developed a fault
    Because its over a year old i cant send it back
    i was advised to contact manufacture but cant see any online address details
    Could you advise me with your email address to discuss this
    I look forward to your reply
    Kind regards
    Mr D Plimmer

    • Hi, sorry to hear of your update but this is a review site only, we do not manufacture them. You will need to contact the company directly where you bought it to get the issue resolved. Thanks

  2. Hey John, Maybe it’s a coincidence but I bought an exercise bike that’s great and now looking for a treadmill too. You have great reviews for all of these treadmills – everything that I need to know, not too familiar about the Bodytrain Speed Treadmill but learned a lot today. It appears to be a middle of the road kind of treadmill. I wouldn’t want to go cheap but not too expensive either. It’s got some great features but one that’s important to me is that it folds up. Thumbs up! Thanks for the work 🙂 Rob

    • Hi Rob, thanks for taking the time to visit and considering a treadmill under the Bodytrain brand and leaving your feedback – its greatly appreciated!

  3. Didn’t know too much about this brand Bodytrain and I must say this is a very thorough review which has really helped me and my partner get a better understanding about it. I have used treadmills for the past 5 years and looking for something I can rely on usually twice or three times per week. Prices look like they work also so thanks for doing the work of reviewing it before I consider buying. Thanks, Laura

    • Hi Laura – you are more than welcome and best of luck if you decide to go ahead with one  -Thanks also for taking the time to leave your feedback about this review. Regards, John.

  4. The BodyTrain brand is shockingly bad, it is not fit for purpose I WOULD NOT BUY this product again if you paid me. Had 2 treadmills from this brand, both developed cracks on the running plate – I have lost a substantial amount of money. DO NOT USE THIS BRAND

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