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Greetings once again and thanks for taking the time to visit. If you are considering buying an Adidas treadmill in the next few days, then make sure to check out this short Adidas T16 treadmill review which will outline all the key points you need to be aware of plus a comparison table against various other models in the industry.


This review will examine all the capabilities it has to offer plus any flaws or cons that you need to be aware of before you go to the bother of bringing it with you or having it delivered to your home.

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Value for Money

The cost and price will be important to you also so we have provided some comparisons for you to make in the UK to ensure you get the best value for your money so make sure to check these out also…

Treadmill Review Overview

Model1 model - T16
Price Range:Approx £650 up to £900 (at the time of this review)
Warranties2 years on Parts / 10 years on the Motor / Lifetime on the Frame
Best Price:Amazon UK - View Price Here
Orders OnlineYes, orders accepted online mostly with free deliveries
DeliveriesLocation dependant – Generally within 5 days

Video Demo

Adidas T16 Treadmill Review

Adidas T-16 Treadmill

Overview of Features:

  • This T16 treadmill under the Adidas brand has a unique cushioning system built in to help protect your joints and feet as you pound away and it provides you with one of the largest running decks we have seen coming in at 152 cm long by 51cm wide. Protection while you enjoy your workout is key and the landing surface here will minimise the impact needed for your knees and other joints in particular.
  • The type of workout you can choose here is vast be it intense cardio workouts, fat burning workouts, calorie targets to reach and hill type workouts. The elevation here available is 15% where there are 15 different incline levels to choose from to suit whatever mood you are in.
  • The motor here is more powerful than many others we have seen which is 2.75 HP at peak operation and allows you to workout at a speed maximum level of 18 km/hr. As standard, there is also the speakers built in to help keep you motivated and the MP3 connection is provided as standard.
  • The maximum user weight allowance for this model is 130kg which is 10kg to 30kg more than many other lower priced options we have seen on sale and it also has one of the largest run deck sizes also coming in at 152cmL by 51cmW.
  • Included as standard is the auto stop safety system, the pulse rate monitors on the handlebars and of course it can be folded away easily when it comes to storage. Please note the incline settings of 15 can be programmed also which is great instead of having to do it manually. In total, you get 25 different programmes (1 manual) and there are the 7-display functions which can help you monitor calories burnt, distance travelled, speed levels, incline levels and pulse rates.
  • In addition, the wheels are included to help move it around your home and the soft folding mechanism is thrown in by using a hydraulic arm to help the task of putting it away and letting it down gently.
  • In terms of price level, we have seen it on sale from a low of £670 to a high of £900 across the market and the lowest price we seen at the time of this review was Argos but please make sure to double check all 3 options provided below as prices can change from week to week.


  • As good as any treadmill you would see in a gymnasium and simple to set up
  • Very large run deck area and is similar in size to the Reebok Jet 300
  • Can operate faster than both the Reebok One GT40S and the Roger Black Gold Plus by 2 km/hr
  • Faster than the Roger Black Easy Fold Auto Incline Treadmill by 5 km/hr
  • More powerful motor than many others as outlined in the chart below


  • Limited to just one model to choose from under this brand (unlike Reebok who have several to suit various budgets)
  • Noise level for some people has been too high and annoying
  • Price level is too high for many people and the price point changes considerably where you buy.
  • Slower than the Reebok Jet 300 by 2 km/hr and can handle 10kg less in terms of user weight than the Jet 300
  • Stock levels in the UK can be hit and miss - many stock it however as it is so popular, it becomes out of stock rather easily...

Additional Images

Further Images are also provided below to give you a better overview of the structure of this Treadmill from Adidas


A comparison table against various other Treadmills under different brands such as Roger Black, Reebok and Bodytrain are also outlined below so please make sure to take a quick look here also…

Model:Motor:Speed Level:Weight:User Weight:Run Deck:
Adidas T162.75 HP1 - 18 km/hr90kgMax 130kg152 by 51cm
Reebok One GT40S2 HP1 - 16 km/hr75kgMax 110kg130 by 43cm
Reebok Jet 3002.5 HP1 - 20 km/hr87kgMax 140kg150 by 51cm
BodyTrain Fitness Master 8008B3 HP1 – 18 km/hr96kgMax 150kg136 by 50cm
Reebok ZR102 HP1 – 18 km/hr85kgMax 120kg132 by 45cm
Roger Black Gold Plus1.25 HP1 – 16 km/hr61kgMax 120kg125 by 45cm

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Feedback - Have your Say

Have you any experience of using an Adidas Treadmill yourself? It would be great if you can spare some time to leave your own feedback (good or bad) by leaving a comment in the comment box provided below – So that other people in the UK can learn also.

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  1. Nice comparisons for this Adidas treadmill. – very easy to compare them. I’m looking forward to buying a treadmill and I was really interested in the Adidas but was still unsure until I read this. The review article has actually told me lots of things I did not know about it. I’m going to bookmark your web page and this post for a few weeks time when I need to buy it. I was looking for some good treadmill comparison sites and also for exercise tips and I am excited to get the two-in-one right here so many thanks for providing me with your review

  2. I have been looking at reviews for various treadmill machines for some time now. I have to say, your article with comparisons to several other machines is by far the most detailed I’ve seen. I really appreciate your honesty in stating the downsides to this model too. It is coming down to the wire where I need to make a decision. This machine is a bit pricy for me but it does have all the functions and settings I have been looking for. I will bookmark your site while I look deeper into my other options. I also want to check out a few of the other reviews you have provided for some less expensive options. You’ve simplified my research, thanks so much!

  3. I must say what a great review on this Adidas treadmill! I have seen many other reviews about this treadmill which were extremely poor but this is far much better and easier to follow. Feel much more educated now about what it has to offer and thanks for outlining the helpful table which makes it easier to read and compare. Thanks again John

    • Yes, this is certainly one of my favourite Treadmills to work on so it was a pleasure to review this particular treadmill. I’m thrilled that you found this helpful and best of luck if you decide to go ahead with it. You won’t be disappointed!

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