Kettler Treadmill Reviews 2022 – Compilation Review


Greetings once again and thanks a million for visiting this Kettler Treadmill Review which will definitely be of use to you if you are considering buying one in the coming days or weeks. This review will cover 3 popular models under the Kettler brand and the stocks levels or prices can be viewed also to give you a better choice when it comes to shopping around.

The first thing to note here about the Kettler Treadmill range is that they offer a superior range of features for intensive cardio, long distance running and fat burning workouts however the price range tends to be out of many people’s reach. So, what makes them so expensive? This review will outline all the main features of what they have to offer plus all the pros and cons associated to each model type.

As the price will be important to you, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below as the prices can change from week to week or month to month and if you feel that these are simply out of your price range, then you can also view the lower priced alternative suggestions outlined at the end of this page…

Treadmill Review Overview:

Brand:Kettler Treadmills
Model:3 models (Pacer, Track Performance, Atmos Pro)
Price Range:Approx £600 up to £1000 (at the time of this review)
Best Place to Buy:Amazon UK - View Today's Price Here
Warranty:Typically, 3 year parts and labour warranty applies
Orders Online:Yes, orders accepted online mostly with free deliveries
Deliveries:Location dependant – Generally 1 to 10 working days

Kettler Treadmill Review – 3 Model Compilation

1, Kettler Pacer Treadmill

Quick Overview:

  • The first model to look at under this review is the Kettler Pacer Treadmill reference number 769206 which tends to one of the lower priced options under this brand and is probably the reason why it is more popular.
  • The level of power you get here is a 1.6 HP continuous motor which gives you a maximum running workout speed of 16 km/hr and there are 7 different programmes here for you to choose from depending on your mood.
  • The running deck size comes in at 132cm by 45cm and there is a 10% incline level available when you need to push yourself harder. In addition, the maximum user allowance that applies is 120kg and an attractive LCD screen with 6 functions is included to monitor the various parameters you need such as pulse, speed, distance, calories and timings.
  • In terms of price, the last time I looked, it was in the price region of £600 to £900 depending on discount activities and can be checked below if you are interested in taking a closer look


  • Lowest price we have seen under the Kettler range and has the integrated Polar receiver and hand sensors for pulse calculations and 7 useful programmes to select
  • Operates to the same speed as the Roger black Gold Plus / Reebok One Series GT40S
  • Running deck size is large enough for serious workouts and compares well across the industry.
  • The key pad is sweat resistant which won’t allow any unwanted moisture damaging it
  • Your heart rate can be monitored using the pulse sensors provided, plus there is the optional chest belt and the inclines can be adjusted electronically


  • Delivery only available to UK Mainland and deliveries are not available on Saturdays
  • Lower level of motor power when compared to other brands, example Roger Black Platinum is 1.75, V Fit Power PT142 is also 1.75 and the Reebok Jet 300 has 2.5 HP
  • Can handle less user weight than some, example 10kg less than the Adidas T16, 15kg less than the Roger Black Platinum and 20kg less than the Reebok Jet 300




2, The Kettler Track Performance Treadmill

Quick Overview:

  • Next on this list is the Kettler Track Performance Treadmill which is a significant step up from the Pacer model above and is really for the more serious athletes that need a reliable treadmill that can operate at intensive levels on a regular basis and long distance stamina running.
  • You need to be a serious about exercising and consistent about your workout routines as the price level here is seen by many as quite high so you need to be using it regularly each week to get your return from it. There is also the cushioned deck to reduce the level of impact on your joints and a display LCD screen with 7 functions.
  • The power level here is higher at 2.5 HP which is one the highest in the industry and you provided with 16 different workout programmes to choose from and the maximum speed allowance is 17.5 km/hr or 10 mph. There is also the incline level of 12% which can be adjusted electronically.
  • Price wise, this is an upper class heavy duty high performance treadmill so you will need to dig deeper into your pockets and the price tag can range anywhere from £1000 to £1500 when last checked at the time of this review.


  • Superior treadmill functions when compared to lower priced models which a sleek professional exterior and appearance and helps build stamina level, lowering weight and burning fat.
  • Similar quality to what you would see in any gymnasium across the country.
  • Inclines are adjusted electronically and multi – purpose programmes are available be it fat burning, intensive cardio workouts, hill or incline workouts or even light casual long distance running
  • Higher speed levels available to push yourself harder and its provides stability and a wide running deck for added comfort as you train for weight loss, toning and building out your stamina levels
  • Heart sensors included so it can be monitored at all times


  • Price tag is simply too high for many – only works for serious athletes who have a lot of disposable income and who can afford to pay out this level of money.
  • Deliveries outside the UK Mainland are not possible and deliveries to Scotland are a lot longer
  • Size is quite large so please double check you have adequate space in your home first.




3, The Kettler Atmos Pro Treadmill

Quick Overview:

  • The 3rd and final Kettler Treadmill under this review is the Kettler Atmos Pro Treadmill which also has a sleek professional appearance and would be considered as good as any treadmill seen in your local gymnasium as it has the commercial grade motor which is superior to your domestic type treadmill motor – perfect for high mileage runners.
  • This model is also quite large and comes in at 191cm L by 79cm W by 140cm H so you need to check first if you have enough room for it in your house. The additional features you get includes the MP3 connection, the built in loud speakers and the Bluetooth controlled entertainment system to keep you motivated to the highest levels as you work out and train.
  • There is a 16 point cushion system to help reduce the levels of impact on your joints, 30 programmes to choose from and the LCD screen display functions outline the weights, inclines, speed, times taken, distances travelled, calories burned and pulse and heart rate monitoring.
  • Please note also that the motor here has inverter technology which allows peak performance over and over again without degradation so the price does tend to be higher and was seen between £950 and £1200 which is definitely worth a closer look if you are serious about your fitness levels.


  • Commercial grade motor perfect for long distance running and has inverter technology allowing easier peak performances.
  • The 16 point cushioning system to help reduce impaction on your joints and is incorporated throughout the entire running deck
  • Avoids the need to pay gym membership as you have a quality machine as good as what is used there and has the Bluetooth, MP3 connectivity, speakers thrown in along with the iPad or iPhone charger.
  • Longer deck size which is perfect for people with long running strides
  • Premium quality LCD screen to monitor all the parameters you need.
  • 30 programmes to choose from is more than enough where 10 is for incline and 20 is for speed.
  • Folds easily in a vertical position saving you tons of space when not in use and a chest belt is available for monitoring your pulses if you desire.


  • Again, the price is way too high for many people. This high performance treadmill is really only for the dedicated athletes who have significant disposable income available.
  • Very heavy and difficult to move about and you need to be extremely careful not to damage your back when moving it.
  • Size is again very large and will pose a problem for people who have smaller type living spaces.




Alternatives to Consider?

If you feel that the Kettler brand of treadmills is simply beyond your price range, then check out lower priced options such as the Bodytrain Treadmills from Sports and Leisure UK (Shenstone) or the Roger Black Treadmills currently on sale with Argos which offer considerably lower price tags and are worth a closer look before you make your final decision…

Optional Feedback:

Have you any personal experiences with the Kettler Treadmills good or bad in the past?

Then please educate the wider UK community by leaving your thoughts in the comment section below – So that other people in the UK can learn also!

Finally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit this review and best of luck with whatever final decision you make


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