Everlast Treadmill Review 2024 – Compilation


Thanks a million for taking the time to visit our Everlast Treadmill review which you certainly should take a quick look through if you are considering buying a treadmill under this brand in the coming days or weeks. This brand of treadmills offers a unique set of features and the price range on offer is very attractive also as you have a choice to go for the lower priced T4, medium priced T6 or even the higher specification T8.


This compilation Everlast Treadmill review will look at 3 models in the range and outline all the main features you need to be aware of plus all the major pros and cons that we came across that will be of interest to you also.


In addition, you make sure you get the best value for your money, please take a look through the various price checkers provided below if you are interested in saving a few pounds in the process. A summary table is also outlined at the end of this page along with comparisons against various other brands in the industry which is definitely worth a look also - So with any further delay, let’s begin…

Treadmill Review Overview:

Brand:Everlast Treadmills
Model:3 models, T4 / T6 / T8
Price Range:Amazon - View Prices Here
Orders Online:Yes, orders accepted online mostly to UK Mainland
Deliveries:Location dependant – Generally 1 to 10 working days (Saturdays not available)

Everlast Treadmill Review – 3 Model Compilation

1, The Everlast T4 Treadmill

Quick Overview:

  • Up first in this review is the Everlast T4 Treadmill which is the lowest spec treadmill in the range and therefore is offered up as the lowest possible price which is in line with many other recognised brands that we have seen.
  • This particular treadmill is powered by a 1.5 HP motor, includes the sensors on the handle bars and you have an attractive LCD screen with the backlit display.
  • The incline available works up to 12% and is motorised and of course it can be folded away for storage when needed. There are the wheels included as standard to help with movement around your home and the running deck size comes in at 120cm by 43.5cm wide.
  • You also get 36 programmes to choose from and an operational speed of up to 16 km/hr. Please note that the maximum user weigh allowed here is 100kg and the price can be seen anywhere from £380 to £530 depending on local discount activities.


  • Lowest price on offer within the Everlast range
  • Vast selection of programmes to choose from and has the motorised incline to provide variety in your workouts
  • Superb range of programmes to choose from – 36 in total
  • The body fat function monitor is also included and also the superb soft drop deck for easier folding


  • 2 km/hr slower than the T8 and also 2km/hr slower than the Adidas T16 and the Reebok ZR10.
  • Lower powered motor than the T6 and the T8 by 0.5 HP
  • Assembly process can take 30 minutes or more upon delivery
  • User weight allowed is 10kg less than the T6 and 30kg less than T8


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2, The Everlast T6 Treadmill

Quick Overview:

  • Next up is the higher spec T6 Everlast Treadmill which has a more powerful motor coming in at 2 HP and has the same operating speed as the T4 which is 16 km/hr. Here again you get the LCD screen to display all the functions such as calories, speed, distances, time and there is also the body fat function included as well.
  • A slightly heavier max user weight applies which is 110kg and the running deck is also larger coming in at 130 cm by 47 cm wide. The cushioning available is variable and there are the sensors built in on the handle bars as standard.
  • Wheels are included for transportation and the soft folding mechanism is built in to make the storing away part a lot easier to do. 36 programmes are available for selection and there is the same incline as the T4 which comes in at 12%.
  • This treadmill is a high performance machine which can give you a great variety of workouts be it fat burning, long distance running, intensive cardio workouts or hill incline training and the price tends to be in the region of £490 to £630 at the time of this review and can be checked below if you feel it would be of interest to you


  • More powerful motor than the T4 by 0.5 HP and matches the power of the T8
  • Larger and wider running deck to provide extra space for harder and tougher type workouts.
  • Has the ability to handle an additional 10kg user weight than the T4.
  • Longer deck to suit longer strides when running


  • Assembly upon delivery will take 30 minutes or even longer.
  • For the additional power, it still has the same maximum operating speed of the T4
  • The user weight allowance is 20kg less than the T8
  • Inclines available is 3 less than the T8 / Reebok Jet 300 / Reebok ZR10 /Adidas T16


3, The Everlast T8 Treadmill

Quick Overview:

  • The 3rd and final Everlast Treadmill under this review is the T8 version which is another step up from the T4 and T6 models earlier and with this model you get more power, more speed capabilities, more user weight capacity of 130kg and also the larger running deck which is 140cm by 50cm wide.
  • For people who need to run that bit faster, this treadmill can operate up to 18 km/hr and you have 36 programmes to choose from to keep you fit, toned up and to lose all that unwanted weight. In addition to the 36 pre-set programmes, you also get 1 manual and 3 users programmes as well.
  • This treadmill operates off a power level of 2 HP, includes a higher level of inclines which is 15% so you can set yourself even more challenge routines and workout sessions. As standard, you also get the sensors built in and also the body fat function which helps to keep track of your progress made.
  • Here, you also get the MP3 connection to keep you motivated as you work and the built in speakers and variable cushioning systems. Price wise, you need to dig deep into your pockets and will set you back in the region of £590 to £750 at the time of this review which can be checked easily through the 2 channels below.


  • Longer running deck which is ideal for people with extra longer strides
  • Faster speed of 18 km/hr is available which is 2 km/hr faster than both the T4 and the T6.
  • Soft fold mechanism is ideal when working with a heavy piece of equipment.
  • Matches the quality of many treadmills seen in gymnasiums and of course you save with avoiding a gym membership and the added associated commuting costs to and from a gym.


  • Price is quite high - Only for the serious athletes who have a lot of disposable income, not everyone can afford to pay out this level of money
  • Assembly again can be difficult for some people and will take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Delivery can take longer and can be up to 10 working days


Comparison Table

A summary chart of the main features is outlined below along with further comparison against various other brands and models in the industry

Model:Motor:User Weight:Speeds:Incline:Run Deck:
Everlast T4 Treadmill1.5 HPMax 100kg1 to 16 km/hr12 levels120 by 43.5cm
Everlast T6 Treadmill2 HPMax 110kg1 to 16 km/hr12 levels130 by 47cm
Everlast T8 Treadmill2 HPMax 130kg1 to 18 km/hr15 levels140 by 50cm
Reebok ZR7 1.5 HPMax 100kg1 to 13 km/hr12 levels126 by 41cm
Reebok One GT40S 2 HPMax 110kg1 to 16 km/hr12 levels130 by 43cm
Reebok Jet 3002.5 HPMax 140kg1 to 20 km/hr15 levels150 by 51cm
Reebok ZR8 Treadmill2 HP Max 120kg1 to 16 km/hr12 levels126 by 41cm
Reebok ZR10 2 HP Max 120kg1 to 18 km/hr15 levels132 by 45cm
Roger Black Gold Plus1.25 HP Max 120kg1 to 16 km/hr15 levels125 by 45cm
Adidas T162.75 HP Max 130kg1 to 18 km/hr15 levels152 by 51cm


Have you any personal experiences with the Everlast Treadmills good or bad in the past?

Then please educate the wider UK community by leaving your feedback in the comment section below – So that other people in the UK can learn also!

Finally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit this review and best of luck with your final decision.

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    • Apologies but this is a review website only for fitness equipment and related products. You will need to approach your seller directly, best of luck, thanks.

  2. Hey, if you find a contact number for Everlast uk can you let me know, I have a ev10000s and I need to contact the company. Cheers.

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