Citysports Treadmill Review 2023 – WP2 vs WP1 vs WP5


Do you need to learn more about the Citysports Electric Treadmills or are you considering buying one in the coming days? If so, then please make sure to check out our Citysports Treadmill review which will outline everything you need to know before you commit to any purchase as you will find out here if indeed this is the treadmill for you or not.


Our focus will be on the Citysports 440W Walking Treadmill with the thin frame design but we will also include 2 other treadmills from Citysports such as the Citysports WP1 500W Treadmill and the more powerful and more expensive Citysports WP5 2HP Treadmill so at least you have more than just 1 option when it comes to making any final decisions.

Video Demo Support

Included in our review will be a series of video inserts which should help give you a better overview of what this treadmill is all about and we have also included a series of frequently asked questions that tend to come up which hopefully can answer some of the queries that you may possibly have.


In addition, we will outline all the features that it offers you, its limitations, all the dimension information, comparison tables and all the main pros and cons that we came across from our own experiences and the feedback from the general public so that you get a more balanced review approach.

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Citysports Treadmill Overview

Brand ModelCitysports Electric Walking 440W Treadmill CS-WP2
Motor power:Motor 400W HP
Bluetooth:Included with speakers
Weight capacity:Maximum 110kg
Maximum speed:Up to 6 km per hour
Best place to buy: Amazon UK – View stock availability here

Citysports Treadmill Component Parts

This image explains all the key parts associated with this walking treadmill such as the audio panel, remote control receiver, digital display panel and the cover for the motor engine. The net weight is a little under 24kg coming in at 23.9kg which is lightweight when it comes to treadmills, the running deck dimensions are 108cm by 43cm and the overall frame dimensions are 134cm long by 59cm wide by only 12.5cm high.

Video Insert: Introduction to the Citysports WP2 Treadmill

Frequently asked Questions

  • Q1, What is the size of the running deck?
  • A, The deck size here is 43cm wide by 108cm long
  • Q2, What is the height from the floor?
  • A, This treadmill is ultra-thin so the height from the floor is only 12.5cm high
  • Q3, What are the overall frame dimensions for storage and usage?
  • A, The dimensions you need to allow for are 134L x 59W x 12.5H cm
  • Q4, What is the maximum speed it can operate at?
  • A, The maximum speed for the 440W Citysports treadmill is 6 km per hour
  • Q5, What is the maximum weight capacity allowed on the deck?
  • A, The weight maximum allowed on the deck is a guide of 110kg
  • Q6, Does it have the Bluetooth connectivity with loud speakers?
  • A, Yes, you can connect your smart device via Bluetooth for music which is supported with loud speakers.
  • Q7, What warranty protection is available?
  • A, This treadmill from Citysports comes backed with a 12 month warranty protection
  • Q8, How heavy is this treadmill to move around?
  • A, The gross weight for assembly is 28.2kg and the net weight for mobility is 23.9kg
  • Q9, Does it include any belt lubrication oil?
  • A, Yes, it includes a small bottle of lubrication oil for the belt to get you started
  • Q10, Does it require batteries or is it plugged into the mains?
  • A, This treadmill doesn’t require any batteries as it is powered by a electric cable to the mains
  • Q11, How do I know when to apply more oil?
  • A, This treadmill has an alert light system so it tells you when to add 20ml oil which eliminates any guesswork
  • Q12, How do you turn on the treadmill?
  • A, There is a red switch on the side which needs to be turned also when plugged in
  • Q13. How do you turn up the volume of the music for the loud speakers?
  • A, You simply turn up the volume on your smart device settings

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Citysports WP2 Treadmill Review – Key Features

Citysports Electric Walking 440W Treadmill (CS-WP2)

Treadmill Overview

Lightweight design 23.9kg - Ultra thin walking treadmill

Max user weight allowed 110kg - Low motor power level 440W

Speed levels 1 to 6 km per hour

Bluetooth connectivity & loud speakers

Includes remote control - Small mini digital LCD screen

Walking deck 108cm x 43cm - Frame height only 12.5cm

Can be placed under a bed - Warranty cover 12 months

Treadmill Description:

  • This walking ultra thin treadmill from Citysports is a small compact exercise walking machine that doesn’t include any handlebars to help keep you balanced but it does have the Bluetooth connectivity and a walking speed of up to 6 km per hour. A really fast walking pace is 7.5 km per hour so you can still get a decent enough walking exercise with this speed level of 6 km per hour. Beginner walkers tend to start around 4 km per hour and then you can increase up to 6 km per hour as you develop your own walking technique.
  • If you want handlebars, then the codes you should choose is the WP1-FS or WP3 instead. The minimum speed here is 1 km per hour and the maximum speed is 6 km per hour so there is plenty of flexibility when it comes to exercising at your own desired comfort level. This treadmill comes with a 440W motor, it allows a maximum user weight of 110kg or 17.3 stone and the frame is lightweight to move around at 23.9kg.
  • To keep you entertained during your exercises, it has the Bluetooth connectivity with the loud speakers plus the remote control so you can adjust the setting of the exercise routine while you are walking at the same time. The dimensions of the walking deck is 108cm long by 43cm wide, the frame is 134cm long by 59cm wide by 12.5cm high and the small digital display keeps track of the distances, speeds, calories and timings.
  • Finally then you get a small remote control, some starter lubrication oil and all the tools needed for the assembly included in the pack. It can be placed flat or placed upright for storage and it comes backed with a 12 month standard warranty for your protection.

Price Guide: £250 to £350

Citysports CS-WP2 Treadmill Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity to your smart device

Plays music to keep you motivated for longer

Includes loud speakers so no need for headphones

Citysports CS-WP2 Treadmill Lubrication

Includes a small bottle of oil for lubrication

Applied to a small hole in upper frame

Light up alert when more oil is needed

Video Insert: Unboxing and Initial test for the Citysports Treadmill

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Range of Citysports Treadmills

There are 5 different treadmills under the brand of Citysports and they are all identified by different codes so make sure you are selecting the correct code to meet your individual needs.

The key features, motor power, speeds, handlebars and Bluetooth capabilities are summarised in the table below so make sure to check the code against your own particular set of treadmill preferences. If you need handlebars, then avoid codes WP1 and WP2 and if you need Bluetooth, then avoid codes WP1 and WP1-FS and so on and so forth…

WP1500WNoneNone1 to 6 km/hr
WP1-FS500WIncludedNone1 to 6 km/hr
WP2440WNoneYes1 to 6 km/hr
WP3440WIncludedYes1 to 8 km/hr
WP51400WIncludedYes1 to 15 km/hr

Pros and Cons / Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros for the WP2 Citysports Treadmill:

  • When it comes to walking treadmills, this model is certainly one of the thinnest coming in at just 12.5cm which makes it easier to place under your bed or sofa or for general storage
  • The quality of the Bluetooth connections is very good and you will have your smart device connected in a few seconds and the loud speakers were better than expected
  • The level of noise is very low from the belt and motor and it gives you the option of walking in the comfort and safety of your own home while listening to motivational music at the same time
  • Application of the belt oil is quick and easy and you have the alert system so you know when it needs more oil instead of you having to guess it – its very rare to see this feature on treadmills
  • It includes a child safety setting so that they don’t start it accidentally which is one less thing to worry about
  • You get the small mini roller wheels to help you move it from one location to the next or for storing away after use
  • You have the option of doing a light jog also at the 6 km per hour pace so you are not just limited to walking only with this treadmill

Cons for the WP2 Citysports Treadmill:

  • There are no handlebars for those of you who prefer a balance support either side so you need to extra careful when jogging
  • You don’t get any pre-set programmes to work with or any ability to change the inclines
  • It doesn’t have any pulse sensors to keep track of your heart rates
  • Some of the tracking information such as the calories seems to be a bit off and the level of power from the motor is on the lower scale
  • The length of the deck is on the smaller end so it won’t suit people who are very tall over 6 foot with very long strides in our opinion
  • More treadmill oil will need to be bought in due course once your starter small bottle runs out
  • As it has the lightweight design, the overall frame is not as sturdy as we would like and feels a little flimsy and weak – not sure how long it would last in the months or years ahead
  • Isolated cases of remote control problems have been reported which should be pointed out
  • From a safety point of view, you need to have extra care and attention as there is no emergency stop or safety clip attachment to your clothes


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Alternative Citysports Treadmills

If you are not fully satisfied with the Citysports WP2 Treadmill just yet, then check out 2 other treadmills from Citysports summarised briefly as follows. The WP1 has a slightly longer deck and a slightly more powerful motor but no Bluetooth and the Citysports MP5 treadmill offers the handlebar supports that can fold down but it tends to be a good deal more expensive than both the WP1 and the WP2 models

Alternative 1: Citysports WP1 Walking Treadmill

Treadmill Summary

More powerful motor of 500W - Small digital display for tracking parameters

Speed levels varies from 1 to 6 km per hour

Maximum holding capacity 100kg - Ideal for fast walking or light jogging

No handlebars and no Bluetooth connectivity

Lightweight design at approx. 26kg only

Frame assembled size 147 x 59 x 15 cm

Can be placed under your bed or sofa

Walking deck dimensions are 115cm by 41cm

Price Guide: Similar level £250 to £350

Alternative 2: Citysports WP5 Folding Treadmill

Treadmill Summary

Includes the safety key attachment to clothes

More powerful 1.4HP motor (peak 2.0HP) - Speed levels vary from 1 up to 15 km per hour

Bluetooth connectivity and loud speakers included

Rollers wheel integrated to help with mobility

Folds down for easier compact storage - Maximum weight capacity also 100kg

Emergency brake system for your protection

Alert system in place when oil needs to be added

Or change after approx. 100km of use

Price Guide: Tends to be over £400

Video Insert: Another Review of the Citysports Treadmill

Citysports Treadmills Comparison Table

To add further clarity on how the Citysports treadmills compare, feel free to check out the comparison table below so you can see how the motor powers, weights, dimensions and features compare side by side for the WP1, WP2 and the WP5 treadmill model codes

Handle supports:NoneNoneYes
Net weight:23.9kg26.2kg59kg
User weight:Max 110kgMax 100kgMax 100kg
Speed:1 - 6 km/hour1 - 6 km/hour1 - 15 km/hour
Deck:108L x 43Wcm115L x 41Wcm125L x 43Wcm
Frame:134L x 59W x 12.5Hcm147L x 59W x 15Hcm167L x 85W x 30Hcm
Loud speakers:IncludedNoneIncluded
Roller wheels:YesYesYes
Starter oil:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Inclines:NoneNoneYes - Auto
Warranty:12 months12 months12 months

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After completing this review for the Citysports Walking treadmill, we hope our research and work here can give you a better picture of what this treadmill is all about and we hope it can help you make an informed decision.  It is designed as a basic ultra-thin walking treadmill with Bluetooth connectivity and it is certainly impressive for people who need an exercise machine for walking without having to pay over £500 for a larger heavy duty treadmill. It wouldn’t be a treadmill that we would specifically buy for our own cardio sessions but we would have no hesitation in recommending it to the wider public who want a simple walking exercise machine that offers a small compact size to suit those living in small living spaces.

Long Strides

Having the easy oil application technique and the Bluetooth connectivity is a nice bonus to have as many other treadmills in this category do not come with these type of additional features. That being said, the walking deck size is only 108cm long so it wouldn’t be suitable for taller people over 6 foot with longer strides in our opinion – more so for people under 6 foot and who are less than 100-110kg in weight

Citysports Treadmill Community Feedback

Have you ever used a Citysports Treadmill yourself in the recent past? Which one did you choose and why?

If possible, feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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