Evolve Treadmill Review 2022 – Low Price B1 vs High Price A1


Are you thinking about buying an Evolve Treadmill in the coming days? If so, then please make sure to check out our Evolve Treadmill review which will focus on the lower priced Evolve B1 Treadmill as this model tends to be more popular due to its affordability and bargain type price level. In the event that you have more money to spend, we have also compared the Evolve B1 Treadmill to the Evolve A1 Treadmill further down on this page so at least you have more than just 1 option when it comes to making any final decisions.

Before you begin, please note that price guides can only be shown at the time of this review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. Throughout our review, we have included some FAQ’s that tend to come up, all the dimensions you need to know plus all the main pros and cons which we came across that will be of interest to you so please make sure to check these out. A comparison table of the Evolve B1 Treadmill versus the Evolve A1 Auto incline treadmill is also outlined below so that you can see for yourself how all the dimensions, features and functions are all compared.

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Treadmill Overview

Brand ModelEvolve B1 Electric Treadmill
Programs:12 program options
Weight capacity:Maximum 100kg or 15.7 stone or 220 lbs
Warranty:12 months
Best place to buy: Amazon UK – View stock availability here

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q1, Can you get it delivered and assembled
  • A, Delivery is included in the price and an assembly service is available but will cost you over £50 extra
  • Q2, Can it be connected to a fitness app?
  • A, Yes, it has the Bluetooth connectivity for your fitness app on your smart device
  • Q3, Does it include any holders for your water bottle?
  • A, Yes, there are 2 water bottle holders – one either side of the LCD screen
  • Q4, What are the assembled dimensions?
  • A, Once assembled, the dimensions are approx. 123cm long by 58.5cm wide by 136cm high
  • Q5, What size is the running deck?
  • A, The running deck for the Evolve B1 treadmill is 100cm long by 35cm wide
  • Q6, What is the power of the motor?
  • A, The power on this motor is on the lower end at 0.75 HP with a peak of 1.5 HP
  • Q7, What is the maximum speed provided with this treadmill?
  • A, The speed ranges from 0.8km per hour up to 10 km per hour
  • Q8, What is the maximum weight capacity guide allowed for usage?
  • A, The maximum weight capacity for this treadmill is 15.7 stone or 100kg or 220 lbs
  • Q9, Does it have the 3 pin UK plug?
  • A, Yes, this treadmill comes fitting with a standard UK 3 pin plug
  • Q10, Can the inclines be adjusted electronically?
  • A, No, the inclines need to be adjusted manually for the Evolve B1 treadmill

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Evolve B1 Treadmill Review – Key Features

Evolve B1 Electric Motorised 1.5HP Treadmill

Treadmill Overview

Low priced budget treadmill - Ideal for bargain hunters

Motor power peak 1.5HP - Speed levels 0.8 to 10 km/hr

Bluetooth connectivity - Aux and USB ports included

3 manual incline settings

Running deck 100cm x 35cm - 12 programs to choose from

12 month warranty

Treadmill Description:

  • This lower priced budget Treadmill is the Evolve B1 Treadmill and is the lowest priced treadmill under this brand where you should be able to buy it for less than £300 when seen at the time of this review. It’s a smaller compact size electric motorised treadmill that can be folded up after use and it has a lightweight design which can be moved from room to room with the use of the integrated rollers wheels on the front frame of the treadmill.
  • Instead of  having the auto inclines, the inclines here need to be changed manually and there are 3 incline settings to choose from – if you are not bothered about inclines, then the middle incline works fine and then just leave it as is. The running deck is on the smaller scale coming in at 100cm long by 35cm wide and the overall dimensions once assembled are 136cm by 58.5cm by 123cm
  • Not all lower priced treadmills have the Bluetooth connectivity but this treadmill includes the Bluetooth connection feature as well as the Aux port and USB ports which helps keep you entertained and on the running deck for longer. The level of power from the motor is 0.75 HP (peak 1.5HP) which offers a speed level of 0.8 km per hour to 10m km per hour, there are 12 programme options to choose from and the display keeps track of the main parameters such as the speed, calories, distances, calories and pulse rates.
  • You get the easy controls for adjusting the workouts, 2 water cup holders, a holder for your smart device and a standard 12 month warranty cover from this treadmill provider.

Price Guide: £200 to £300 @ Amazon UK

Evolve B1 Treadmill Dimensions

Overall dimensions are 123cm x 58.5cm x 136cm

Running deck dimensions 100cm by 35cm

Supported with a 0.75HP motor (peak 1.5HP)

Evolve B1 Treadmill Console

Large easy to use button displays

Bluetooth connectivity and Aux/USB ports

Tracks calories, timings, speed & pulse rates

Pros to Note:

  • For people looking for a low priced budget treadmill, then this could be a perfect fit for you especially if you are just looking for a smaller compact treadmill as savings can be made here
  • Other higher spec treadmills can cost you well over £500 where you should be able to get your hands on this treadmill for less than £280 when seen at the time of this review or even less than £250 when promotional discounts are in place
  • You have the Bluetooth connectivity which is generally only available on higher spec treadmills – ideal for connecting with your smart phone or tablet for playing music or watching your favourite Netflix series
  • Some of the programs are fairly basic but there are some really useful cardio running workout sessions included as well
  • The large buttons on the console deck are easy to see, use and are user friendly without any of the complicated functions you see on other treadmills – simplistic design layout
  • Not all low priced treadmills offer programs to choose from where you have 12 options here. The first for example is a 10 minute session starting at 4 km/hr, then increasing to 6 km/hr and then slows down to 3 km per hour.
  • The slower speeds are ideal for people who just want a faster walking pace or even for people who need it for rehabilitation and recovery of a knee, foot or ankle injury.
  • Folding it up after use is a great way to save space especially for people who live in small living spaces such as apartments

Cons to Note:

  • The size of the running deck is on the small side for us especially when running at higher speeds – we would prefer it to be wider (like the larger deck on the Evolve A1 treadmill)
  • Power from the motor is on the lower scale level at peak 1.5HP, again our preference would be for a motor with 2.5 HP power and above
  • It is limited to people with a max weight of 15.7 stone or 100kg. If you weigh over this, then you should start looking elsewhere
  • The quality of the loud speakers could be a whole lot better and the screen for displaying the tracking data is too small for our liking
  • You are limited to running at 10 km per hour here. If you wish to run faster than this, then check out the Evolve A1 further below that offers speeds up to 14 km per hour
  • Only suitable for casual runners, beginners or lower intermediate levels in our opinion – it doesn’t provide enough power for the hardcore cardio exercise sessions or athletes.
  • Adjusting the manual inclines is more difficult than expected and should be easier to do. Plus they offer e books as part of the service but is not always delivered upon
  • It’s great to have the water holders but they are not deep enough in our opinion as the bottles can fall out – they should be deeper
  • The assembly instructions are very basic and they could be outlined a lot better to avoid mistakes from happening with the various small parts involved

Alternative Evolve Treadmill

If the Evolve B1 treadmill hasn’t met all of your requirements just yet, then check out the Evolve A1 Electric Treadmill instead which is summarised briefly as follows…

Evolve A1 Foldable Electric Auto Incline Treadmill

Treadmill Overview

Premium higher spec electric treadmill - Auto inclines, foldable and pre-set programmes

Bluetooth connectivity to Fitness apps - Peak motor power level is 3.5HP

Maximum user weight capacity 120kg

15 levels of auto incline options - Larger running deck 120cm x 45cm

Wider speed range from 0.8 to 14 km per hour

Price Guide: Tends to be around £500 level

Evolve B1 vs Evolve A1 Treadmills

So that you understand the differences between the Evolve B1 treadmill and the Evolve A1 treadmill, feel free to check out the comparison table below so you can make whatever comparisons you deem necessary yourself such as the motor power, deck size, inclines and frame dimensions

ModelEvolve B1Evolve A1
Weight capacity:Max 100kgMax 120kg
Running deck:100cm x 35cm120cm x 45cm
Dimensions:123 x 58.5 x 136cm112 x 72 x 154.5cm
Motor power:1.5 HP3.5 HP
Inclinations:Manual settingAuto
Inclines:3 levels15 levels
Loud speakers:IncludedIncluded
USB/AUX ports:YesYes
Speed:0.8 to 10 km/hr0.8 to 14 km/hr
Roller wheels:ProvidedProvided
Water holder:YesYes
Unit weight:30kg54kg

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After completing this Evolve B1 treadmill review, we hope our work here has shed some light for you and perhaps given you a better overview of what this treadmill is all about. It’s a small basic and budget type treadmill for casual users or beginners in our opinion and is not really suitable for the intermediate or advanced cardio athletes. On the plus side though, it does comes with a 12 month warranty and an attractive price level so it will certainly help those of you who need to save money in the process of losing weight and getting in shape once again but we would be concerned about its durability and longevity in the months ahead – it may not be robust enough to cater for ongoing regular intensive cardio weekly use.

Would we buy the Evolve B1 treadmill? Sorry but we feel that this would not be the treadmill to meet our own fitness requirements. The water bottle holders are poor, the deck is too small, the power of the motor is not strong enough and the speed levels are too low plus it is not capable of dealing with the weight of a larger person in our opinion over 100kg for intense cardio sessions. Our preference would have to be the JTX Sprint 3 Treadmill from an earlier review and further information can be double checked below which offers a longer warranty and a UK based customer support team that won’t let you down…

Evolve Treadmill Community Feedback

Have you ever used an Evolve B1 or A1 Treadmill yourself in the recent past? Did it live up to your own expectations or were you disappointed in any way?

If possible, feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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