Onetwofit Treadmill Review 2023 – Worth the Money?


Do you need to learn more about the OnetwoFit Treadmills? If you are considering buying one over the next few days, then please make sure to check out our Onetwofit Treadmill review which will point out our main recommendations under this brand and outline everything you need to know before you make any final decision.

Initial Focus

Our focus will be on the lower priced Onetwofit OT158 2HP treadmill as this one tends to offer consumers great savings but we will also include 2 other treadmills from Onetwofit fitness so at least you have more than just 1 option when browsing through their range and portfolio of treadmill models.


This review will outline some FAQ’s that tend to come up, dimension information and all the mains pros and cons that we came across when reviewing this treadmill. We have also included some video inserts that you can watch which will give you a better overview of what these treadmills are all about plus a comparison table further down on these page so that you can see how these Treadmills from Onetwofit Fitness compare side by side.

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Folding Treadmill Overview

Model:Onetwofit OT158 Folding Motorised Home Treadmill
Motor Power:2 HP
Deck size:122cm long by 40cm wide
Speed levels:Maximum 12 km per hour
Warranty:12 months to 2 years (seller dependant)
Best place to buy: Amazon UK – View updated prices here

Video Insert: Introduction to the Onetwofit OT158 Treadmill

Frequently Asked Questions - OT158

  • Q1, How big is the running deck surface?
  • A, This model OT158 offers a running deck surface of 40cm wide by 122cm long (15.7 x 48 inches)
  • Q2, How heavy is this treadmill to move around your home?
  • A, The net weight out of the packaging is 33kg
  • Q3, What is the maximum running speed for the OT158?
  • A, The OT158 offers a maximum running speed of 12km per hour
  • Q4, Does it include any auto inclines?
  • A, No, the inclines for this treadmill need to be adjusted manually
  • Q5, What is the maximum weight capacity it can handle?
  • A, This treadmill is designed to support weights of up 15.7 stone or 100kg or 220 lbs
  • Q6, Does it offer any built in programs?
  • A, Yes, there are 12 programs built in where 3 of them can be customised to your own preferences
  • Q7, Are there any water bottle holders to keep you hydrated?
  • A, Yes, there are 2 water holders - one either side of the LCD screen
  • Q8, What are the box dimensions?
  • A, The box dimensions when it comes to deliveries are 141cm by 77cm by 25cm
  • Q9, What are the folded dimensions?
  • A, Once folded after use, the folded dimensions are 122cm high by 77cm long by 66cm deep
  • Q10, What are the assembled dimensions to plan for?
  • A, Once assembled, the dimensions are 122cm high by 125cm long by 66cm deep

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Onetwofit OT158 Treadmill Features

Onetwofit Electric Foldable OT158 Treadmill

Treadmill Overview

Corded electric treadmill with motor power 2HP - Offers maximum speed up to 12km per hour

Specific insert for oil lubrication of the deck and belt - Running deck dimensions 40cm wide by 122cm long

No auto inclines available – only manual inclines x 3

Maximum user weight guide is 100kg or 15.7 stone - 12 programs available (3 can be customised)

2 cup holders and large LCD screen and button controls

Red safety clip can be attached to your clothes - Soft drop folding system mechanism built in

Price Guide: £280 to £330

Video Insert: Another view of the Onetwofit Treadmill OT158 in action

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Key Components and Parts

Onetwofit OT158 Treadmill Console

Quick start and stop buttons

Large LCD screen with clear visibility

Onetwofit OT158 Treadmill Deck

Supports either side of the deck are 8cm wide

Running deck is 40cm wide by 122cm long

Onetwofit OT158 Treadmill Dimensions

Assembled dimensions 122H x 125L x 66D cm

Folded dimensions 122H x 77L x 66D cm

Onetwofit OT158 Treadmill Soft drop Folding

Easy folding with support of soft drop technology

Supported with a hydraulic arm

Onetwofit OT158 Treadmill Lubrication

Easy to fill insert for oil deck lubricating

Simply pour into the level for belt maintenance

Onetwofit OT158 Treadmill Assembled

Suitable for home and office spaces

Easy assembly with step by step manual

Pros for the OT158

  • The soft drop folding mechanism works great to allow easier folding up and folding down of the treadmill when not in use which is supported with the soft drop hydraulic technology
  • You have 12 programs built in which is not available on lower priced cheaper treadmills – plus 3 programs can be customised which again is not always available from other brands
  • Managing the oiling and lubrication of the deck and belt is a whole lot easier with the insert hole provided which is simpler when compared to other branded treadmills
  • The control screen and button controls and adjustments are simple and easy to use and well laid out – plus it is on the larger side which is great to have for clear visibility
  • Instead of paying out big money for a premium high tech quality treadmill, you get a lower spec treadmill here at a more affordable price range and you should be able to get your hands on it for less than £330 when seen at the time of this review
  • Assembly is easier than you think and you are provided with a good set of instructions that you can follow step by step

Cons for the OT158

  • Power level from the motor is on the lower side for us and we would be concerned about it reliability and longevity in the months and years ahead
  • You are limited to a running speed only of 12 km per hour so if you need to run faster than this, then you should skip this one and start looking elsewhere
  • The running deck surface is not for everyone as it is quite small in our opinion – it won’t suit that taller person over 6 foot with longer strides
  • As it is lower priced, the warranty cover is not as good – you get 12 months here where other brands we see offer 2 years on motors and 5 years on labour and parts (like Branx Fitness)
  • You don’t get any Bluetooth connectivity for music or apps, no loud speakers, no USB ports or MP3 connections and no auto inclines
  • It is limited to people under 6 ft and under 100kg in our opinion so make sure you know your own size and weight!
  • There is no ability to track you pulse or heart rates as there are no pulse rate sensors provided

2 Alternative Onetwofit Treadmills

If the OT158 Onetwofit Treadmill doesn’t meet all of your expectations just yet, then check out 3 other alternatives from this brand summarised briefly as follows

1, Onetwofit OT178UK Folding Treadmill

Treadmill Overview

Can be folded up tight and placed under a bed

Maximum speed 12km per hour

Fixed incline with 120kg max weight capacity

Running deck belt dimensions 125cm by 48cm

Folds up to a thickness of just 13.5cm to save space

Price Guide: Tends to be under £350

2, Onetwofit Premium Bluetooth Folding Treadmill

Treadmill Overview

Includes Bluetooth, speakers & pulse sensors

Folds up neatly after use for storage

Peak motor power 3.75HP with 16 km per hour

Automatic inclines and 12 programs built in

Running deck belt dimensions 134Lcm by 45Wcm

Price Guide: Tends to be over £500 level

Video Insert: Introduction to the OnetwoFit Walking Treadmill OT131

Comparison Table

So that you understand the differences between the upright framed treadmills in this review, please feel free to check out the comparison table below where you can see them side by side in terms of features, dimensions and power levels

Treadmill:Onetwofit OT158Onetwofit OT178Onetwofit Premium
Max speed:12 km / hr12 km / hr16 km / hr
Peak Motor:2 HP2 HP3.75 HP
Deck size:122cm x 40cm125cm x 48cm134cm x 45cm
USB port:NoneNoneIncluded
Max user weight:100kg120kg110kg
Dimensions:122H x 125L x 66Dcm105H x 146L x 75Dcm128H x 147L x 70Dcm
Folded:122H x 77L x 66Dcm146H x 75L x 13.5Dcm32H x 159L x 70Dcm
Net weight:33kg45kg70kg
Pulse sensors:NoneNoneIncluded
Warranty:12 months12 months12 months

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After completing our Onetwofit Treadmill review, we hope our research and review work here can shed some light on what to expect and perhaps give you some direction of what steps you should take. We have included various video inserts, a comparison table, key features, dimension information and the main pros and cons that we came across which we hope can help you out in some small way.


It’s a very basic treadmill without any Bluetooth, auto inclines, pulse sensors and the motor power is quite limited – plus the deck is on the smaller side and it is limited to people under 6 ft and 100kg in weight from what we have seen so it is certainly not for everyone. That being said, it offers some degree of value for money as the price is attractive for what you get in return.

Would we buy the OT158 Onetwofit Treadmill? Sorry but it would have to be a no as it lacks too many features for our particular needs, the running deck is just too small, the speed levels are too low and there is no capability for tracking pulse rates and connecting via Bluetooth and the inclines can only be adjusted manually.


Our preference would be to invest in a higher spec and larger framed treadmill with a longer warranty such as the premium Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro Treadmill that should be double checked below as it deserves serious consideration before you make your final decision…

Onetwofit Treadmill Community Feedback

Have you ever used a Onetwofit Treadmill yourself in the recent past? Did you get good value for money or were you disappointed in any way?

If possible, feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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