Horizon Fitness Treadmill Reviews 2023 – T202 vs T101 vs T303


Do you need to learn more about the Horizon Fitness Treadmills or are you thinking about buying one in the coming days? If so, then please make sure to check out our Horizon Fitness Treadmill review which will focus on the Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill model to examine and find out how good this treadmill really is.

Horizon Comparisons

We will also compare it to the Horizon T101 and the Horizon T303 treadmills models further down on this page so at least you have more than just 1 option when it comes to making any final decisions.

Video Demo Reviews

As part of the review process, please make sure to check out the various video inserts which will give you a better overview of what this treadmill from Horizon Fitness is all about and these will only take a few minutes of your time. Included also will be a series of FAQ’s and all the main pros and cons which we came so make sure to check these out which we are sure will be of interest to you along with all the key features it offers and the dimension information you need to be aware of.

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Motorised Treadmill Overview

Model:Horizon Fitness T202 Advanced Treadmill
Deck:152cm long by 50.8cm wide (60 inch x 20 inch)
Weight capacity:147kg or 325 lbs or 23 stone
Dimensions:147.3H by 81.3D by 193L cm
Best place to buy: Amazon UK – View updated prices here

Video Insert: Overview of the Horizon T202 Treadmill

Horizon T202 Treadmill FAQ’s:

  • Q1, How heavy is this treadmill to move around?
  • A, This treadmill is very heavy at 84kg or 187 lbs so you will need help when it comes to mobility
  • Q2, What level of power is provided by the motor?
  • A, The power level for this motor is a peak of 2.75 HP
  • Q3, How big is the running deck?
  • A, This running deck is on the larger scale coming in at 152cm long by 50.8cm wide
  • Q4, Does it comes with Bluetooth for your fitness apps?
  • A, Yes, this T202 treadmill comes with a high quality Bluetooth connection to support fitness apps
  • Q5, Do you need ear phones or does it have loud speakers?
  • A, There is no need for any head phones as you have the integrated loud speakers built in
  • Q6, Is there any extra warranty provided on the motor?
  • A, Yes, you have the lifetime warranty on this motor (from trusted suppliers only)
  • Q7, Is there any USB ports for charging my smart device?
  • A, For longer sessions, yes you can plug in the charger from your smart device into the USB port
  • Q8, What apps are recommended with this treadmill?
  • A, The apps that come recommended with this treadmill are Aaptiv, CardioCast and Daily Burn
  • Q9, What are the main differences between the T202 and the T303 treadmills?
  • A, The T303 has a more powerful motor, custom interval keys and a longer home warranty to mention just a few
  • Q10, What is the maximum speed levels provided on the T202?
  • A, You can run at speeds of up to 12 miles per hour (or approx. 19 km per hour)

Key Features – Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness T202 Advanced Motorised Treadmill

Treadmill Overview

Gym quality treadmill for home use - Large frame and longer run deck

Dimensions 193L x 81W 147H cm - Max weight capacity 147kg/23 stone

Includes Bluetooth connectivity - Plus loud speakers & USB port

Running deck 152L by 50.8W cm

Holder for smart device included - 3 zone cushioned impact deck

Motor power peak 2.75HP - Offers speed levels 1-19 km/hr

Treadmill Description:

  • This premium gym quality treadmill from Horizon Fitness is the middle of the road treadmill when it comes to Horizon Fitness as it is more powerful that the T101 but is less powerful than the T303 in terms of motor power. It comes backed with lots of customer reviews but be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets as this treadmill will set you back over £800 when seen at the time of this review
  • It comes with a host of fitness and entertainment supports such as the Bluetooth connectivity, loud speakers, tablet holders, USB charging ports and the ability to get connected to various fitness apps  - for example Aaptiv, CardioCast and Daily Burn which tend to be the most highly rated. It is built using a heavy duty frame weighing over 80kg and it has a higher weight holding capacity of 325 lb or 147kg or approx. 23 stone weight.
  • The dimensions once assembled are 193cm long by 81.3cm wide by 147.3cm high, it was a peak motor power of 2.75 HP and it is powered by mains using the cable provided. If you need it in inches, the assembled dimensions are 75 long by 34 wide by 58 high inches, the running deck is 60 inches long by 20 inches wide (152L by 50.8W cm) and it comes supported with auto inclines, pulse sensors, one touch quick button keys and a 3 zone cushion deck to support your lower joints and reduce the level of impact.
  • All the tools and parts are included for the assembly part and you should have it fully assembled in about 30 minutes on average depending on your level of DIY skills. You can get connected to fitness classes, listen to music or watch Netflix and even plug it into the USB port to charge while doing longer sessions. The folding and unfolding is supported with hydraulics and it comes backed with a standard 12 month warranty for your protection

Price Guide: Over £800 @ Amazon UK

Horizon Fitness T202 Console

Pulse sensors on front handlebars

Loud speakers, fan, USB port and tablet holder

Bluetooth connectivity, incline and speed settings

Horizon Fitness T202 Folded

Folds upright to reduce storage space

Supported by hydraulics for easy folding

Clips into place and becomes locked tight

Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill for Him

Heavy duty frame design to support faster speeds

Automatic incline settings and adjustments

Maximum incline raises to 12% elevation

Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill for Her

Wide running space for extra comfort

Easy to manage controls and LCD panel

3 zone cushioned deck to support lower joints

Video Insert: Assembly and Operational Tips for the T202 Horizon Treadmill

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Comparison vs T101 and T303

So that you fully understand the differences between these Horizon Fitness treadmills, make sure to take a quick look through the comparison table below where you can see how all the dimensions, running decks, motor power, features and speed levels are all compared for the T202 versus the T101 and the T303

TreadmillHorizon T202Horizon T101Horizon T303
Deck Inch:60L x 20W inch55L x 20W inch60L x 20W inch
Deck cm:152cm x 50.8cm140cm x 50.8cm152cm x 50.8cm
Weight:187 lbs / 85kg180 lbs / 81.5kg187 lbs / 85kg
Motor power:2.75 HP2.5 HP3.0 HP
Cooling fan:YesYesYes
Loud Speakers:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Assembled:75L x 34W x 58H inch70L x 34W x 55H inch75L x 34W x 58H inch
Folded size:47L x 34W x 65H inch46L x 34W x 61H inch47L x 34W x 65H inch
USB port:YesYesYes
Speed:Max 19 km/hr (12 mph)Max 16 km/hr (10 mph)Max 19 km/hr (12 mph)
Incline:Up to 12%Up to 10%Up to 12%
Max user weight:325 lbs / 147kg300 lbs / 136kg325 lbs / 147kg

Video Insert: Review of the Horizon T202 Treadmill

Pros and Cons

After using this treadmill, this is a brief overview of some of the main pros and cons that we came across plus an overview of feedback from the general public so that you have a more balanced approach review…

Pros for the T202:

  • It’s like a gym quality treadmill in your own home backed with a host of entertainment features, auto inclines and program settings
  • Assembly instructions are excellent and easy to follow with all the tool and parts well laid out and labelled
  • The smooth running of the belt is excellent and the zone cushions on the deck are better than expected
  • You have the cooling fan which works great to keep you cooler and fresher in sweaty conditions and the inclines work great with the programs and quick button settings
  • There is space either side on the console LCD screen for holding items such as a water bottle, phone or a tablet
  • The noise level is lower than expected when compared to various other treadmills in the past and you have the hydraulic arm to support the folding and unfolding techniques
  • You get a heavy duty solid piece of equipment that is well capable of supporting heavier weighted people

Cons for the T202

  • Availability from  a UK perspective is somewhat limited so you should reserve it or book it as quickly as you possibly can as stock levels tend to be quite low
  • Deliveries can be slower than expected with the current situation so you will need to be more patient than normal when expecting a swift and fast delivery
  • This treadmill’s frame is large and bulky so you will need plenty of space in your home or dedicated room - not for small apartments
  • You need to be careful with assembly and mobility as this treadmill is extremely heavy
  • Price is on the high side so it is certainly not for everyone – only for the serious athlete with plenty of money in their pockets
  • The accuracy of the heart rate monitor seems to be a bit off and the cooling fan could be more powerful.

Video Insert: Another review of the Horizon T202 Treadmill

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After completing this review for the Horizon Fitness T202 treadmill, we hope our work here has given you a better idea of what this treadmill is all about so you can decide for yourself if indeed this is the treadmill for you or not. We have included a comparison chart versus the T101/T303, our main pros and cons plus all the key features and dimension information so you should have a better picture of what this treadmill can offer you – the video inserts are worth checking out so make sure you take a few minutes to watch them also.

Power Levels

It’s not the most powerful treadmill we have ever used and the cooling fan could be better but apart from that, we found it difficult to fault it in any major way – overall we would have to say this is a solid piece of equipment that offers all the features you need to get the most out of your cardio exercise running sessions. The controls are easy to manage, the running deck is plenty big enough, the inclines are excellent and the power provided for the faster running speeds is more than adequate.

Would we buy it? Certainly yes and we have no hesitation in recommending it to the wider public and further information along with updated prices can be double checked below…

Horizon Fitness Treadmill Community Feedback

Have you ever used a Horizon Fitness Treadmill yourself in the recent past? Did you prefer the T101, T202 or the T303?

If possible, feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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