JTX Fitness Treadmill Review 2024 – Compilation


Are you interested in buying a JTX Treadmill in the coming days or weeks? If so, then please make sure to check out this JTX Treadmill review which hopefully can give you a better understanding of what they can offer you including all main features, pros and cons that you should be aware of. A series of short video clips are also outlined further below which are worth checking out.

Slim Line Foldable

Our initial review was on the JTX Slim Line Foldable Treadmill however that model is out of stock now so this review will focus now instead on the JTX Sprint 3 Electric Treadmill which offers you the consumer the lowest price in this range (which still costs more than your average home treadmill though!)

Sprint 7 & Sprint 9

In addition, we will also take a quick look and compare 2 other options under this brand namely the JTX Sprint 7 Treadmill and the JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill so at least you have more than just once choice when it comes to making any final decisions. Useful video demo’s are outlined below which will also give you a better understanding of what is involved and what they can offer you.

Finance Options

One of the good things to note starting off is the fact that JTX do offer a pay by finance option which means that the cost can be paid for over a 6 month or a 12-month period at 0% APR which certainly helps monthly cashflow instead of having to fork out all the cash up front.

As we mentioned, our review will focus on the lowest priced option here namely the JTX Sprint 3 treadmill and we will also provide comparisons against the JTX Sprint 7 Treadmill and the JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill (Gym quality) and a comparison table is outlined further down on this page so you can see for yourself how all the power levels, speeds, features, dimensions etc all compare against one another.


In addition, we have also provided a detailed frequently asked question section which hopefully can answer some of the possible queries that you may have about these treadmills from JTX who are based in West Sussex and orders can be placed in store or online for your own convenience - whatever suits you the best. Our review is split into 5 parts so feel free to skip to whatever part interests you the most.

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JTX Treadmill Review Content

  • Part 1: Brief Overview & JTX Treadmill FAQ’s
  • Part 2: JTX Sprint 3 Treadmill Review – Key Features Available
  • Part 3: JTX Sprint 3 Treadmill Review – Pros and Cons
  • Part 4: Comparisons vs JTX Sprint 7 and JTX Sprint 9 Treadmills
  • Part 5: Conclusion plus Feedback


Please note before you begin that guide prices can only be submitted at the time of this JTX Treadmill review as prices can change slightly from month to month depending on local discount activities so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information…

Part 1: Brief Overview & JTX Treadmill FAQ’s

Model / Product:JTX Sprint 3 Electric Treadmill (vs Sprint 7 & Sprint 9)
Price Guide:£500 to £600 @ JTK West Sussex UK – View Sneak Preview Here
Power / Speed:2 HP motor & 16km per hour maximum
Warranty:2 Year Home Repair Warranty & 28-day money back guarantee
Support:JTX Customer care at 01273 453855 - Mon to Fri 9am to 5.30pm

Video Overview for the JTX Sprint 3 Electric Treadmill

Frequently Asked Questions about JTX Treadmills (12)

Q1. What is the maximum user weight allowed on the JTX Sprint 3 treadmill?
A. The max user weight allowed on the JTX Sprint 3 treadmill is 120kg or 18.9 stone

Q2. What is included in the 2 year warranty?
A. All parts and labour requirements are covered in the quibble free 2 year warranty

Q3. How long have they been in business?
A. JTX Fitness has been trading for over 10 years now, so they have quite a bit if experience under their belt now

Q4. What are the advantages of having the advanced Cushion Step suspension technology?
A. While it does cost more, this feature can reduce the impact on your joints by up to 30% when compared to running outdoors.

Q5. Do they include a cooling fan in the frame set?
A. Yes, the Sprint 3 includes the cooling fan which helps to keep you cooler during your workout sessions

Q6. Are these treadmills difficult to fold down when not in use?
A. No, these folding treadmills such as the JTX Sprint 3 includes the soft drop technology with the hydraulic assist to support easier folding and storage when not in use.

Q7. How difficult is it to assemble these treadmills?
A. There are just 3 main steps to get the Sprint 3 assembled which will only take a few minutes of your time and all is explained in the easy to follow user manual. You can also call their customer service direct on 01273 453855 if you have any further queries.

Q8. Does the Sprint 3 include speakers, tablet holder and MP3 connectivity?
A. Yes, to keep you motivated for longer, this awesome treadmill comes with these added features so you can listen to music or watch your favourite programmes.

Q9. Who actually delivers the treadmills?
A. They use a courier company called Panther to deliver their fitness equipment and they contact you directly with the delivery plan and a 2 hour delivery time slot

Q10. What are the folded dimensions of the Sprint 3 when it comes to storage?
A. The folded dimensions for the JTX Sprint 3 treadmill is L105 by W74 by H150 cm

Q11. What are the box dimensions when it comes to deliveries and how heavy is it?

A. The JTX Sprint 3 box dimensions are L175 by W78 by H33 cm and the weight is 64kg

Q12. How long do you need to wait for deliveries on pre-ordered items?
A. This will vary depending on your order, but it could be as long as 4 weeks and in some cases even longer.

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Part 2: JTX Sprint 3 Treadmill Review – Key Features

JTX Sprint-3 Electric Treadmill

Main Features in Summary:

Premium & durable design
Offers a speed level up to 16kph
Power level is 2 HP
Cushionstep Deck 8 point
40 programmes & MP3 connection
Powered incline of 0% to 12%
Dimensions 105L x 74W x 150H cm
Maximum user weight is 120kg
Warranty is 2 years (home repair)

Treadmill Features:

  • This JTX Sprint-3 Electric Treadmill is the lowest priced option under the JTX brand and this is certainly the model to consider if you are seeking the lowest possible price. It comes with a power level of 2 HP, 40 programmes, a maximum speed level of 16 km per hour and it is supported with the 8 Point Cushionstep Deck system which is designed to reduce the level of impact on your joints by up to 30%. You automatically feel the spring in your step as you start jogging and running on this deck – so much more comfortable than road running
  • The console screen is 5 inches and the controls are easy enough to manage once you get the hang of them and there is a wide range of programmes to choose from be it endurance, cardio or casual workouts.
  • For more strenuous workouts, you can raise the deck automatically through 12 inclines where the inclines are powered from 0% up as far as 12% elevation.
  • The dimensions are all outlined in the comparison table outlined below but for now the assembled dimensions are 162L by 74W by 150H cm and the maximum user weight allowance is 120kg (or 18.9 stone approx.)
  • This machine weighs just 64kg which is manageable with the transport wheels provided, it includes the soft drop technology when folding down or away for storage and you get a free tablet holder as part of the package.
  • In terms of protection, you get a 28 day money back guarantee with no quibbles (minus delivery costs) and also a 2 year in home repair warranty backed with a customer service based out of West Sussex.
  • Overall this treadmill has a superior build quality with high quality components and comes with a reinforced steel frame as standard.

Price Guide: £500 to £600 at the time of this review @ JTX Fitness UK

Further images of the JTX Sprint-3 Electric Treadmill are outlined below

  • JTX Sprint-3 Electric Treadmill Overview

Part 3: JTX Sprint 3 Treadmill Review – Pros and Cons to Note

Pros for the JTX Sprint 3 Treadmill:

  • If you want a JTX treadmill at the lowest possible price, then the Sprint 3 is the one to go for in our opinion which is usually available for around the £550 region from what we have seen.
  • One thing we liked straight away is the high quality steel frame, design and appearance of this treadmill – the build and components is certainly impressive.
  • Having a 2 year warranty to protect your investment along with a 28 day money back guarantee is great to have when spending this level of money needed.
  • There is a UK based support team in place in West Sussex who have a good reputation for dealing with customer queries – they are just a phone call away
  • Instead of having to adjust the incline manually, this can all be done automatically and even though the deck size here is the smallest in the range, it is still 46cm wide by 129cm long supported with the 8 point shock mechanism or advanced CushionStep suspension technology
  • Unlike many other treadmill brands, you get a cooling fan here to support your longer sessions plus the soft drop folding hydraulic mechanism when it comes to storing away after use.
  • Assembly is more or less all done for you – all you have to do is follow 3 simple steps in the manual which is one less headache to worry about.
  • Many other treadmills have only 10 or less than 20 programmes where this machine offers a total of 40 programmes so there is certainly something here to cater for everyone’s needs.
  • To keep you entertained and motivated for longer, you get the tablet holder along with the speakers and MP3 connectivity as standard.

Cons for the JTX Sprint 3 Treadmill:

  • You will need to buy a foot-pod separately for any interactive running experiences which will be a further expense to you.
  • Stock availability is somewhat unpredictable under the current circumstances which is understandable as many other companies are facing.
  • Generally speaking, this treadmill is available only as a pre-order item due to the level of demand so you will need to be patient when placing orders and expected delivery dates as you may need to wait 4 weeks or even longer
  • Even though they offer a 28 day money back guarantee, you need to be aware that this will be minus any delivery and collection costs incurred
  • The cooling fan is a nice addition to have but could be more powerful in our opinion all the same.
  • It’s great to see the JTX Sprint 3 being discounted and promoted for less than £600 – problem is when it comes off promotion you can expect to pay over £800 which is a bit too steep in our view
  • The deck size here is 16cm shorter and 5cm narrower than the Sprint 7 so take this into consideration if the deck size is important to you.
  • While the 2HP does gives sufficient power, the Sprint 7 offers far superior power (3 HP) than the Sprint 3 treadmill
  • There are 3 less inclines than the Sprint 7 and the LCD screen is also 2 inches smaller than the JTX Sprint 7 treadmill
  • For larger people over 120kg, you should look instead at the Sprint 7 as that model can cater for larger weights of up to 160kg.

Part 4: Comparisons vs JTX Sprint 7 and JTX Sprint 9 Treadmills

If the JTX Sprint-3 Electric Treadmill hasn’t ticked all of your boxes just yet or you want to check out larger options instead under this brand, then check out 2 other treadmills under the JTX brand as follows which we also recommend.

1, JTX Sprint-7 Motorised Treadmill

Key Features in Summary:

New upgraded Sprint 7 model
Superior build and overall design
Stronger motor power 3HP & smooth running
Faster running speed of 20 km/hr
Larger running deck 51W by 145L cm
Longer 3-year warranty (home repair)
43 programmes to choose from
Powered incline from 0% to 15%
CSC springs 8-point suspension system
Superb JTX Black-Diamond running belt
Bluetooth with Kinomap connectivity
Price Guide: £850 - £950 @ JTX Fitness UK

2, JTX Sprint-9 Folding Gym Quality Treadmill

Key Features in Summary:

For people seeking a High spec Gym quality treadmill at home with Bluetooth connection
2 types of warranty – 3 year home or 1 year commercial (10 year on the motor)
Superior console LCD screen & loud speakers
Power level of 3HP and 27 programmes
Training for responsive heart rates & power incline is 0-15% for 15 inclines
Running deck size is 153L by 52W cm
Maximum running speed is 20 km/hr
Dual-Hydraulic Folding System & JTX BlackDiamond running belt included
Price Guide: £1400 - £1600 @ JTX Fitness UK


Video Overview of the JTX Sprint 7 Treadmill is outlined below


Video Overview of the JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill is also outlined below

Comparison Table

To add further clarity on the JTX treadmills in this review, please check out the comparison table outlined below so you can see for yourself how all the main features and dimensions compare against each other…

Model:JTX Sprint-3JTX Sprint-7JTX Sprint-9
Power:2 HP3 HP3 HP
Max Speed:16 km/hr20 km/hr20 km/hr
Power Incline:Yes, 0 - 12%Yes, 0 - 15%Yes, 0 - 15%
Cushionstep Deck:Yes, 8 pointYes, 8 pointYes, 8 point
Screen Size:5 inches7 inches10 inches
Dimensions:162L x 74W x 150H cm179L x 88W x 159H cm205L x 92W x 147H cm
Folded:105L x 74W x 150H cm120L x 88W x 159H cm116L x 92W x 180H cm
Box Size:175L x 78W x 33H cm 200L x 90W x 33H cm 223L x 99W x 43.5H cm
Running deck:129L x 46W cm145L x 51W cm153L x 52W cm
User Weight:Max 120kgMax 160kgMax 180kg
Incline levels:121515
Cooling Fan:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Soft Drop Tech:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Tablet Holder:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Transport Wheels:YesYesYes
Warranty:2 years3 years3 years (1 year commercial)

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Part 5: Conclusion plus Feedback

In summary, we hope that this JTX Treadmill review has benefited you in some small way and given you a better understanding on the features they offer and all the dimensions involved. Would we buy it? Certainly yes, but only when it is being discounted at their promotional prices as serious savings can be made! The quality of these machines match those that you see in your local gym in terms of high-quality build, design and sturdiness and it was well able to handle my own weight of over 100kg.

The price levels though are a little on the high side for my liking, but it does come with almost everything you would expect to cater for serious athletes. Due to the current pandemic, stock availability can be very unpredictable so you will need to book well in advance and be patient with a delivery date as it can take as long as 4 weeks and in some cases more depending on the model you choose. A nice touch also when you buy is the training wall planner and a free fitness programme which again help keep you motivated to get up on that running deck week in week out.

Our preference though overall is the JTX Sprint 7 upgraded model with the Bluetooth connectivity to Kinomap where you can run real routes and compete visually using the Google maps technology


Have you any personal experiences yourself with using an JTX Treadmill? Did it operate as expected or did you experience any problems with it? Anything to report on delivery delays?

If possible, please share your own feedback or experiences good or bad with the wider UK community by leaving a feedback comment in the comment box section provided below…


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  1. Actually, in the gym that I used to visit down town, the treadmill jtx sprint 9 is being used and trust me, it works superbly. Seeing a detailed overview of the jtx treadmill series here makes it even better to have a wider knowledge on the various products of the JTX and how possibly they could be explored here. Each of the treadmill has its own special features and performance quality in its own rights and that is good. The more info you have about them the better in my view

  2. I had heard about these JTX treadmills before and this review has certainly helped me make up my own mind  -an awesome piece of kit and the videos really do help to win we over, thanks for helping me with your review as the comparison features certainly makes it easier to see them side by side

  3. Hey John, Due to the pandemic gyms here are closed and I haven’t really been able to do any exercise. I was looking for a treadmill so that I could start cardio again and this post was really worth to read! I love this treadmill and I might even go ahead and buy it so that I can install it at my place!! Thanks for such a great review as I learnt a lot about what it can offer and all the minor detail is good in know in advance of any purchase

  4. Hey John, excellent review on the JTX Slimline and thank you for providing so much detail overall. I really like the way it tucks away nicely and can even fit under a bed. My question to you good sir is, how noisy is it compared to other treadmills overall? I currently live in an apartment building and am wondering if I can get one of these and not drive the downstairs neighbours insane. That’s about all, thanks again for all the detail on this treadmill review as I am getting excited already!

    • Hi there, The noise level would be considered lower than your higher powered treadmills so it would definitely meet your noise level expectations based on our experiences anyway. Take care and best of luck, Regards, John

  5. Having got rid of our old treadmill some years ago, after deciding that maybe our indoor running days were over, not many weeks go by without regretting that decision. Foot injuries didn’t help the cause either but they are long gone now.
    You’ve provided a great review and with some to compare ‘side by side’ it helps at least to get an idea of what’s available in the market place. It is much needed, as our machine was very basic and had no where near the features this one offers. I was actually quite surprised at how much technology you get for the money, considering the stature of this model.
    This is by far, way more advanced than the one I was used to, so I do need to make plenty of comparisons. I weight about 96kg and as much as I’m sure I’ll shed a few pound initially, the aim is to be using weights over the next eighteen months or so. Could be that I’d be getting ever closer to the maximum weight threshold. The ‘Sprint 5’ does cater for a heavier weight, so that might be one to look at in more depth. 
    Has to be said, add into the mix the fact that you can get 0% finance spread over twelve months, there’s not much to be said against any of the options you have provided. A brand certainly worth a close consideration in my view

    • Hi there, many thanks for your detailed feedback report about our review and best of luck with your own final decision. It is greatly appreciated, Regards, John

  6. Thanks for this post on the JTX Treadmills as I really need to get in better shape for the upcoming Summer. I have heard so many good reviews on the JTX but I needed to check for more reviews – this one I found to have the best information as its straight to the point without any waffle and includes everything I need to know so thanks for your help in reviewing this for me before I buy – especially the table info. Good warranties from what I can see but they certainly do know how to charge for them I guess!

  7. As a lover of physical fitness I really enjoyed this article because I like going to the gym a whole lot and the treadmill is one of my favorite machines at the gym which are difficult to get into during these unprecedented times of lockdowns. Thanks for sharing this here and I would definitely buy one of these for myself at home – I enjoyed the level of detail here as I feel a lot more educated about these JTX treadmills now after reading this, a useful review as I now know exactly what to expect upon arrival

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