JTX Treadmill Review 2020 – Videos, FAQ’s & Options?


Greetings once again and welcome to our JTX Treadmill review which you definitely take a quick look through if you are thinking about buying one over the next few days or weeks. Our review will focus on the JTX Slim Line Foldable treadmill (which has the lowest price) but we will also take a quick look and compare 2 other options under this brand so at least you have more than just once choice when it comes to making any final decision.

One of the good things to note starting off is the fact that JTX do offer a pay by finance option which means that the cost can be paid for over a 6 month or a 12-month period at 0% APR which certainly helps monthly cashflow instead of having to fork out all the cash up front. As we mentioned, our review will focus on the lowest priced option here namely the JTX Slim-Line Compact treadmill and we will also provide comparisons against the JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill and the JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill (Gym quality) and a comparison table is outlined further down on this page so you can see for yourself how all the power levels, speeds, features, dimensions etc all compare against one another.

In addition, we have also provided a detailed frequently asked question section which hopefully can answer some of the possible queries that you may have about these treadmills from JTX who are based in West Sussex and orders can be placed in store or online for your own convenience -whatever suits you the best.

JTX Treadmill Review Content

  • Part 1: Brief Overview & JTX Treadmill FAQ’s
  • Part 2: JTX Treadmill Review – Key Features Available
  • Part 3: JTX Treadmill Review – Pros and Cons Observed
  • Part 4: Comparisons vs JTX Sprint 5 and JTX Sprint 9 Treadmills
  • Part 5: Conclusion plus Feedback

Please note before you begin that guide price ranges can only be submitted at the time of this JTX Treadmill review as prices can change slightly from month to month depending on local discount activities so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information…


Part 1: Brief Overview & JTX Treadmill FAQ’s

Brief Overview

Model / Product:JTX Slim-Line Foldable Compact Treadmill (with Comparisons x 2)
Price Guide:£500 to £600 @ JTK West Sussex UK – View Sneak Preview Here
Power / Speed:1.5 HP Continuous Motor / Maximum 14 km per hour
Warranty:1 year warranty plus 28 day money back guarantee
Support:JTX Customer care at 01273 453855 - Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm

Frequently asked Questions for the JTX Slim-Line Compact Treadmill:

Q. How big is the running deck for the JTX slimline treadmill?
A. The size of this running deck is 125cm long by 41 cm wide.
Q. Does it require much assembly work?
A. No, it is more or less ready to go straight from the box – few minutes preparation only
Q. How does the pay by finance system work?
A. You pay a 10% deposit initially and the balance is paid over either a 6 month period or a 12 month period.
Q. How much is the monthly cost if you choose 12 months payback?
A. It depends on the initial cost but could be lower than £40 per month depending on discounting activity
Q. Does it include fat burning programs?
A. Yes, fat burning and weight loss programmes are included in this treadmill
Q, Are there additional delivery costs?
A. No, they provide a free delivery to mainland UK
Q. What is the maximum weight allowed for a person using this treadmill?
A. The maximum weight allowed is 17st and 5Ibs or 110kg
Q. What are the dimensions when folded?
A. The folded dimensions for the Slim-line model is 157cm long by 73cm wide by 24cm high
Q. What warranty is available for this JTX treadmill?
A. The warranty available is 12 months in home repair plus you get a 28-day money back guarantee
Q. Can this treadmill be folded up and put under the bed?
A. Yes, this treadmill can be folded up tightly and placed under your bed no problem as long as it is more than 24cm high from the floor
Q. What is involved with the DiscTech speed adjustor?
A. It means that the speed can be adjusted by a swipe of your finder without having to look down
Q. Can it be connected to fitness apps?
A. If you have a footpod and a tablet yes, this treadmill allows connectivity to fitness apps / virtual worlds / group racing / interactive running experiences
Q. What are the dimensions of the box delivery?
A. The dimensions of the box upon delivery is 85cm wide by 169cm long by 29cm high
Q. How heavy is this treadmill?
A. The weight for the JTX Slim-line treadmill is 60kg all in
Q. Does it include loud speakers for your music playing?
A. Yes, built in speakers are included
Q. What accessories are included in the pack?
A. Included in the pack is an oil lubricant (worth £10) and free hand weights

Part 2: JTX Treadmill Review – Key Features Available

JTX Slim-Line Fold Away Compact Treadmill

Main Features in Summary:

Motor power 1.5HP continuous
Maximum speed 14 km per hour
Weight loss / fat burning options
DiscTech speed adjustments
Max user weight 110kg / 17st 5Ibs
Folded size L157 x H24 x W73cm
Free UK mainland delivery
Free oil / weighted gloves
Foldable / Inclines x 15
8 Point shock system
Warranty 1 year Home repair
28 day money back guarantee

Main Features in Detail:

  • This JTX Slim Line Compact treadmill from JTX is the smallest and also the lowest priced option which in turns makes it one the best selling models in its category. It operates with a power level of 1.5 HP continuous motor and a maximum speed level of 14 km per hour and it also provides 15 different levels of incline to choose from.
  • It includes transport wheels when it needs to be moved around your home, the 15 inclines available to choose help give you complete uphill workouts and it also gives you the options for interval training.
  • There is also the auto stop safety clip system in place to ensure your added protection in the effect of an accident.
  • For speed adjusting, it has the DiscTech system where you do not need to look down to adjust the speed, it can be done by swiping your finger on the DiscTech system instead to get the desired level of speed you need.
  • In terms of dimensions, the size of the running deck is 125cm long by 41cm wide, the assembled size is 157cm long by 73cm wide and the folded dimensions to note are 157cm long by 73cm wide by 24cm high.
  • The low height of 24cm allows this treadmill to be folded up under your bed when not in use which is ideal for people in smaller type living spaces and serves to be one of its main attractions when buying.
  • This treadmill when delivered comes assembled so it is nearly ready to use straight from the box – fold it out and plug it in and you are ready to go. The console display screen also keeps track of all the main parameters you need such as times, inclines, speed, distances, programme and calories used and it provides you with 7 programmes and 6 of these are pre-programmed workouts and you can create one specific programme designed for your own needs.
  • There is also the option to get connected with running apps as long as have an iPad / Tablet and a footpod, it operates with an 8-point shock system on the suspension and it comes with hand pulse sensors as standard. The weight of this treadmill comes in at 60kg and it also includes loud speakers, they also provide an engineer to call to your house to fix the treadmill if needed.
  • In terms of warranty, they provide a 28-money back guarantee plus a 1 year at home repair warranty where all parts and labour included. The max user weight allowed here is 17st and 5Ibs or 110kg and the pack includes free accessories such as oil lubricant pack valued at £10 and weighted gloves.

Price Guide:

  • The guide price for this JTX Slim-Line Compact Foldable Treadmill when seen at the time of this review from JTX Fitness UK was in the £500 to £600 region which of course can be double checked below for a closer look.

Further images of the JTX Slim–Line Treadmill are outlined below x 5

  • JTX Slim-Line Compact Treadmill Folded

View also while you are here…

Part 3: JTX Treadmill Review – Pros and Cons

Pros for the JTX Slim-line Treadmill:

  • The warranty with the all parts and labour for 12 months at home is certainly one of the best we have seen and it is great to see them stand over their products like this.
  • One of the big attractions here is the fact that it can be folded so tightly at 24cm so it’s great to be able to slide it under the bed when not in use (but not for too long!)
  • Having the accessories thrown in free of charge such as the oil lubricants and the weighted gloves is a nice touch to have – one less thing to worry about
  • Deliveries tend to be very fast and in some cases can be delivered in a day or 2 – plus there are no additional delivery costs to be concerned about.
  • One feature that you will really like as we did is the DiscTech speed adjustor where you do not need to look down to adjust the speed as it can be done instead with the swipe of your finger
  • Many lower priced treadmills come totally unassembled which can be a tedious task to complete – this treadmill on the other hand requires no assembly which is great to know – it is more or less ready to go straight from the box
  • There are great options to connect with running apps be it virtual world running, life track running or group race running if you have a tablet /iPad and footpod.

Cons for the JTX Slim-line Treadmill:

  • This treadmill option from JTX has the smallest running deck size and the least power under the JTX brand.
  • The maximum speed here for this treadmill is only 14 km per hour which won’t tick everyone’s box – other brands or models under JTX can offer 18 km per hour and in some cases 20 km per hour.
  • Only 7 programmes are available which would be considered quiet low – many other treadmills we see offer 20+ programmes
  • It not the heaviest treadmill we have come across but it is still 60kg in weight so please be aware that it is a lot heavier than it looks
  • The one thing that you may miss is the lack of a water bottle holder to help keep you hydrated when running and the phone holder could be larger.
  • Saturday deliveries are available upon request also but will set you back a further £20+

Part 4: Comparisons vs JTX Sprint 5 and JTX Sprint 9 Treadmills

To give you a better understanding of how the JTX Slim-line Treadmill compares to other treadmills, then feel free to check out the 2 options provided below which are also available from JTX Fitness in the UK.

1, JTX Sprint 5 Home Treadmill

Main Features in Summary:

Motor Power 2.5 HP Continuous
Maximum speed level of 18 km per hour
15 Inclines to choose from
24 Programmes available
Running Deck is 135cm long by 46cm wide
Folded is L115 x W79 x H125cm
DiscTech system for speeds / inclines
Foldable / CushionStep Deck
Black-Diamond running belt
Wireless heart rate polar tracking
Price Guide: £550 Plus @ JTX Fitness UK

2, JTX Sprint 9 Superior Gym Treadmill

Main Features in Summary:

Motor 3 HP Continuous power
Max speed level 20 km / hour
15 Inclines available / Free heart rate strap
24 Programmes to choose from
Running Deck is 153cm long by 52cm wide
Built in cooling fan / Advanced console
Extra-large CushionStep Pro running deck
Commercial standard Gym treadmill
Dual-Hydraulic Folding System
Dual Water Bottle Holders
Price Guide: £1300 Plus @ JTX Fitness UK

A comparison table for the 3 popular JTX Treadmills in this review are outlined below to add further clarity on features, weights and dimensions

Treadmill Model:JTX Slim LineJTX Sprint 5JTX Sprint 9
Motor:1.5 HP Continuous2.5 HP Continuous3 HP Continuous
Speed:1-14 km/hr1-18 km/hr1-20 km/hr
Inclines:15 levels15 levels15 levels
Max user weight:110kg160kg180kg
DiscTech:Speed SwipeSpeed SwipeSpeed Swipe
Cooling fan:NoneNoneIncluded
Transport Wheels:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Size:L157 x W73cmL177 x W79cmL205 x W92cm
Folded Size:L157 x W73 x H24cmL115 x W79 x H125cmL116 x W92 x H180cm
Deck Size:L125 x W41cmL135 x W46cmL153 x 52cm
Accessories:Lubricant, Weighted glovesLubricant, Tablet holderLubricant, Tablet holder, strap
Assembly:Pre-assembledPre-assembled20 -30 minutes
Warranty:1 Year Home Repair, 28-day money back guarantee2 Year Home Repair, 28-day money back guarantee3 Year Home / 1 year Commercial

Part 5: Conclusion plus Feedback


Do we recommend this JTX Slim-line treadmill? While it is not the best treadmill we have ever used it certainly surpassed many of our expectations in many other areas. The lower level of speed of just 14 km per hour could be higher and the level of programmes could also be higher but apart from that, the power, performance and reliability of this machine is excellent and the fact it can be folded to 24cm is a major plus and will be perfect for people who need to store it under their beds due to smaller type living spaces.


Have you any personal experience yourself with using an JTX Treadmill? Did it operate as expected or did you experience any problems with it?

If possible, please share your own feedback or experiences good or bad with the wider community by leaving a feedback comment in the comment box section provided below…


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  1. Thanks for this post on the JTX Treadmills as I really need to get in better shape for the upcoming Summer. I have heard so many good reviews on the JTX but I needed to check for more reviews – this one I found to have the best information as its straight to the point without any waffle and includes everything I need to know so thanks for your help in reviewing this for me before I buy – especially the table info. Good warranties from what I can see but they certainly do know how to charge for them I guess!

  2. Actually, in the gym that I used to visit down town, the treadmill jtx sprint 9 is being used and trust me, it works superbly. Seeing a detailed overview of the jtx treadmill series here makes it even better to have a wider knowledge on the various products of the JTX and how possibly they could be explored here. Each of the treadmill has its own special features and performance quality in its own rights and that is good. The more info you have about them the better in my view

  3. Hey John, excellent review on the JTX Slimline and thank you for providing so much detail overall. I really like the way it tucks away nicely and can even fit under a bed. My question to you good sir is, how noisy is it compared to other treadmills overall? I currently live in an apartment building and am wondering if I can get one of these and not drive the downstairs neighbours insane. That’s about all, thanks again for all the detail on this treadmill review as I am getting excited already!

    • Hi there, The noise level would be considered lower than your higher powered treadmills so it would definitely meet your noise level expectations based on our experiences anyway. Take care and best of luck, Regards, John

  4. Having got rid of our old treadmill some years ago, after deciding that maybe our indoor running days were over, not many weeks go by without regretting that decision. Foot injuries didn’t help the cause either but they are long gone now.

    You’ve provided a great review and with some to compare ‘side by side’ it helps at least to get an idea of what’s available in the market place. It is much needed, as our machine was very basic and had no where near the features this one offers. I was actually quite surprised at how much technology you get for the money, considering the stature of this model.

    This is by far, way more advanced than the one I was used to, so I do need to make plenty of comparisons. I weight about 96kg and as much as I’m sure I’ll shed a few pound initially, the aim is to be using weights over the next eighteen months or so. Could be that I’d be getting ever closer to the maximum weight threshold. The ‘Sprint 5’ does cater for a heavier weight, so that might be one to look at in more depth. 

    Has to be said, add into the mix the fact that you can get 0% finance spread over twelve months, there’s not much to be said against any of the options you have provided. A brand certainly worth a close consideration in my view

    • Hi there, many thanks for your detailed feedback report about our review and best of luck with your own final decision. It is greatly appreciated, Regards, John

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