Dynamax Runningpad Folding Treadmill Review 2023


If you are thinking about buying the Dynamax Runningpad Folding Treadmill in the coming days, then please make sure to check out this review which will outline all the pros and cons, features and dimensions that you need to know before you make that all important final decision. Included in our review will be video inserts so that you can see it in action plus we will outline a series of FAQ’s that should take care of most of the possible queries that you may have.

Dynamax Fitness Overview

This company was founded back in 1985 in the USA by Fitness enthusiasts and they have become more and more established in retail markets in recent years especially in the USA and the UK. They specialise in high quality exercise equipment that can add something slightly different to their competitors such as the foldable running deck and compact storage abilities.

They take pride in producing high-quality fitness equipment that is durable and long-lasting and the company also offers excellent customer service, including a comprehensive warranty and a dedicated support team that can assist with any questions or issues that may arise in the future. Finally, they have relocated its headquarters to Taiwan, where it continues to design and manufacture its products.

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The UK office is based at Dynamax, RFE International, Milton Keynes, UK and their Treadmill stocks are on sale with Argos Stores in the UK – View availability here. You can also contact them directly on their contact page here

Treadmill Overview

Model:Dynamax Runningpad Folding Treadmill DYCV-10221
Speed:Max 9km per hour or 5.6m per hour
Motor:1 HP Eco motor
Max user weight:110kg or 17.3 stone
Warranty:2 years
Customer Service:UK +44 (0)800 440 2459 / USA +1 (800) 215 6216
Best Place to Buy:Argos – View Stock availability here

Video - Dynamax RunningPad Folding Treadmill Introduction

Dynamax Runningpad Folding Treadmill DYCV-10221

Treadmill Key Features

1 HP Eco motor power & no assembly required

Speed control is position adaptive & remote

Tracks workouts with the RunningPad app

Aluminium alloy construction

Max user weight 110kg or 17.3 stone

Max speed 5.6m or 9km per hour

Excellent unique folding ability with sleek attractive design and a Mirage Console


Frequently Asked Questions (12)

Q1, What is the size of the running deck?

A, The dimensions of the running deck are 120cm by 44cm

Q2, What warranty protection is available?

A, There is a 2 year warranty cover to protect your investment

Q3, Does it provide you with Bluetooth connectivity?

A, Yes, there is a Bluetooth connection available for the app

Q4, What is the maximum user weight allowed?

A, The max weight is 110kg or 17 stone 5 lbs or 242 lbs

Q5, How it is powered?

A, This treadmill is powered by mains and a standard UK power socket

Q6, How heavy is this treadmill to move?

A, The weight is only 38kg which is considerably lighter than you average treadmill

Q7, What speed levels are available?

A, It operates from 0.6m to 5.6m per hour or 1km to 9km per hour

Q8, How do you connect the fitness app?

A, You download the fitness training app and sync the RunningPad to your smart phone via Bluetooth

Q9, Who do I contact to get the treadmill serviced?

A, You can call Dynamax Fitness support UK directly on +44 (0) 800 4402459

Q10, Can it be stored on its side or does it need to left flat?

A, When folded up for storage, the treadmill MUST be stored flat facing upwards

Q11, How often do you apply treadmill lubricant?

A, As rough guide, you should add lubricant to the deck every 30 to 40 miles to maximise its longevity and performance

Q12, How long can your workouts last on this treadmill?

A, There is no auto shut down so you can do a 1 hour workout or more no problem whatsoever


The assembled dimensions for the Dynamax Runningpad Folding Treadmill is 150cm by 72cm by 90cm and once folded, the dimensions are 98cm by 72cm by 15.5cm. The running deck dimensions to note are 120cm long and 44cm wide which would be considered approx. average in terms of home treadmills.

If you prefer inches, then the assembled dimensions are 40.4 inches high by 57.1 inches long by 29 inches wide. Once folded up, the dimensions are only 6.1 inches high by 36.6 inches long

Adaptive Speed Control

One of the really class features on this treadmill is the adaptive speed control where the speed of the treadmill will change based on your feet positioning on the treadmill. You can either move forward slightly or move back slightly on the treadmill deck to have the speed levels increased or decreased.

Folding Deck

For people with limited living spaces, this foldable treadmill works a treat as the deck itself can be folded and it will only be approx. 0.5m2 in total when all folded up – certainly this is one of the smallest folded dimensions we have ever come across in our years of experience dealing with foldable treadmills. This is a patent deck folding treadmill which is certainly impressive and it is perfect for people who have limited living spaces available.

Workout App

The name of the App that you will need to download is the RunningPad app which is available on both Apple and Google play and this will help you to keep track of your progress and monitor your workout sessions. There is a holder for your smart device plus the safety auto stop key and of course the wireless remote control to adjust the speed settings as required.

Pros for the Dynamax Runningpad Folding Treadmill

1, If you have limited storage space, then this treadmill is a bliss as it can be folded up so easily and neatly and tucked away under your bed after use

2, Assembly is as simple as they come and it has the transport wheels to help you move it into the correct running and storage positions

3, The frame is made from durable alloy Aluminium which is both lightweight, solid and robust

4, The size is seriously compact and it can fold up a lot smaller than any other treadmill we have seen before

5, The operations of the treadmill and the remote are simple to use – all the complications have been stripped away

6, Noise levels are very low and it provides an enjoyable walking and light jogging experience for burning calories, toning and getting back in shape once again.

7, Instead of having to pay for it all upfront, you can pay it in 3 equal interest-free payments using PayPal

8, Rather than getting just a 12 month warranty, you get the longer protection warranty period of 2 years

Cons for the Dynamax Runningpad Folding Treadmill

1, It is limited to a max user weight of 17.3 stone or 110kg (240lbs) so if you are heavier than this, then you should start looking elsewhere (could be lower at 100kg max in our opinion)

2, The max speed is a little disappointing as it can only go to 5.6m or 9km per hour, we would have liked to run a lot faster than this!

3, When it comes to motor power, this treadmill is on the lighter weight end of the scale. We would have preferred a more powerful motor for the price level required

4, You will need a IOS11 or higher to avail of the Runningpad App.

5, For tougher workouts, there are little to no incline options for higher cardio workouts

6, There are no built in workout programs available – you need to set up the programs manually yourself each time

7, We expected the price to be lower taking into consideration the lower power motor, the lower max speed limit, no MP3 connection and no loud speaker – it’s a little overpriced in our opinion

8, It is only suitable for walking and light jogging – it is not for people looking for high intensity faster running cardio sessions. If you want a hardcore “running treadmill” then consider looking elsewhere in our opinion

9, The app was a little disappointing, frustrating and annoying getting set up and it should have been a lot better and easier to get started

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Video - Dynamax Folding Running Pad Home Review

Speed Control

There are 2 ways to control the speed settings on this treadmill. You can either use the remote control or you can use the unique adaptive speed on the running deck where the speed will increase at the top of the deck and the speed will reduce at the back end of the running deck. This is particularly useful if you misplace the remote or if you are struggling to adjust the remote while running at the same time.

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Without a doubt, this treadmill has a sleek, modern design with excellent folding abilities and it is certainly a great option for people who have limited living spaces or limited storage spaces. The large Mirage LED display works great to give you the basic fitness parameters such as calories, speed, distances and more and the aluminium frame is plenty strong enough to cater for the heavier users. The folding up into a compact size is a major plus and the adaptive speed control on the deck is certainly impressive, unique and helpful when it comes to misplaced remote controls.


Would we recommend it? Yes, we would for the more casual workout of medium to fast walking but not for the hardcore athlete looking for intense, fast, longer and tougher cardio sessions. It simply does not provide enough power or speed for the intermediate or higher tier athlete but it can still provide a simple and effective workout for the more casual exercise of light jogging or walking. Some may even say that it is a Walkingpad rather than a Runningpad as the speed is quite low and the app connection needs to be seriously improved. Further details, reviews and prices can be double checked below

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