Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill Review 2024


If you thinking about buying the Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill in the coming days, then make sure to take a quick look through our concise review to find out if we felt it is worth the money and to find out also all our pros and cons that we came across which are outlined further down on this page. Included in our review will be comparisons, assembly and fixing tips plus information on deck lubrications and potential error codes that may arise on the console.


In addition, we will outline all the dimension information you need to be aware as well as a short series of FAQ’s that tend to come up about this treadmill. A copy of the user manual can be downloaded if needed so you can know in advance the level of work involved when it comes to the assembly work.

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Assembly User Manual

In the event that you have misplaced the user manual or need a quick look in advance of what is involved, then you can download the Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill user manual here. The first step in the assembly process involves the left and right console masts, the base frame deck and the wire guide such as the step image provided below and all the remaining steps are outlined clearly in the assembly user manual. For any other problems you can contact the customer service helpline directly on 0345 6001714

Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill Review

Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill

Brief Summary:

Maximum speed level is 20km per hour - Inclines available up to 18%

Bluetooth connectivity and loud speakers

Motor power 2HP continuous and 4HP peak

Max user weight is 135kg or 21st 4lb

Folds upright for compact storage - Pulse sensors are on the hand grips

8 display functions and 36 programs

Requires home assembly & 1 year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1, What are the heights of the running deck minimum and maximum?

A, The lowest incline is 21.5cm and the highest incline is 32cm at the front of the treadmill from the floor surface

Q2, Who can I contact with any potential problems?

A, You can call the customer help line on 0345 600 1714 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Q3, Are the inclines stated in degrees or percentages?

A, The inclines 0-18% are stated only in percentages – not degrees

Q4, How often does the belt need to be lubricated?

A, As a guide you should apply 4 seconds of spray each side every 2 months depending on level of use

Q5, Are these treadmills compatible with Kinomap?

A, No, these treadmills are not compatible with Kinomap

Q6, How long is the warranty cover?

A, The warranty protection lasts only for 1 year against manufacturing faults

Q7, How heavy is this treadmill for lifting upstairs?

A, 2 people will be required for lifting upstairs as it weighs approximately 103kg

Q8, What distance is stated in the lap increments on the console?

A, The distance here is for 400m race laps on the console

Assembly Parts

Some of the parts that you need to get assembled are the display screen, console housing, console mast covers, a hardware pack, the safety key and you get 2 bottles of lubricant to get you started. Most of the parts that you will need to get assembled are outlined in the image below from the user manual

Pro Fitness T3000 Treadmill Deck Lubrication

When you receive the treadmill, it is already pre-lubricated and you should check it every 2 months by lifting the sides of the running belt to see if traces of silicone spray is present or absent. You should only apply 100% silicone lubricant oil for the running deck and then spray each side for 4 seconds approximately 15cm from the running deck surface. Allow it then to settle for 1 minute before you start it or start running on it to allow it to spread naturally.

Fixings/Fittings for Assembly

When it comes to fittings on the assembly, the type of fitting you will be working on will be the sunk bolts, Allen bolts screws, washers and Allen keys. You won’t need any further tools for the assembly and all of the fittings involved are outlined in the image below.

Treadmill Cleaning

You need to make sure the treadmill is turned off prior to cleaning and make sure not to apply any liquids to the digital LCD screen where you should only use a lightly dampened cloth. Remove sweat and dust residues with a damp cloth after each use and avoid using any chemical solvents. It is recommended to add a mat underneath the treadmill to trap any unwanted dirt or shoe debris.

Pro Fitness T3000 Treadmill Error Codes

One thing you should know about in advance is the potential error codes that may appear on the digital screen such as the ones outlined in the image below. For example, E00 means the safety key is not in the right position, E01 means there is no signal from the console and E02 means there is a problem with the motor communication.

In addition, E05 means there is an over current protector and this can be solved by restarting the treadmill or replacing the motor. All the proposed solutions to these errors are also outlined in the image below…


To help you understand what this treadmill offers against other treadmills, then check out the comparison table provided below when compared versus the Pro Fitness T1000 and the Pro Fitness T2000 Folding treadmills

Metric:Pro Fitness T3000Pro Fitness T1000Pro Fitness T2000
Console settings868
Peak Motor4HP1.25HP3HP
Deck size145 x 51cm125 x 43cm138 x 46cm
Max user weight135kg120kg125kg

Pros for the Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill

1, Finance – although it is quite expensive there is the option of paying for it in 3 equal instalments using PayPal Pay in 3. You pay one third up front, the second third after month 1 and then the last instalment after month 2.

2, Deck Surface – the space you have on this deck allows lots of comfort when it comes to fast pace running and longer strides – extra comfortable and safe!

3, Safety - From a safety perspective, this treadmill conforms to varies safety standards such as BS EN 1SO 20957-1 and BS EN 957-6 home use class (HC) for peace of mind

4, Gym Quality – the premium features, frame, deck and power is somewhat similar to what is offered in a gym in our opinion so you would never have to commute to a gym again or pay for any gym memberships for that matter

5, Ease of Use – the console, features and programs are user-friendly, easy to adjust, set up and manage

6, Multiple Users – this treadmill can cater for multiple users in the home be small families or larger families so you can lose weight get fit in the comfort of your own home without having to worry about traffic or bad weather. If there are 3 adults in the home – that’s 3 gym memberships that can be saved annually – think about it like this when making the investment of this size

Cons for the Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill

1, Price – this treadmill is certainly not for everyone as the price was anywhere from £800 to £1000 when seen at the time of our review so you will need to plan well ahead in advance to finance the cost of it

2, Deliveries – please note that deliveries are only done to ground floor level so please plan in advance if you live in upper floor buildings

3, Uses – this treadmill is only for home use and cannot be used in commercial, rental or business settings

4, Assembly – the assembly part was a little trickier than expected so make sure to allow suffice time and patience for this

5, Fan – the cooling fan doesn’t give the type of results that you would expect but it wasn’t really important to us anyway, you can survive fine without it.

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Price Comparisons

If you feel that this Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill is out of your price league, then you should check out the 2 alternative options provided below that can offer you lower graded and lower priced folding treadmills

Dimensions & Weights

The dimensions to note when assembled is H183cm by W88cm by D132.5cm so make sure you have enough space to cater for this treadmill before you even think about buying it. The folded dimensions when upright are H155cm by W88cm by D119cm and the size of the running deck surface is L145cm by W51cm. The unit itself weighs 90kg (unboxed) and it allows a maximum user weight of 21 stone and 4lbs or 135kg in total

Premium Features

Not only does this treadmill offer 36 programs and 0-18% programmable inclines, you get a host of premium features such as the cooling fan to reduce your sweating, Bluetooth connectivity for your Smart device, loud speakers to keep you highly motivated on the deck for longer and a really powerful motor to back up high intensive cardio workout sessions. The shock absorption on the deck is certainly impressive also and the LCD console screen gives you all the necessary information to keep track of your workouts such as calories, distances, speeds, pulse rates and lap times.

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Would we recommend this treadmill? Yes without any hesitation as it is certainly one of the best home treadmills we have ever used and reviewed. It is hard to fault it in any way to be honest – sure the fan could be better and the assembly needs care and attention but apart from that, this Treadmill is a beast of a machine and we can highly recommend it to the wider public with confidence.

We found the design flawless, it is robust and professional like a gym treadmill and it would be a great addition to any home in our opinion

Community Feedback

Have you ever used the Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill in the past? If so, please educate the wider community by leaving your feedback in the comment box section provided below – so that others can learn about this Treadmill also…

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