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Have you been searching online for a high performance reliable Massage Gun? If so, then make sure to take a scroll down through our review which outlines what we believe are the best Massage Guns that are available in the UK at present that can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free.


We have tested and reviewed over 20 Massage Guns and we have narrowed our results down to our top 6 options in this category which hopefully can give you some direction and give you some ideas to consider when making your own selection. A comparison table is also provided at the end of this page so you can see how the features compare side by side.

Customised Applicator Heads

When you get your Massage gun, you will also get a range of customised applicators that can target specific areas of your body. The Ball shape applicator is suitable for large group muscles such as chest or quad muscles, the Fork shaped applicators can be used for spine, neck and Achilles areas and the Flat surface applicators can be applied to any flat surface on your body.

Deep Tissue

In addition, the Bullet shaped applicators work best on deep tissue therapy or your neck muscles and the Thumbed shape applicators are ideal for hand or feet treatment. Thumb heads work great for soft tissues, u shaped heads are ideal for necks and Achilles and the spade shaped heads work best for feet soles and arm muscle relaxation therapy.

Benefits of Massage Guns

For anyone suffering from muscle stiffness, knots or muscle pains, these Massage guns have proven to be a reliable solution when it comes to pain relief as they promote increased blood circulation in the muscle areas and the promote a faster recovery of both tissue and muscle groups. All you need to do is charge up the battery, choose the appropriate applicator head and apply it to the affected regions for 15 minutes on average per day.

Increased Mobility

That way it will speed up the recovery after high intensity exercises and sport and in turn will increase your mobility and flexibility for your next aerobic sessions. Other benefits you can expect is a release and reduction of lactate in the muscle which in turn helps to enhance the range of motions as well as easing the pain associated to soft tissue damage. Overall you can expect a speed up of recovery, a reduction in inflammations and an increased blood flow to enhance muscle responsiveness to their original state.

Video Tips – Massage Gun Head Selection

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Best Massage Guns in the UK – 6 Recommendations

Option 1: Wattne W2 Muscle Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Brief Overview:

Cordless & Brushless motor

Relief for pain, knots, tissue

Handheld with 20 speeds

Deep tissue massage support

Provides 1200 to 3300 RPM

User friendly LCD touch screen

Lithium ion rechargeable battery

Battery lasts 3 to 8 hours

Battery recharging 2.5 hours

Use for 15 minutes per day

Best Massage Gun Description:

  • Our first recommendation when it comes to Massage Guns is the Wattne W2 Muscle Deep Tissue Massage Gun which comes as a cordless handheld device and includes 6 different application customised heads and 20 speed levels to choose from. These speed levels are ideal for muscle recovery after high intensity aerobic exercises and sports and allow you the flexibility to treat specific areas with the various customised applicators.
  • There are multiple levels of speed available where levels 1 to 5 are used for warm ups, levels 6 to 10 are used for holistic massage relaxation, levels 11 to 15 are used for higher muscle relaxations and the highest levels 16 to 20 are used for fascia, skin tissue and deep muscle massage relaxations. With this, you can use either the auto mode or the manual modes
  • The noise level is quite low at just 30 dB to 50 dB and the motor supplied is a brushless motor to ensure maximum efficiency to last longer than your standard motor. It takes 2.5 hours to charge up the battery and the battery will last anywhere from 3 to 8 hours depending on the speed levels and intensity you are using for your muscle treatments.
  • Included in the pack are 6 applicator heads such as the ball head for large muscles, Fork heads for harder to reach areas (neck, spine, Achilles), Flat heads for flat muscle regions and Bullet heads for deep tissue treatments to mention just a few. They all come as part of a robust carry case so everything can be stored neatly away immediately after use plus it comes covered with a 12 month warranty

Price Guide: Less than £100

Option 2: Fylina Deep Tissue Portable Muscle Massage Gun

Brief Overview:

Electric handheld massager

Works also on deep tissues

Ideal for back, shoulder & neck

6 Applicator head types

Adjustable speed levels x 5

LED battery indicator

Starter to professional modes

Long lasting 4-6 hour battery

AI Intelligent chip motor

Low noise level 45dB

Standard USB charging device

12mm amplitude & 10 minute auto shut off

Best Massage Gun Description:

  • Our next recommendation for Massage guns is the extremely popular Fylina Deep Tissue Portable Muscle Massage Gun which is very highly rated across the UK public and it certainly does not disappoint when it comes to getting results for muscle pain relief and strain relief. Surprisingly enough, this massage gun was priced better than expected and you should be able to get your hands on it for less than £80 when seen at the time of this review
  • You get 6 applicator heads that can work on flat muscles, curved muscles, neck areas, deep tissue treatment, large muscle areas as well as joint regions. Areas that they can access with great results are lower back, ankles, palm of your feet and hand injuries. You also get various indicators such as the speed levels, power button and LED battery indicator so you know in advance when it comes to recharging once again.
  • There are 5 speed levels where they operate at different power levels so you can begin at the starter muscle setting and work on towards stronger relaxations, lactic acid levels and then deep tissue and professional levels. The battery can last from 4 to 6 hours depending on the power settings you use and it takes 2 hours on average to fully recharge it
  • One key advantage for this massage gun is the AI Intelligent motor chip and the pressure feedback system so you know exactly how it should be progressed. For the noise level, it operates with a sound level of 45 dB(A) average which would be the same as an electric toothbrush, it has the aluminium alloy shell design as well as a soft silicone handle and a standard USB charging device. In addition to the massage gun and 6 applicator heads, you get the instructional manual and a portable case to keep everything tidy and in its proper place

Price Guide: Less than £80

Option 3: Aldom Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Brief Overview:

Battery capacity 2400mAh

Noise level 30 to 50 dB(A)

Includes 6 applicator heads

Carry case and manual guide

UK charging socket unit

Battery lasts 8 to 10 hours

30 speed levels available

Frequency 1800-4800 rpm

Four rubber rings provided

Auto heat dissipation

Deep tissue massager

High performance results

Best Massage Gun Description:

  • At number 3 and another extremely popular Massage gun that will not let you down is the Aldom Deep Tissue Massage Gun which is backed with tons of positive reviews and it is certainly a very impressive device with the capability to tackle various muscle aches and strains with the numerous applicator heads provided in the carry case.
  • This massage gun has a slightly more powerful battery namely a 2400mAh lithium ion battery which can work as long as 8 hours on a full charge. The initial charging of the unit lasts for 4 hours after delivery but is lower at 3 hours thereafter. For muscle soreness, muscle aches and muscle stiffness, this massage gun has the ability to increase the blood flow and treat deep tissue injuries that will have you back to your best in no time at all. You will find that muscle fatigue and muscle recovery is improved when used on a consistent basis.
  • Once charged for 3 hours, it will last up to 8 hours and the treatment time for any session is only 15 minutes long. The noise varies depending on the settings applied but range from 30 to 50 dB(A) on average and the 30 speed setting give more than one would need when it comes to relaxing the muscle, provided a gentle massage, fascia restoration, lactic acid decomposition and deep massage professional modes.
  • You get a great selection of 6 applicator heads to tackle both flat muscles and harder to reach muscles such as shoulders, necks and ankles and there is a wide range of frequencies applied that range from 1800 to 4800 pulse per minute. You can also expect to get a brushless motor and a device that is equipped to make you a better you by relieving strains, soothing aches, relaxing muscles and speeding up the recovery process along with deep tissue relief.

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £100

Comparison Table – Massage Guns

To ensure you have all the necessary information for these Massage Guns already outlined, please make sure to check out the comparison table below where you can see all the features side by side…

Massage GunWattne W2Fylina Aldom
Speeds:20 levels5 levels30 levels
Massage heads:666
Avg Noise:30 dB(A)45 dB(A)35 dB(A)
Battery duration:3 – 8 hours4 – 6 hours8 – 10 hours
Battery Charge:2.5 hours2 hours3 hours
Pulse/min:1200 – 3300/min2400 – 3400/min1800 – 4800/min

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Video Tips – Using a Massage Gun for Neck and Shoulders

Final 3 Massage Gun Recommendations

If our first 3 options haven’t met all of your expectations so far, then check out our last 3 recommendations from Core Balance, Milcea and Renpho summarised briefly as follows that tend to be priced at similar levels…

Option 4: Core Balance 6 hour Massage Gun

Main Features to Note

3 colour options blue, black green

Free UK standard deliveries

Available direct from Core Balance

Carry case & 6 applicator heads

Brushless motor included

5 speed settings with 2400 rpm

Battery recharging takes 2 hours

Battery duration is 6 hours

Battery type 2000mAh Li-ion

Speed ranges 1500 to 2400 rpm

Price Guide: Less than £100 @ Core Balance

Option 5: Milcea Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Main Features to Note

Wide speed settings x 30

Helps speed up recovery process

Backs, legs, ankles, necks, arms etc

Aluminium alloy shell design

Lightweight non slip handle

Includes 8 applicator heads

16mm amplitude & digital display

Auto shut off after 10 minutes

Maximum speed level 3300 rpm

2000mAh lit-ion battery for 6 hours

Price Guide: Less than £80 @ Amazon

Option 6: Renpho 3200 RPM Handheld Cordless Massage Gun

Main Features to Note

Excellent positive reviews & results  -Battery Lithium ion 2500mAh

Maximum speed levels up to 3200 rpm

5 different massage applicator heads

Compact size and lightweight design

10 minute timer auto shut down - User manual with portable bag

USB charging cable unit - Non slip silicone grip

Battery lasts up to 6 hours - Shorter 2 hour recharging

Type C quicker charging ability - Multi-vent heat dissipation

More intense sport massager device

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £100

Video Tips – How to use Massage Guns for Shin Splints

Speed level Options

One of the key benefits of having various speed modes is the flexibility of the type of application you can use. For example you can start with the beginner levels as a warm up and then use higher levels for holistic muscle relaxations and sore muscles and the highest levels then for Fascia relaxation and trigger point massage therapy.

Harder to Reach Areas

If you have muscle pains or aches in extremely hard to reach areas, you should ask for support from a friend or sports colleague as they will be able to access these harder to reach areas better than you can. This can particularly be the case when it comes to shoulder injuries or back injuries where you should lay flat on your tummy and allow someone else to apply the applicator heads to the affected muscle areas.

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After completing this review for what we believe are the best Massage Guns in the UK, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and give you some considerations to think about. We have included trusted brands that have numerous years of experience in the sector as well as Massage guns with a wide range of applicator heads, speed levels and overall power levels to ensure your body is back to normal as soon as humanly possible.

Which one would we choose? It’s an extremely difficult decision to be honest as it is difficult to separate them in any major way but our preference would have to be the Fylina Deep Tissue Portable Muscle Massage Gun by just a short margin – further reviews can be double checked below…

Educate Others

Which Massage Gun would you recommend overall? Have you any preferences in particular – if so, why?

Feel free to educate others in the wider UK community by leaving your feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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  1. I have one old massage apparatus gun at home that needs to be replaced as soon as possible as the battery only lasts for less than 1 hour and it can take over 3 hours to charge it – plus it has only one applicator head, so I need to get an upgraded version with more heads. I am impressed by the Fylina portable massage gun and this one looks to offer good value. Many thanks for putting this list together as it has pointed me on the right path, Nina

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