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If you need low priced budget type and cheap Resistance Bands in the UK, then make sure to check out our quick review for what we believe are 5 of the best budget cheap UK Resistance bands that can offer the best value you can get at the lowest possible price levels.


We have avoided several brands that have already received poor reviews and instead stuck to more reliable brands and retailers that you can trust so at least you have some degree of protection when it comes to product band quality and warranties.

Types of Resistance Bands

All of the Resistance bands from this list are made from durable high quality Latex which should last you for a number of years before it starts to lose its elasticity. These bands for resistance can help you tone up and strengthen your muscle groups while also helping people recover from injuries or torn ligaments. The sets on offer can offer different degrees of tensile strength and they are usually colour coded for ease of use and identification.

Muscle Groups

One of the main benefits for these Resistance bands is the varied use of muscles it can target – you can focus in your glutes, your upper arms, leg muscles and back muscles as well as stomach muscles so this accessory can be adapted and integrated into your fitness journey quite easily. They can also be used to assist you with torn ligaments or physical therapy requirements or injured muscles to get you back to your normal physique once again.

Video Demo – Beginners Guide to Resistance Bands

Resistance Band Sets

Included in our mix of low priced Resistance bands are a small selection of Resistance band sets which offers 5 different bands in the sets with colour coded degrees of difficulty. These are ideal when you want to start off with a lighter levels of resistance and then working your way towards more difficult levels of resistance once you get the hang of it.

These sets come in a handy carry case which can be used to bring them to your local classes or workouts or when you want to store them away neatly after use.

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Cheap Resistance Bands UK – 5 Recommendations

Option 1: Pro Fitness 22mm Resistance Band

Main Features in Summary:

Ideal for resistance training & recovery

Also assists with sports injuries

Made from durable stretched latex

Diameter of band is 2.2cm

Maximum user weight 15st 10Ibs (100kg)

Length of band is 104cm & depth 0.45cm

Backed with 1 year warranty

Price Guide: Less than £15 @ Argos

Option 2: Pro Fitness 13mm Resistance Band

Main Features in Summary:

Budget solution ideal for bargain hunters

Tends to be on sale for less than £10

Workout resistance or assist injuries

Narrower resistance band 1.3cm

Height is 104cm and depth 4.5mm

Also made from durable stretch Latex

Covered with a 1 year warranty

Price Guide: Less than £10 @ Argos

Video demo 2 – Example 10 Minute Resistance Band workout

Option 3: Gritin Set of 5 Short Resistance Bands

Main Features in Summary:

Looped exercise resistance band set

5 different resistance levels to choose from

Green is light, Blue is medium, Yellow is heavy

Red is extra heavy and black is extra core heavy

Made from natural latex ingredients

Offers high elasticity and is recyclable

Dimensions 600x50mm (depth varies by colour)

Thickness varies from 0.35mm to 1.2mm

Includes a small carry case for the gym or storing

Made from high quality durable Latex

Warranty tends to be 1 year only

Price Guide: Less than £20

Option 4: Omeril Set of 5 Short Resistance Bands

Main Features in Summary:

Highly popular budget resistance band set

Available in red and multi-colours also

This set comes in mixed light to dark purples

Can be on offer for less than £10 on occasion

The darker the colour, the higher the resistance

Skin friendly short loop bands with carry bag

Used for glutes, arms, legs, bum & injuries

Made from natural eco-friendly latex

Ideal for balance training and squats

Suitable for beginners and advanced levels

Warranty protection lasts for 24 months

Price Guide: Less than £20

Option 5: Core Balance Medium Resistance Band

Main Features in Summary:

Available directly from Core Balance UK - Made from natural eco-friendly Latex

Free UK standard deliveries (2 to 5 working days)

30 day hassle free returns policy available - Back up support available 0345 519 1599

Options to buy wider sets also or single bands

Black band resistance is 10kg to 30kg - Other colours range from 7kg to 56kg

Band thickness 0.4cm and width 2.1cm - Offers a medium level of resistance

Supports press ups and hammer curls - Can be stretched to 3 times its length

Warranty duration is 12 months minimum

Price Guide: Less than £12 @ Core Balance UK

Assisting With Rehabilitation

One thing that resistance bands are great for is assisting you on your rehabilitation journey as it can help build you build up specific muscle core regions or areas that have been injured.

They can also be helpful when it comes to joint mobility or releasing stressed joints that need to be exercised and released as you can stretch them as far as you want without having to go beyond any pain thresholds. Another key advantage is the lightweight design of these accessories as they can be packed in your bag quite easily and they can be stored away neatly after use.

Video demo 3 – Workout Tips with Resistance Bands

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After compiling this short list of cheap Resistance bands, we hope our work here can give you some direction and ideas to consider when it comes to making any final decisions. We have included Resistance bands for less than £10, a selection of Resistance band sets with colour codes as well as medium single resistance bands so there should be something here that can cater for your needs.

Which one would we choose? For a more varied Resistance band selection, it would have to be the Core Balance bands outlined earlier and further information along with today’s updated price tag can be double checked below…

Educate Others

Which Resistance band on this list would you prefer? Or have you anything positive or negative to report about Resistance Bands in general?

If possible, please feel free to educate others in the wider UK community by leaving your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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