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After reviewing other branded massage guns, we decided we would also complete an Aldom Massage Gun review which you should take a quick look through if you are considering buying one over the next few days. This Aldom Massage gun review will outline all the key features that it has to offer you along with the main advantages and disadvantages that we came across so you will have a clearer idea if this massage gun will meet all your expectations or not. To answer some of the possible queries that you may have, we have included a short FAQ session in addition to 2 video insert demo’s which will give you a better overview of what this Massage gun from Aldom is all about.

Massage Gun Placement

When you are using this Aldom massage gun, you should avoid applying it to impact joints, tendons or bones and use it strictly and specifically for muscle regions only. If the skin has poor sensations or has any open wounds, then these areas must be avoided also along with any cancer type lesion or scabs under recovery.

Tailor Made Applicator Heads

Included in the package of this Massage gun from Aldom are 6 tailor made application heads designed to treat specific muscle types and muscle angles. Tapered heads are designed for plantar, palms and shoulders while the round head can be used on your buttock, legs and your back. The U shaped applicator is geared towards the spinal territory and neck, the thumb head for softer tissues and the spade designed head can target whole muscles flat across your chest, legs or arms.

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Video Insert – Aldom Massage Gun Introduction

Overview for the Aldom Massage Gun

Speed Levels:Up to 30 speed levels
Applicators:6 head applicators
Strokes:1.8k to 4.8k per minute
Battery usage:Average 8 hours
Best Place to buy:Amazon UK – Check Stock Availability Here

Aldom Massage Gun FAQ’s

Q1. How long does it takes to recharge the Aldom battery?

A. It takes 3 hours on average to fully recharge this battery

Q2. How do you know the battery level power remaining?

A. The base of the unit will either be green (fully charged), orange (half way) or red (depleted)

Q3. Will these massage guns cure me of cellulite?

A. No, it will only provide a temporary fix and not a permanent solution

Q4. How loud is the lower settings?

A. The noise level on the lower setting is 30 dB(A) but will increase to 50 dB(A) on the higher settings

Q5. What settings are best to use for the neck muscle?

A. It is recommended that you only use the lower settings 1 to 3 for the neck muscle areas.

Q6. What warranty guarantee is provided for this massage gun?

A. When you buy an Aldom massage gun, you can expect to get a 12 month warranty guarantee (seller dependant)

Aldom Massage Gun Features & Price Levels

Aldom Deep Tissue Brushless Motor Massage Gun

Features Overview:

Relieves muscle soreness, aches

Supports stiffness and blood flows - Tackles lactic acid and recoveries

6 applicator head options

Lithium ion battery 2400mAh - Takes 3 hours to recharge

Battery duration 8 to 10 hours

30 speed levels to choose from - Offers 1.8k to 4.8k RPM

24V Brushless motor design - Initial charging for 4 hours

12 month warranty cover

Aldom Massage Gun Description:

  • This popular Massage gun available in the UK from Aldom is one of the best sellers in this category and comes with a higher level of speed level options to work through than most other massage guns. If a higher number of speed levels is what you need, then you don’t need to look much further than this massage gun model. The power indicators is at the base of the unit with colour codes green orange and red so you know in advance when the device needs to be recharged once again.
  • There are 30 specified speed levels, it operates as a cordless electrical battery device and it supports tension relief for your muscles as well as muscle aches, muscle soreness and reduce stiffness and muscle knots. You get 6 applicator heads to deal with different muscle sizes and angles such as the round head, flat head, taper head and thumb head designs.
  • The battery power here is on the higher end of the scale with the lithium ion 2400mAh battery offering 8 to 10 hours of battery usage time depending on the speed settings you are using. Upon delivery, you will need to plan 4 hours for the initial battery charge and it tends to be a 3 hour recharge thereafter. The level of pulses you get range from 1.8k to 4.8k per minute so you can start on the lower settings until you get accustomed to it and then work your way to the higher settings over time.
  • Included with the package is a high quality and robust portable case which can store all the parts and applicator heads away neatly after you have finished or even when you need to bring it to work or your local gym. The LCD display is located at the back of the unit and you have the buttons either side to adjust the speed and pulses per minute

Price Guide: Usually less than £100

Guide on Speed Levels

As there are so many speed levels available for this Massage gun, the lower speed of 1 to 5 can be used just for the initial muscle relaxing while levels 6 to 10 give more of a gentle massage. Once you go beyond level 10, it gets more intense for lactic acid decomposition, fascia relaxation and a more deeper massage muscle treatment. For the highest speed settings, it will be geared towards higher intensity muscle treatments suitable for elite athletes and professionals alike.

What’s in the Box?

When the package is delivered, you can expect to get all 6 applicator massage heads, the portable carry case, a UK charging device and 4 rubber rings. The massage gun itself fits snugly into the case plus you get a manual instruction booklet that you should definitely read before you start using it. The weight of the unit is approx. 1kg only and the noise level associated to the power settings range from 30 dB(A) up to 50 dB(A)

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Pros for the Aldom Massage Gun

  • Works great for both athletes and non-athletes to help recovery from muscle aches, fatigue, stiffness, knots, tightness and increase blood flow circulations
  • You can massage treat your own muscles in the comfort of your own home without having the cost and hassle associated to booking appointments.
  • The quality and power of the battery here is more powerful than you would expect and is on the higher end when it comes to massage gun models
  • Battery usage time can be as long as 10 hours which is one of the longest timeframes available once fully recharged
  • The motor used here is a brushless high torque motor to ensure the best possible outcome and efficiency in usage and performance.
  • The colour coded battery indicator is a useful guide on power levels and it is a lightweight design which is manageable when it comes to possible hand fatigue

Cons for the Aldom Massage Gun

  • There appears to be a lack of customer service backup available specifically in the UK for any potential issues that may need to be followed up on
  • While having a larger number of speed levels is great on one side of the argument, it can be however slightly laborious going through them all – would question the need for so many speed levels
  • The noise level is on par with many others but the higher speed settings may prove to be too loud for some users.
  • Care and attention is needed with the applicator heads to avoid tendons, bones and joints.
  • Lacks the ability to use the auto and manual modes seen with other branded massage guns.
  • Minor reports about batteries not charging properly after a few months which should be noted – plus the depth of the stroke will not suit everything such as tighter smaller muscles

Video Insert – Closer look at the Aldom Massage Gun

Comparison Table – Massage Guns

To see how the Aldom massage gun compares against other brands in the market, then check out the comparison table provided below.

Massage GunAldomWattne W2Fylina
Speeds:30 levels20 levels5 levels
Massage heads:666
Avg Noise:35 dB(A)30 dB(A)45 dB(A)
Battery duration:8 – 10 hours3 – 8 hours4 – 6 hours
Battery Charge:3 hours2.5 hours2 hours
Pulse/min:1800 – 4800/min1200 – 3300/min2400 – 3400/min

Auto Shut off System

To prevent any potential overheating or if you forget to turn off the device, you should know that there is an auto shut off feature with this massage gun where it will always shut down automatically after 10 minutes. This helps to conserve the battery charge and in turn be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The power of the 2400mAh battery can last 8 hours on a full charge so having the 10 minute auto shut off built in provides you with some extra peace of mind.

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Our Conclusion

After using this massage gun for over a week, would we recommend it? It certainly has all the power you need and more for muscle stiffness, knots and aches and it helped to relieve the pain somewhat especially in the hamstrings so yes we would recommend it. Some isolated cases have been reported about the battery not charging properly or the battery connections not working as they should be but these were not experienced by us – time will tell how it performs in the months ahead but starting off it has worked exactly as expected.

For the power settings, you may get a little more than you bargained for on certain muscle regions so you should start on the lower settings rather than jumping into the higher end straight away until you get accustomed to it. The portable case is great to keep all the bits organised and tidy after use and having the 12 month warranty cover provides protection for your investment. Further images, reviews and updated prices can be double checked out below…

Community Feedback

Have you ever used an Aldom Massage Gun before? Did it provide any relief for any of your own muscle problems?

Feel free to educate others in the UK community by leaving your feedback in the comment box section below…

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