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Greetings once more and welcome to this V-Fit Treadmill review which will only take a few minutes of your time.

5 Treadmill Models

If you are looking to buy a treadmill under the V-Fit brand in the coming days, then make sure to check out this brief compilation comparison review of 5 models which will outline which model can best suit your own individual set of needs. Our objective here is also to review all the main features that each of them has to offer and outline some pros and cons related to each that will be of interest to you.

Comparison Chart

The summary chart which is outlined at the end of this review will compare their main functions plus also how they compare to various other models and brands across the industry.

Treadmill Review Overview:

Brand V-Fit Treadmills
Model5 models in the range
Price Range:Approx £100 up to £700 (at the time of this review)
Best Price:Amazon UK - View Today's Price Here
Orders OnlineYes, orders accepted online mostly with free deliveries
DeliveriesLocation dependant – Generally within 1 to 5days

V-Fit Treadmill Review – 5 Model Compilation:

1, The V-fit Fit-Start Motorised Treadmill - TR043

Overview of Features:

  • The first model under this review is the V-fit Fit-Start Motorised Treadmill reference number TR043 which is considered to be one of the more basic models in the range and also one of the lower priced options (though not the cheapest)
  • This treadmill offers a variable 7% elevation and a 3 setting fixed incline, a console for keeping track of the standard parameters such as speed, distance, time etc and operates off a lower power level of 1 HP continuous motor.
  • The maximum user weight allowed here is 100kg and can be folded for storage and it also gives you 4 programmes to choose from and includes the pulse sensors as standard. There are also 6 display functions available on the console to view.
  • In addition, the deck size here comes in at 120cm by 40cm and the price is generally in the £280 to $320 region which can be double checked through the 3 reliable channels below.


  • Perfect for starters who prefer lighter type workouts such as brisk walking or light jogging
  • Attractive entry point price tag with no expensive addons which makes it affordable in many homes.
  • For a smaller sized treadmill, it still has the ability to handle 100kg user weight


  • Limited to maximum speed of just 8km/hr – if you wish to run faster – then please skip to the models below
  • One of the smallest run decks here so people who need larger decks will be disappointed.
  • Limited inclines available which are quite basic
  • Although not the best in this range, it will tick many boxes for people due to the lower price tag, the basic functions it can cover well and also the easy folding and storage capabilities.


2, The V-fit Programmable Pro Power Treadmill - PT143

Overview of Features:

  • The next model in this review is the upper premium and higher priced -fit PT143 Programmable Pro Power Treadmill which is more geared toward the more serious athletes rather than the casual walkers or joggers.
  • What you get here is a higher performance, larger and more sturdier treadmill that can allow for a max user weight of 130kg, works off a motor continuous power level of 1.75 HP, includes the 15% elevation inclines and 18 separate programmes.
  • The speed level here is higher also at 18 km/hr and it also has 13 display functions on the console to monitor your workouts more closely such as bodyfat, pulse, speed, times, weights, heights and incline levels.
  • Please note also that the incline here is also programmable, it has a run deck size of 135 by 45cm wide and the price region can vary quite a bit and the last time we checked it was seen on sale in the £950 to £999 region. Stock levels if interested can be viewed through the icons below.


  • Includes the unique shock-absorbing flexi-deck with powered inclines
  • Operates at a higher speed level of 18 km/hr which is line with the Roger Black Platinum and the Adidas T16 to mention just a few.
  • More display functions and programmes to work with and choose from


  • Price level tends to be too high for many buyers – unless they save for a considerable amount of time
  • Smaller deck size than the Adidas T16 /Reebok Jet 300


3, The V-Fit Motorised Folding Programmable Treadmill - PT141

Overview of Features:

  • Up next under the V-Fit brand is the V-Fit Motorised Folding Programmable Treadmill model number PT141 and this is priced considerably lower than the PT143 making it more affordable for the average household.
  • One thing that is included here also is the Hi-Torque and shock absorbing running decks to allow a more comfortable workout and reduce the impact on your joints. The power level operates from a 1.75 HP motor and you still get 18 pre-set programmes to choose from.
  • There is the MP3 connection included also to listen to whatever music that motivates you, the maximum speed level it can operate at is 12 km/hr and for added protection there is the magnetic T-Key auto stop safety mechanism.
  • Also, there are 8 display functions which include the body fat, time, speed etc and there are 3 level inclines to work with which are changed manually. Price wise it tends to be around the £450 to £500 which can be double checked again below


  • Much more affordable price range though still not the cheapest.
  • Strong powder coated finish which is chip resistant
  • 18 programmes are provided to choose from
  • Includes the shock absorbing flexi deck to reduce the impact level


  • Speed levels here for the PT141 is 2km/hr slower than the PT142 and 4 km/hr slower than the PT143.
  • User weight allowed here is 10kg less than PT142 and 30kg less than the PT143
  • Lower levels of inclines available


4, The V-Fit Programmable Power Treadmill - PT142

Overview of Features:

  • Next up on this review is model number PT142 under the V-Fit brand and this version is slightly more expensive than the PT141 to the tune of £50 to £100 depending where you look but is well warranted if you have the extra money to spend.
  • There is the impact and shock absorbing flexi deck again and 12 user programmes to choose from. The console for this model has 6 display functions which outlines calories burnt, pulse readings, time taken, speed and distances travelled.
  • In addition, you get the 12% elevation and the power level available here is the 1.75 HP continuous motor. The deck size is reasonably sized coming in at 130 by 41cm and allows a maximum user weight of 110kg.
  • Please note also that the maximum speed level you can work out at is 14 km/hr and the price level when last seen at the time of this review ranged from £500 up as far as £650 which again can be double checked through the icons provided below.


  • Faster than the PT141 by 2 km/hr and can accommodate extra 10kg user weight.
  • Also, faster than the TR043 by 6 km/hr
  • 20kg lighter than the PT143 which makes it a lot easier to move around your home and fold away


  • Slower level of speed than the PT143 by 4 km/hr
  • Smaller deck size than the PT143 by 5cm x 4cm


5, The V-Fit Self-Powered Manual Folding Treadmill - MTT1

Overview of Features:

  • The last model on this list for review is the much lower priced entry point V-Fit Self-Powered Folding Treadmill model number MTT1 and is generally for people who need to work of the lowest budget possible.
  • There are 8 functions on the LCD monitor, it has the pre-set fixed incline of 8% and wheels for easier transportation around your home.
    The user weight maximum allowance is 100kg and when assembled comes in with a dimension of 125cm L by 63cm W by 136cm H and please note that this is a manual self powered treadmill so no motor is included.
  • To get it started you need to push pressure against the handles and then add additional backward pressure with your feet on the deck until you achieve a gradual increase in pace.
  • Overall this is only an entry level treadmill not suitable for people who need a motorised version and can be bought for as low as £100 to £200 when I last seen it on sale and can be checked below through the 3 channels if you interested in taking a quick look.


  • Price level is one of the lowest we have seen – very hard to beat.
  • Only weighs 21kg which is significantly lighter than any other models on this list
  • Includes an 8% fixed incline and includes the wheels for easy transportation
  • Tools are included with the delivery for home assembly which is quite easy with a detailed manual
  • No power supply is needed – only 2 batteries for the screen so you save on your electricity bill


  • Poor level of customer feedback and reviews and of course no motor and no speed settings
  • No incline settings to choose from – only 1 is available
  • Running deck is extremely small – not suitable for serious cardio workouts.
  • LCD screen is very basic with limited functions and requires AA batteries. This model certainly wouldn’t tick any of my boxes and would be ideal only for people who enjoy light jogging/walking exercises.
  • Many people struggle with the belt tightness and keeping control of your running instead of slipping.
  • Some struggle in getting it started manually so you need to be careful not to slip.


Comparison Table

A quick summary is also outlined below for the 5 models plus a comparison against 5 other models in the industry that may be of interest so make sure to check these out also…

Model:Motor:Speed:Weight:User Weight:Run Deck:
V-fit Fit-Start TR0431 HP1-8 km/hr38kgMax 100kg120 by 40cm
V-fit Pro Power PT1431.75 HP1-18 km/hr75kgMax 130kg135 by 45cm
V Fit Motorised PT1411.75 HP1-12 km/hr46kgMax 100kg120 by 42cm
V Fit Power PT1421.75 HP1-14 km/hr55kgMax 110kg130 by 41cm
V-Fit MTT1N/AN/A21kgMax 100kg100 by 30cm
Roger Black Easy Fold Auto Incline1 HP 1 - 13 km/hr51kgMax 110kg121 by 41cm
Roger Black Platinum1.75 HP 1 - 18 km/hr74kgMax 135kg135 by 46.5cm
Roger Black Gold Plus1.25 HP 1 - 16 km/hr61kgMax 120kg125 by 45cm
Adidas T162.75 HP1 - 18 km/hr90kgMax 130kg152 by 51cm
Reebok One GT40S2 HP1 - 16 km/hr75kgMax 110kg130 by 43cm
Reebok Jet 3002.5 HP1 - 20 km/hr87kgMax 140kg150 by 51cm
Reebok ZR102 HP1 - 18 km/hr85kgMax 120kg132 by 45cm
BodyTrain Master 8008B3 HP1 - 18 km/hr96kgMax 150kg136 by 50cm


Have you used any of these Treadmills before?

Your feedback and experiences would be greatly appreciated by the community – Please help the UK wider community by sharing your own experiences of the V-Fit treadmill range by leaving your opinions in the comment section below – So that other people in the UK can learn also!


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  1. So many different types and such an easy way to see which one suits me the best. Great work and a quick note to say thanks for the review. The manual option certainly won’t be the one for me but the PT141 looks perfect and the price is very reasonable. A close second for me is the TR043 but I reckon the PT141 will be a better fit for me overall.

  2. Hi John, Looking into Treadmills and thanks for you various reviews.
    I cannot find power supply (battery/mains) or wattage information on the specifications for any of the various models.These have implications for location and energy consumption. Can you advise? Thank, Tim

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