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Do you need to learn more about the JTX Exercise Bikes? If so, then please make sure to check out this JTX Exercise Bike review which will cover the range of exercises bikes on sale at JTX Fitness and it will include all the key features, dimensions, video insert demos and warranty information so you can decide for yourself if indeed these are the Exercise bikes for you or not.

Further Comparisons

You can also compare the prices of the lower priced JLL and Reebok exercise bikes further down on this page if you feel these Exercise bikes are out of your price range. This review will cover the lower priced JTX Cyclo 3 Indoor Racer bike all the way up to the more expensive premium high intensity JTX Mission Air bike so at least you have more than just one option when it comes to making any final decisions.

Accurate Pricing

As price guides can only be published at the time of this review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information and also make sure to spend some time watching the video inserts that will give you a better understanding of what these exercise bikes from JTX Fitness are all about.

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Exercise Bike Overview

Supplier:JTX Fitness Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex
Opening Hours:Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm
Support:Customer service can be emailed info@jtxfitness.com
Warranty:Varies based on model in question - view chart below
Best place to buy: JTX Fitness – View updated prices here

Location of JTX Fitness in the UK

This company JTX Fitness are based in Shoreham By Sea in West Sussex and the exact location of their premises can be viewed using the google map insert below

JTX Exercise Bike Range Dimensions

To make sure that you know all the various dimensions involved with the JTX Exercise bike range, feel free to check out the dimension comparison table below where you can see how all the dimensions for these bikes compare side by side. The lengths vary from 101cm up to 132cm and the widths vary from 51cm up to 61cm.

Exercise Bike:LengthWidth
Cyclo Go101cm59cm
Cyclo 3120cm51cm
Cyclo 5128cm61cm
Cyclo 6124cm54cm
Cyclo Studio132cm51cm
Mission Air Bike122.5cm55cm

JTX Exercise Bike Range Review

At the time of this review, there are 6 different exercise bikes on sale with JTX Fitness and a brief summary of their key features are summarised below.

Option 1: JTX Cyclo 3 Indoor Racer Bike

Exercise Bike Overview

Infinity resistance with belt driven flywheel - Pulse sensors for tracking heart rates

Flywheel weight 17kg and 6 tracking parameters

Dimensions 120cm long x 51cm wide x 101cm high

Padded seat and handlebars are adjustable - Maximum user weight guide 140kg

Tracking stats LCD monitor screen - Includes toe clip pedals with 3 piece crank

Minimum user height is 5 foot 3 inches

10 year frame and 1 year repair warranty

Price Guide: £350 to £450 @ JTX Fitness

Option 2: JTX Cyclo Go Indoor Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike Overview

Handle bars can be adjusted vertically - Pulse sensors integrated for tracking heart rates

Size dimensions 101cm long by 59cm wide

Includes 21 exercise programs and 11kg flywheel - Heart rate training programs also included

Saddle is 2 way adjustable plus 16 resistance levels

Includes front roller castor wheels for mobility - Operates with an electromagnetic resistance system

Polar receiver can be used for tracking pulse rates

Warranty is 5 years on the frame and 2 years repair

Price Guide: Also £350 to £450 level

Video Insert: Overview of the JTX Cyclo 3 Exercise Bike

Video Insert: Overview of the JTX Cyclo Go Home Exercise Bike

Option 3: JTX Cyclo 6 Indoor Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike Overview

Premium high spec and high tech exercise bike

Provides you with a high intensity workout - Ideal for people seeking higher calorie workouts

Heavy and large 22kg flywheel and LCD monitor screen - Size dimensions are 54cm wide by 124cm long

Both handles and the saddle are 2 way adjustable

Infinity resistance knob controller with programs - Excellent smooth and low noise level rides

SPD clip in pedals, hill workouts and app connectivity

Warranty is lifetime on the frame and 2 years repairs

Price Guide: £500 to £600 @ JTX Fitness

Option 4: JTX Cyclo 5 Upright Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike Overview

Gym quality exercise bike for home use - Superior frame, design and results driven

Includes 19 programs and 12 fitness workouts - Also 16 resistance levels and a 17kg flywheel

Saddle can be adjusted for all people heights

Warranty is lifetime frame and 3 year home repairs

Size dimensions are 128cm long by 61cm wide - Comfortable saddle and handlebar grips

Excellent design to achieve superior training

Bluetooth connectivity to Kinomap apps

Price Guide: Tends to be £600 to £700 level

Video Insert: Overview of the JTX Cyclo 5 Upright Exercise Bike

Video Insert: Overview of the JTX Cyclo 6 Home Exercise Bike

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Higher Priced JTX Exercise Bikes

If you have more money to spend, then you should consider 2 higher priced Exercise bikes from JTX summarised briefly as follows. Both of these will set you back over £750 when seen at the time of this review but they are certainly worth it for those of you who need a higher tier exercise bike to give you the ultimate cardio sessions to help lose weight, tone up, build endurance and burn higher levels of calories for your training workout sessions

Option 5: JTX Cyclo Studio Indoor Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike Overview

Gym quality studio exercise bike with castor wheels - Can be used at home or commercially

Helps to brings your fitness to the next level - Infinity resistance control and 25kg flywheel

Adjustable handlebars and saddle with drink rack - Pulse sensors built in to track heart rates

Size dimensions are 51cm wide by 132cm long

Heavy duty design with superb stability and smoothness

High quality max traction flywheel plus tablet holder

Advanced training programs and LCD tracking monitor

Unit weight is 70kg and max user weight is 160kg - Warranty is 3 year home and 1 year commercial

Price Guide: £750 to £850 @ JTX Fitness

Option 6: JTX Mission Air Resistance Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike Overview

Bike with an air resistance belt driven fan - Includes 8 programs to choose from

Size dimensions are 55cm wide by 122.5cm long - LCD monitor screen for key statistics

Designed and built for intensive workouts

Ideal for HIIT training and CrossFit training - Helps to build and maintain endurance levels

Durable 3 piece crank plus transport wheels

Bike weight is 63.5kg with max user weight 110kg - Various HIIT options within the 8 programs

Push and pull handles for upper body arm workouts

Warranty protection is 2 years home repair

Price Guide: Also £750 to £850 level

Video Insert: Overview of the JTX Cyclo Studio Exercise Bike

Video Insert: How to assemble a JTX Exercise Bike

Brand Price Comparisons

At this point, if you feel that the JTX Fitness Exercise bikes are too expensive for you or out of your price league, then make sure to check out and compare the prices from 2 other brands namely JLL and Reebok which are considerably lower priced and are ideal for people who need to work with a lower type budget cost level

Resistance and Weight information Guide

For easier viewing and comparisons on resistances, flywheels and weights, make sure to view this comparison table below where you can see how they all compare side by side. There is no flywheel on the last option as it is an Air Fan resistance exercise bike and the maximum user weight guide is considerably lower than the other Cyclo range exercise bikes

JTX Bike:ResistanceFlywheelUser weight:Bike weight:
Cyclo GoInfinity17kgMax 140kg42kg
Cyclo 316 levels11kgMax 140kg34kg
Cyclo 5Infinity22kgMax 150kg63kg
Cyclo 616 levels17kgMax 150kg63kg
Cyclo StudioInfinity25kgMax 160kg70kg
Mission Air BikeInfinityFanMax 110kg63.5kg

Warranty Protection

The warranties provided on each bike varies considerably so it is important that you know in advance what warranty protection is provided for each exercise bike. There is warranty cover from a commercial point of view on the Cyclo Studio exercise bike and a lifetime warranty cover on the frame for both the Cyclo 5 and Cyclo 6 Exercise bikes.

Exercise Bike:Repair WarrantyFrame Warranty
Cyclo Go1 year10 years
Cyclo 32 years5 years
Cyclo 52 yearsLifetime
Cyclo 63 yearsLifetime
Cyclo Studio3 years home / 1 year commercialLifetime home / 1 year commercial
Mission Air Bike2 years2 years

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After completing this review of the JTX Exercise bikes, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and perhaps give you some direction on what steps you should take. We have given an overview of the 6 Exercises bikes in the range, various comparison tables, video demo’s, warranty information and resistance and weights information so you should have a better idea what to expect if you decide to go ahead and buy one.

Which one would we buy? Without doubt, our preference would have to be the Cyclo Studio Indoor exercise bike that offers everything that you need and more for intensive workout cardio sessions and further information along with reviews and updated prices can be double checked below

JTX Exercise Bike Community Feedback

Have you ever used these JTX Fitness Exercise Bikes yourself in the past? Did it meet all of your expectations or were you disappointed in any way?

If possible, feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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