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Many thanks again for taking the time to visit – If you are considering buying a Fitness Club Treadmill in the coming days or weeks - then make sure to check out this detailed Fitness Club Treadmill review which will outline everything you need to know about both the manual version and also the motorised model so at least you have more than one choice when it comes to making a final decision.


This review will outline all the main features that both of them have to offer, the pros and cons and also a number of frequently asked questions about these treadmills that will be of interest to you along with a summary of the main features that they have to offer.

Please note that at the time of this review, guide prices can be submitted only as prices can change slightly from month to month so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you get the most accurate up to date price information.

Treadmill Review Overview:

Models:Manual & Motorised
Price Levels:Approx £80 to £200 (at the time of this review)
Cheapest Place to Buy:Amazon - View Available Stocks Here
Orders Online:Yes, Orders Accepted Online
Deliveries:Location dependant, tends to be 1 to 14 working days (Pre-Orders)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are there batteries included in the manual version?
A. No, batteries need to be bought separately

Q. Do you need to hold the handles with the manual treadmill?
A. Yes, it is needed to keep overall stability

Q. How do you adjust the slope incline for the manual?
A. You need to adjust the key to the different slope pin or holes manually

Q. Can pets used the manual treadmill?
A. No, it cannot be used for pets

Q. Can you run on the manual treadmill?
A. As it is not motorised, it should be used for light walking first until you get the hang of it and then progress to brisk walking. If you start jogging hold onto the bars at all times for your safety and reduce to walking pace if you start to lose control.

Q. How fast is the motorised version?
A. The maximum speed capability of the motorised model is 10 km/hr

Fitness Club Treadmill Review - 2 Models

1, The Fitnessclub Folding Manual Treadmill

Quick Overview:

  • First up for review under this list is the Fitnessclub Folding Manual Treadmill which does not include a motor and tends to be available as a pre-ordered item only which can add a significant delay to delivery time but is worth the wait if you need to get a treadmill at the lowest possible price level.
  • As the title states, this is a manual treadmill so there is no motor to push the belt so you need to lean forward and push your feet backward to get the initial movement and momentum and then take it from there. There is also the incline cardio Fitness running settings and also the height slope is adjustable for more strenuous workouts.
  • There is a small easy to read LED display screen which can outline the speed levels, distances travelled, times taken, calories used up and also the scan. It also states that it has a high precision wear resistant running belt that can stand the test of time and there are the comfortable handlebars to allow you to keep balance while providing comfort to both your hands and the weight comes in at just 14kg.
  • There is a slope adjustment that can be done manually, the arm height can be adjusted also, it has the transport wheels which allow you easily move it around your home and of course it can be neatly folded away after use. It is made from premium alloy and the price range tends to be in the £80 to £100 when last seen on sale and can be double checked below if you wish.


  • One of the cheapest prices around – ideal for people looking for a bargain and it has a very simple assembly process – takes only a few minutes.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to the motorised versions and saves you money on your electricity and home power costs and very compact when folded away.
  • Never have to worry about motors getting damaged or burnt out – one less headache to worry about and it has the high precision wear resistant running belt
  • Can easily be folded away to save you living space when not in use and is made from strong and sturdy construction.
  • Lightweight machine coming in at just 14kg so ideal for people looking for something easy to move around and you need to get the momentum going yourself by pushing which can burn more calories.
  • Ideal for people who wish to do a light walk indoors when the weather outside doesn’t permit it.


  • Not always readily available in stock as it needs to be pre-ordered in advance so waiting and delivery times can be a lot longer than one would expect and no batteries are included which need to purchased separately.
  • No motor so you need to get the treadmill belt going manually all by yourself which can be tricky enough for some people.
  • Not suitable for people looking for a piece of equipment for hardcore training sessions – once you get the belt going it can be difficult to keep the belt going consistently at the speed level you wish.
  • LED display is quite small and very basic but that’s the level you get for the amount of money to have to spend. Plus its states 150kg max weight where it is more like 100kg in our opinion
  • You need to hold the handlebars at all times for your own safety.
  • Overall if you are looking for a basic treadmill for walking only at the lowest possible price then this may work for you. If you want a treadmill for light or brisk jogging or more intense workouts, then try to save more and pay the price for a motorised version as manual treadmills are not for everyone and they are very limited in what they can do.




2, The Fitnessclub Folding Electric Motorised Treadmill

Quick Overview:

  • The second model under this review is the Fitnessclub Folding Electric Motorised Treadmill which is a lot more expensive than the manual option outlined above but is very competitively priced against other motorised treadmills under different brands in the industry.
  • Like the manual option, this model needs to be pre-ordered so delivery times can be difficult to determine, it operates from a rated power of 500W and has a rated voltage of 220 to 240V which gives a lower level of noise output. There is a bottle holder included, it has a fixed incline of 10% and allows a maximum user weight allowance of 100kg
  • It can also be folded easily, it has the textured non-slip tread belt and also the sturdy metal frame. There is also the easy to read LED computer display screen which outlines the scan, speed levels, times, travelled distances and calories burned so you can track your training session easily. There are the hydraulic arms to lock the unit into place when folded and there are the transport wheels included for easier movement within your home.
  • For your safety, there is the red safety key which can easily clamp to your clothes in cases of emergency, the size to take note of is 120cm by 60cm by 120cm and the price region when last seen on sale tended to be in the £170 to £220 bracket which again can be double checked below. It also has 12 programs to choose from.


  • Includes the motor so at least you don’t need to hold the handlebars at all times like the manual and also the bottle holder is in place to keep you saturated and prevent dehydration.
  • Has the fold up option to save you space when not in use and includes the free twist plate EU power adaptor.
  • Provides a red safety key which can be attached to your clothes in cases of emergencies and 12 automatic programs available to choose from.
  • User friendly LCD screen which is easy to operate and view your progress.
  • Simple assembly process and will only take a few minutes of your time and the noise level is a lot lower than one would expect.


  • Needs to pre-ordered so delivery times can vary quite a lot and assembly instructions could be a lot better – be prepared to lay everything out in advance and plan it carefully and do it slowly to avoid any mistakes.
  • Folding option does not include the soft drop technology and is not suitable for anyone over 100kg in weight.
  • Limited cushioning system in place to lower impact levels and no MP3 connectivity to keep you entertained and motivated as your workout.
  • Limited to only 10 km/hr – if you wish to run faster than this, then start looking elsewhere
  • Motor capability is quite low when compared elsewhere and will struggle with prolonged intense type sessions.
  • Although this model is quite basic, limited with its capabilities, functions and features and has a limited speed level, this model is a reliable piece of equipment and is well worth it for the amount of money you have to spend. If you want a basic low priced treadmill for low intensity workouts, then it can suit many people needs and many times can be found on sale for less than £200 which is great value. If you want a treadmill for high intensity daily workouts then you need to spend more on a more powerful treadmill with a more powerful motor.




Comparison Table

A summary table comparing both the Manual and Motorised versions are outlined below

Fitnessclub Folding Manual Treadmill Summary:Fitnessclub Folding Electric Treadmill Summary
Version: Manual
Foldable: Yes
Wheels: Transport wheels included
Size: 105cm by 53cm by 115cm
Incline: Maximum 10%
User Weight: Maximum 150kg
Weight 14kg
Deck Size: 93cm by 36cm
Batteries Included: No
Folded Dimensions: 37cm by 53cm by 115cm
Speed: Manual only
Version: Motorised 500W
Foldable: Yes
Wheels: Yes
Size: 120cm by 60cm by 120cm
Incline: Maximum 10%
User Weight: 100kg
Weight: 30kg
Deck Size: 100cm by 34cm
Batteries Included: No
Folded Dimensions: 132cm by 64cm by 27cm
Speed: Max 10 km/hr

Need to look at Alternatives?

If you are still undecided about the Fitnessclub Treadmills outlined above, then take a quick look also at 2 other alternatives below which are worth a closer look also before making your final decision…

Community Feedback

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  1. Hi John, thank you for a great review about these fitness club treadmills. This will sound funny for you probably but i have only used motorized treadmills. You know why, because i never thought there would be a manual one – LOL! Anyway, having said this, it’s great to be able to compare one against the other. All the best to you and cheers for this review! Hanna

    • Thanks Hanna – you are more than welcome and many thanks for taking the time to stop and leave your feedback – it is greatly appreciated. Take Care, John

  2. I have a fitness club motorised treadmill and it has come up with a error code E7.
    Would you have any clue how to put this right. Thank You

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