Best Sit Up Benches UK 2022 – 5 Recommendations


Are you searching online for a robust and reliable Sit Up Bench in the UK? If so, then you should take a quick look through our top 5 best Sit up Benches which we thoroughly enjoyed using and there’s no reason why they can’t do the same for you also. We have included a good mix of price points of Sit Up benches some of which will cost you over £200 but there is also options for less than £100 throughout our short list so there should be something here that can cater for your own budgetary needs.

Bench Positioning

Included in our mix of sit up benches will be benches that can offer 4 different adjustable positions. There will be the flexibility to use them in the upright position, the flat position and also the incline positioning as well as the decline positions for the advanced core ab work sit up sessions. Not only that but the foam rollers at the lower sections can be adjusted to various heights to provide maximum comfort tailored to meet you own individual needs.

Maximum Weight Guides

Please be aware that some of the lower priced sit up benches will only allow lower maximum weights so take this into consideration before you commit to a purchase. Instead of just looking at the prices, make sure to take note of the maximum user weight guides as some will allow weights up to 100kg only while other higher priced brands allow personal weights up to 180kg.

Adjustable Benches

While these benches can be used for Sit ups, having an adjustable bench allows more flexibility and they can support further workouts such as barbell weights, dumbbell weights, crunches and sit ups. You can choose between curl stations, sit up stations and hyperextensions. Inclines will support upper chest and arm exercises such as bicep curls, fly’s and presses and the flat positions can provide abdomen training for pull overs, split squats, step routines and hip thrusts.

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Best Sit Up Benches – 5 UK Recommendations

Option 1: BodyTrain Sit Up Bench

Key Features to Note:

Pin lock system allows flat storage - Made with PU leather exterior

Includes a foam padding 5cm - Incline and decline positioning

Available in Shenstone UK Sports Imports

Dimensions 84L x 50.5H x 46W cm

Max user weight guide is 100kg - Lightweight design at just 6.5kg

Non slip feet covers protects flooring - Standard 12 month warranty applies

Price Guide: Less than £75 @ UK Sports Imports

Option 2: JTX Adjustable Weight Sit Up Bench

Key Features to Note:

Premium adjustable weights and sit up bench

Can be adjusted to 4 positions - Ideal for ab workout crunches and sit ups

Inclines, declines, flats or upright positions - Foam rollers are height adjustable

Stabilisers at the front and rear - Higher max user weight guide 180kg

Weight 12.4kg with 3cm padding - Dimensions 130L x 125H x 53W cm

Assembly takes 30 minutes – 1 year warranty

Price Guide: Less than £180 @ JTX Fitness UK

Video Insert: Useful Tips when using a Sit up Bench

Option 3: Bluefin Multi-Functional Folding Bench

Key Features to Note:

Water resistant premium EVA coating - Protection against anti-microbials

Hyperextensions, inclines, flat & declines

Available from Bluefin Fitness direct - Coated galvanised steel frame

Safe smart locking system with cushioning - Easily folded in 20 to 30 seconds

Highly durable foam padding support

Flat dimensions 150 x 67 x 93 cm - Incline dimensions 150 x 67 x 116 cm

Price Guide: £250 - £350 @ Bluefin Fitness UK

Option 4: Home Fitness Code Sit up Bench

Key Features to Note:

Bench for Ab training Sit ups – Incline & Decline

Can be paid with 3 instalments interest free - Maximum user weight guide 150kg

Free UK shipping 4 to 6 days - 30 day return policy from Home Fitness Code

Durable heavy duty steel tubing - Multi-functional LCD display

Easy to assemble and foldable design

Thick foam cushioning support - Flexible feet support & difficulty levels

Price Guide: £100 - £130 @ Home Fitness Code

Option 5: JX Fitness Adjustable Home Bench

Key Features to Note:

Abdominal workout and weight bench - Flexible for ab work, weights, sit ups

Made from alloy steel and faux PU leather - Used for sit ups, push ups, bicep curls

Plus bench press, weights, ab training, dumbbell squats and leg workouts

Foldable design and height adjustable - Cover cushions on the feet to protect flooring

Maximum weight guide 135kg - Ankle and thigh foam rollers included

Folding leg for decline positioning

Price Guide: Less than £100 @ Amazon UK

Video Insert: How to do Sit ups on a Bench

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After completing this review for the best Sit up Benches in the UK, we hope our short list will give you some ideas to think about and perhaps give you some direction on which bench will work best for your own needs. We have included adjustable benches, standard benches, premium higher spec benches and also lower priced benches for less than £100 so there should be something here that can meet your own expectations.

Which one would we buy? Taking everything into consideration, it would have to be the JTX Adjustable Weight Sit Up Bench and further information along with today’s updated price can be double checked below…

Community Feedback

Have you ever used any of these Sit up Benches before? Or do you prefer alternative brands?

If possible, feel free to educate others in the UK community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below…

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