Best Home Multi Gyms UK 2022 – Which Brands?


If you are looking for a high performance Multi-Gym for your home in the coming days, then please make sure to check out our review for what we believe are 6 of the best home Multi-Gyms which are available in the UK at present that will not disappoint you. To cater for everyone’s needs, we have included top end Multi Gyms that will set you back well over £5k in a studio, some then medium solutions that will set you back around £1k and also some lower priced Multi-Gym options that tend to cost you less than £600 when seen at the time of this review. That way, there should be a good overall mix of Multi-Gym prices on our recommended list for you to browse through when making any final decision.

Multi-Gym Workout Suggestions

There are many workouts that can be completed with your Multi-gyms and the most common ones are for butterfly press, shoulder presses, leg curl extensions, sit up bench, dip stands, lateral pull downs as well as upright row stations and arm curls to mention just a few. Punch bags are supplied with some of the Multi-Gyms and these tend to be delivered requiring you to get them filled with sand or an alternative filling. So keep this in mind as you will most likely need to invest in a few bags of sand when buying a Multi-gym with a punch bag.

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Best Multi Gyms in the UK – Our 6 Recommendations

Option 1: Strength Master Home Multi-Gym with Punch Bag (409B)

Key Features to Note:

Lower priced Multi-Gym solution - Shrouded weighted stack with 65kg

Seated & punch bag stations - Preacher pad, weight stack, leg raises

Rubber protectives for flooring surfaces - 1.5kg dumbbells x 2, curved sit up bench

Punching bag needs to be filled - Dimensions 1.33L x 2.2W x 2.13H meters

Weight stack of 65kg has 10 plates - Swift deliveries backed with 1 year warranty

Price Guide: Less than £600 @ Sports & Leisure UK

Option 2: EIU Multi-functional Home Gym with Punch Bag & Bench

Key Features to Note:

Higher end premium home Multi-gym - Assembly service is an optional extra

Over 30 different exercise routines - Punch bag, pulleys, bench & dip station

Offers workouts for all parts of the body - Multiple training and adjustable positioning

Counterweight reinforcement of 73kg - 20 steel shaft pulleys, rowing, butterfly

Plus back levers and abdominal belt - Up to 4 separate structure combinations

Price Guide: Over £2.5k @ Amazon UK

Option 3: Tytax T3 Ultimate Premium Home Multi-Gym

Key Features to Note:

7 separate independent training stations - Space required for operation is 22m²

Over 200 Exercise routines available - Pulleys, presses, bench, racks, accessories

For home gyms, studios and fitness clubs - Designed for hard core fitness fanatics

Military design and robust construction design - Linear guide rails and weight storages

Safety systems built in throughout - Superb home fitness multi gym overall

Price Guide: Tends to be over £8k level

Option 4: V-Fit Herculean Compact Multi-Gym

Key Features to Note:

Lower priced Multi Gym home solution - Tends to be on sale for less than £600

Smaller dimension footprint requirements - Aerobic stepper, cable pulleys, upper station

Tricep extensions, Lat pulls, Dip station - Plus vertical knees and weight stacks

Maximum user weight allowed is 125kg - Excellent quality steel framing design

Dimensions 1.88L x 1.31W x 2.14H m - Cable system resistance level of 100kg

Price Guide: £500 to £600 @ Amazon UK

Video Insert: Overview of the Tytax Ultimate Home Multi Gym

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Option 5: Marcy Deluxe Home Multi-Gym (SM4000)

Key Features to Note:

Superb Multi gym for home use - Assembly support is an optional extra

Weight bench, preacher curls, leg curls - Multiple gym attachment accessories

Smith bar press and hook in points x 9 - Low and high weighted pulleys

Pec dec system and hold 7 ft barbels - Triceps rope, Lat bar, short bar and more

Maximum weight capacity is 135kg - Dimensions 2.1H x 1.98W x 2.54D m

Price Guide: Anywhere from £800 to £1000

Option 6: SportsTech Premium Home Multi-Gym

Key Features to Note:

Heavy duty steel gauge robust tubing - Offers up to 45 exercise routines available

Assisted assembly service optional extra - Evaporation high quality enhancing foam

EVA material is water repellent - Curl bars, cable pulleys, pull tower, bench press

Pull up bar, leg curler, dip station & more - Lower level of space footprint requirements

Size dimensions 2.1m by 1.76m by 2.2m - Extra wide pulleys, steel cables & wide rubber feet

Price Guide: £700 to £800 @ Amazon UK

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After completing our review for the best home Multi-Gyms in the UK, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and perhaps give you some ideas to think about. We have included higher quality premium Multi-Gyms fit for home studio gyms, medium multi-functional Home Gyms as well as lower priced Multi Gyms so we hope there is something here that can cater for your own needs.

Which one would we choose? Taking everything into consideration plus the price, it would have to be the EIU Multi-functional Home Gym with the Punch bag and bench and further information along with today’s updated price tag can be double checked below if needed….

Community Feedback

Have you used any of these Home Multi-Gyms yourself in the recent past?

If possible, feel free to educate others in the wider fitness community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below…

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  1. I used to have a multi-gym at home for years but it was too big to move when I sold my house so I am now looking to replace it. I loved the ones you showed, my favorite was the Sports Tech Premium as I like to keep my workouts focused and simple. I particularly like the phone app that comes with the exercises for this machine as it’s nice having a reminder and the price is excellent. This system seems to have all I need, now I just need to use it!

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