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Are you searching online for a reliable and high performance Badminton Racket that provides good value at the same time? If so, then please make sure to check out our review for what we believe are 7 of the best Badminton Rackets to choose from in the UK at present that can be delivered to your home hassle free in just a few working days.


We have included well-known brands as well as some great value Badminton rackets so there should be something here to cater for your own individual needs. We have also avoided some of the higher priced options which we felt were too expensive for the average family and we have also included a series of video inserts that will only take a few minutes of your time that you should check out also while you are here.

These will give you some tips when playing the game of Badminton especially when it comes to techniques and striking routines.

Video Insert: Badminton Tips for Beginners

Badminton Racket Materials

Many of the best Badminton rackets you will find will have a frame made from a Carbon Alloy and the shaft then made with Graphite. This helps to keep the racket as light as possible and reduce any level of arm and hand fatigue that may set in during your sessions.

T Joint

When it comes to attaching the upper frame to the shaft, a great technique is the use of a graphite T joint on the inside which is then protected and reinforced with an outer blended shell to ensure you have the best possible racket and swinging experiences. The shuttlecock on the other hand tend to be made from complex cork and nylon feather attached around the circumference.

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Best Badminton Rackets – 7 Recommendations

Option 1: Senston 2 Piece Carbon Alloy Badminton Racket Set

Badminton Racket Overview:

2 piece Badminton racket plus 2 shuttlecocks

Carbon alloy frame and graphite shaft

Carry bag included in the overall package

Lightweight alloy graphite design

Internal T joint attachment frame to shaft

Large targeted sweet spot for striking

67.5cm long and high levels of string tension

Various colour options to choose from

Price Guide: Less than £35

Option 2: Dunlop Carlton Nanoblade Badminton Rackets Set

Badminton Racket Overview:

Nanoblade tournament racket set

2 rackets, 3 shuttlecocks and carry bag with strap

Excellent high levels of string tension provided

Carry case also included for the shuttle cocks

Lightweight design construction only 290g

Dimensions are 67.2L by 21.8W by 6.7D cm

Ideal for entry level and tournament competitions

Durable frame, lightweight and large sweet spot

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £30

Option 3: Nalax 2 Player Badminton Racket Set

Badminton Racket Overview:

Long and slim graphite carbon fiber shaft

Wide and large striking sweet spot

Fast shuttlecocks with nylon feather & cork

Suitable for intermediate and advanced users

2 Badminton rackets, 3 shuttlecocks & carry case

Durable T joint inside from the frame to the shaft

Can also be used by teenagers and beginners

Comfortable solid handle with high string tension

Price Guide: Less than £50

Option 4: Wilson Minions Badminton Racket Set

Badminton Racket Overview:

Ideal for beginners starting out with Badminton

Or casual users looking for some exercise or fun

Includes 2 rackets, 2 shuttlecocks and a carry case

Solid frame and shaft attachment piece joint

Comfortable handle for swinging and striking

Decent size sweet spot when under pressure

Strong string tension level and lightweight design

Yellow coloured shuttlecocks made from nylon

Price Guide: Usually less than £40

Video Insert: Basic Techniques for Badminton

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Option 5: Prince Pro 2 Pack Nano 75 Graphite Badminton Racket

Badminton Racket Overview:

Premium higher quality Badminton racket set

Includes 2 rackets & a pack with 6 shuttlecocks

Wide range of rackets under this brand

Examples Beast Pro, Rebel Pro, Vortex Pro & more

Nano 75 Graphite designed Badminton Rackets

Also includes 2 full protective covers

Excellent string quality backed with higher tension

Lightweight design with large sweet spot

Price Guide: More expensive £50 plus

Option 6: Browning NanoGel Plasma 70 Graphite Badminton Racket

Badminton Racket Overview:

Available as a 2 racket set or a single racket

Premium NanoGel Plasma 70 Graphite design

Superb frame quality with fiber flexible shaft

Includes 2 covers, 2 rackets & 6 shuttlecocks

Made with lightweight Carbon Graphite

Excellent sweet spot with comfortable handle

For the more advanced or intermediate users

Superb gripping for fast swinging and striking

Price Guide: More expensive £70 plus

Option 7: YONEX Astrox Smash Badminton Racket

Badminton Racket Overview:

Ideal for beginners or casual users

High string tension with durable tough shaft - Gripping dimension is 4.5 inches long

Sold as a single racket unit (or in sets)

Made from lightweight graphite - Lightweight design at only 73g

Rotational generator system - Allows an increased shaft flexibility

Full length of this racket is 68cm - HM graphite & Nanomesh Neo technology

Overall great value for a beginner looking to learn the skill and compete to more advanced levels

Price Guide: Less than £40

Video Insert: How to use the Wrist the right way for Badminton

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After completing this short review for the best Badminton rackets in the UK, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and perhaps give you some suggestions to think about. We have included Badminton racket sets, options for beginners and more advanced users as well as lower priced Badminton Rackets sets that are kinder to your pocket so there should be something here to cater for your own needs.

Which one would we choose? Without doubt, it would have to be the Browning NanoGel Plasma 70 Graphite Badminton Racket set outlined earlier and further information along with today’s updated price can be double checked above


Badminton Racket Community Feedback

Have you ever used any of these Badminton Rackets yourself in the recent past? Anything positive or negative to report?

If possible, please feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below…

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