Best Massage Chairs UK 2022 – Top 3 Picks


Which brands have the best massage chairs available in the UK at present? It was extremely difficult to narrow it down to just a short list but here are 3 solutions which we believe are among the best massage chairs that are readily available to order online and get delivered to your home hassle free. If our number 1 massage chair below is a little out of your price range, then we have included 2 lower priced alternatives which offer excellent value for the amount of money you need to spend. Video inserts are also included to give you a better overview of what these massage chairs are all about and make sure to view the price checkers provided below as only price guides can be published at the time of our review.

Massage Techniques

Among our short list of Massage chairs, you can get different types of massage techniques such as patting, knocking, air pressure, stretching, Shiatsu, beating and kneading. One key advantage is having the flexibility to either use the automatic massage programs or having the ability to customise your massage style from the controller panel to assist you in your own personal care programme.

Manual Massages

Included in this review of Massage chairs are manual settings to target specific areas such as foot rollers, upper massage zones and having the ability to offer you reclining positions as well as variable air pressure intensity levels. Speed levels of the massage can be adjusted rather than having just one speed option and you will have a choice of roller widths to choose from.

Massage Chair Timing Guides

As a general guide, you should use these massage chairs anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes in any one session. To avoid over-usage of the massage chair, you should use it as a maximum of 3 times per day and ideally with a few hours between each session. Typically speaking, you can use it in the morning, then in the afternoon and finally in the evening after your days work is completed

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Best Massage Chairs in the UK – 3 Recommendations

Option 1: Naipo Shiatsu Faux Leather Zero Gravity Whole Body Massage Chair - A350

Brief Overview:

Premium plus massage chair - Made from faux leather

Shiatsu massage seat whole body - 2 Zero reclining positions

Bionic massage techniques - Full body massage head to toe

Timers avoid over massaging

Heat support for waist lines - Multiple massage programs

Speakers & Bluetooth connection - USB charging port included

Max weight 90kg, max height 190cm

Box dimensions 162x85x77 cm - Unit dimensions 113x150x76 cm

Best Massage Chair Description:

  • Our first massage chair that you should take a closer look at is the Naipo Shiatsu Zero Gravity whole body Massage Chair code reference A350 which is made from a fabulous Faux Leather material and it offers you the highest quality massage techniques across your entire body that you will absolutely enjoy. It comes as a full armchair design that can be placed in your lounge beside the TV and it comes in 2 colour options brown and black
  • For the dimensions, when assembled it is 113cm high by 150cm long by 76cm wide so it can fit through hallways and doorways and the box dimensions for deliveries are 162cm by 85cm by 77cm. This premium designed massage chair comes with a host of features that will not disappoint you such as the bionic massage techniques be it air pressure massage, waist line heating, patting, stretching, beating, knocking, Shiatsu plus kneading
  • When it comes to wellness, personal care, massage and relaxing, you have various programs available to choose from and it has 2 reclining zero gravity positions which will give you the ultimate experience when it comes to getting the best possible massage techniques in the best possible positions. The air pressure is particularly good when it comes to blood circulation, it can help to relieve muscle stiffness and also help with multiple acupuncture regions
  • Included in the overall package are 3 massage roller widths, 5 massage speed levels, a heat system, 6 auto timers to prevent over massaging, 3 foot rollers, 2 zero gravity recline positions and 11 shoulder positions to mention just a few. Not only that but you have the Bluetooth connection and speakers for relaxing type music to enhance the overall massaging experience
  • If you prefer to use automatic programs instead  to get you started, then there are over 10 to choose from and many of these will work wonders across your body - after 15 minutes of use you will be like a different person! For your phone, there is a slot holder with a USB charging port and the guidelines for weights and heights are 90kg and 190cm tall respectively.

Price Guide: Tends to be from £2k to £2.5k @ Amazon

Video Insert – Overview of the Naipo A350 Massage Chair

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Zero Gravity Position

If a massage chair with zero gravity reclining positions is what you are after, then take a closer look at the first option outlined below. It provides a SL track which can follow the curve of your spine and then the roller system will glide across your various muscle groups across your body. This reclining position ability is the ultimate experience when it comes to massage chairs and it will give you a massage in your most comfortable position so that you can get the very most out of your body massage chair when it comes to 100% pure relaxation massage.

Bluetooth and Speakers Built-in

If listening to relaxing music and having a Bluetooth connection while you are massaged is a must, then you will find these premium features available in the Naipo massage chair. Simply sync the Bluetooth connectivity to your smart device, turn on the speakers and relax for extended periods of time in the most comfortable and relaxing setting you can possibly get while having relaxing music and tunes being played in the background at the same time

Lower Priced Alternative Massage Chairs

While our first recommendation may not be affordable for every home owner out there, we also have 2 further Massage Chair recommendations below that you should be able to get your hands on for less than £250 when seen at the time of this review. They don’t offer the premium high end features of the faux leather Naipo full body massage chair but they are certainly impressive when it comes to giving results at a lower specification level and a lower priced massage solution. If price is you main motivation, then these more affordable massage chair options deserve careful consideration…

Option 2: Comfier Leather Back & Neck Massager Chair

Overview of Key Features:

Battery powered massage chair

Shiatsu neck and back 4 node massager

Ball Shiatsu positions can be adjusted - Offers full body back massage techniques

Vibrating, rolling, Kneading, Shiatsu & more

Heat effects to relieve stress and fatigue

Deep kneading Shiatsu massaging - Waists, thighs, back, neck & shoulders

Spot massages and rolling massages

To be placed on a sofa or recliner

Washable neck cover plus adaptor - 30 day satisfaction guarantee

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £250

Option 3: Snailax Neck & Back 3D/4D Massager Chair 

Overview of Key Features:

Shiatsu neck & back massager

4 shiatsu rotation nodes - Deep kneading back & neck massage

To be placed on chair, sofa or recliner

Includes 8 Shiatsu massage rollers

Infrared heat therapy available - Provides gentle warmth to relieve stress

Muscle relaxation massage for fatigue

Upper, lower and full back massage

Vibration and compression capabilities

Remote holder & washable neck cover - Mount straps and made from PU leather

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £230

Video Insert – Introduction to the Comfier Massage Chair

Controller Management

With massage chairs, the control panel will vary but many will have common displays and features. You can have a spot button to keep the Shiatsu function in a specific spot area, the back Shiatsu button, vibration settings, high medium low and air intensity buttons as well as rolling buttons where the massage nodes move across the muscle slowly and gently. In addition, you should have buttons for back heat, a neck Shiatsu button and an area button that can be adjusted to full, upper or lower back massages.

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After completing this narrowed down list of best massage chairs in the UK, we hope our work here can give you some ideas to think about when making your own final decision. We have included a premium higher end  full sofa Massage chair as well as 2 lower priced alternatives that can be placed on your sofa or chair so there should be something here that can cater for your own needs.

Which one would we choose? While we loved the Naipo Massage chair and all its features, it is simply out of our own price league so it would have to be the lower priced Comfier Leather Back & Neck Massager Chair instead. Further reviews, images and today’s updated price tags can be double checked below if needed…

Educate Others?

Have you ever tried any of these Massage chairs yourself in the recent past? Anything good or bad to report?

Please feel free to educate others in the UK community by leaving your Massage chair feedback in the comment box section provided further below…

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