Best Cycling Gloves UK 2023 – Padding?


Do you need to get your hands on a high quality set of Cycling or Bike Gloves in the coming days or weeks? If so, then please check out this review for the best Cycling Gloves available online in the UK at present that can be delivered to your home hassle free in just a few working days.

Review Work

We have reviewed over 35 Bicycle Gloves and narrowed our list down to our top 8 options for you to look through which should speed up the process when it comes to your own online research.

Touch Screen Friendly

Throughout our mix, we have included Gym indoor Cycling Gloves, Outdoor Cycling Gloves, Windproof Cycling Gloves, mid-season cycling Gloves as well as touch screen friendly Cycling gloves and breathable Half finger Cycling gloves so there should enough here to meet your own set of needs and requirements.

Price Guides

As prices guides can only be published at the time of this review, please make sure to view the prices checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. A number of video inserts is also included that you can check out to help you get the most out of your cycling challenges and long distance cycling and these tips will only take just a few moments of your time.

How to Measure your Hand Circumference

To measure the circumference of your hand, you will need a flexible tape measure and you should start at the centre of the palm of your hand, hold the start point down with your middle finger and then wrap it around the middle centre point of your palm to take the correct measurement. The small sizes are generally 5 inch to 6.5 inch, medium is for 6.5 inch to 7.5 inches and then the large and extra sizes are for circumferences 7.5 inches up to 9 inches approx. Individual brands will vary slightly but this can be used a general guide to get you started.

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Best Cycling Gloves – Our 8 Recommendations

Option 1: Grebarley Indoor Gym Cycling Gloves

Cycling Gloves Overview:

For a range of gym workouts including indoor cycling

Can be used by both men and women - Breathable design to reduce sweating levels

Available in small, medium, large & extra large

Made with Nylon to give a stretchy flexible fit

Used for cycling, weights, CrossFit and more

Excellent wear and tear resistance for cracking

Adjustable wrist closure with palm protectors

Easy to remove and pick with extended tabs - Short wristband is suited more for cycling

Price Guide: Less than £15

Option 2: Boildeg Windproof Outdoor Cycling Gloves

Cycling Gloves Overview:

Designed especially for outdoor cycling - Waterproof for light drizzle and windproof

Made with cotton with a thick velvet lining

Available in medium, large, extra-large & XXL

Inner velvet helps to keep hands warm in Winter

Touch screen friendly thumb and index fingers

Easy to fasten with the hook and loop system - Comfortable SBR palm pads for a better grip

Non-slip silicone printing to prevent slippages

1 year money back guarantee and 2 year warranty

Price Guide: Usually £15 to £25

Boildeg Cycling Glove Sizes

Once you measure the circumference of your hand with a flexible tape measure, take note of the size in cm and compare it to the sizes available. Small will be 19.8cm to 20.8cm, medium is for 20.8cm to 21.8cm, large is for 21.8cm to 22.8cm, extra large is 22.8cm to 23.8cm and finally the double extra large is 23.8cm to 24.8cm. They come with the SBR Pad, anti-slip and breathable design plus a reflective strip for added protection when out cycling and the useful touch screen friendly thinner material incorporated into the thumb and index finger regions. From this brand, you can choose between all year round gloves, summer gloves, autumn gloves and winter gloves when choosing a cycling glove for your preferred season in question.

Video Insert: How to Train for Long Cycling Rides

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Option 3: GripGrab Mid-season Outdoor Cycling Gloves

Cycling Gloves Overview:

Designed as a mid-season windproof cycling glove

Breathable material made with polyester - Various sizes available – XS, S, M, L and XL

Silicone palm grip and Doctorgel Padding

Better visibility with white on black colours

Touchscreen friendly thumbs with microfibres

Includes a terry-cloth for the removal of sweat

Can be machine washed at 30 degrees Celsius

XS under 19cm, S 19-20cm, Medium 20-21cm - L 21-22.5c, XL 22.5-24cm, XXL over 24cm

Price Guide: From £20 to £35

Option 4: Inbike Gel Padded Outdoor Cycling Gloves

Cycling Gloves Overview:

Available in medium, large, extra large and XXL

Hook and hoop closure fastener system

Made with 45% Nylon and 40% Polyester - Plus 10% Cotton and 5% PVC content

Touch screen friendly finger and thumb - Includes 5mm pads for hand protection

Fast drying, breathable and rip resistant

Includes a terry-cloth for wiping away sweat

Perforated fabric, stretchable plus reflective strip

Over 10 years’ experience in the industry

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £20

Mid-Season Cycling Gloves

These type of cycling gloves are designed more for Spring and Autumn chill conditions rather than extreme cold Winter rides. They are perfect when it is too warm for thick Winter Gloves and too chilly for short finger gloves so they tend to be used in late Autumn and early Spring months. There will be protection against the wind and some protection against light drizzle rain but not enough waterproof resistance for heavy showers. Some of these gloves will be made with Polyester 95% and Polyamide 5% and the yellow Hi-Vis coloured versions work great to give you more visibility when using the roads.

Advantages of DoctorGel Pads

Some Cycling glove brands such as the GripGrab versions include additional DoctorGel Padding that help to reduce the level of compression in your fingers, vibrations from the road and in turn to reduce the possible sensation feeling of pins and needles in your hands or possibly Cyclist’s palsy setting in. Cyclist’s palsy can happen sometimes for prolonged compressions with a nerve in the hand and the underlying bone against the handlebars so this padding would recommended for longer bike rides to counteract these possible compressions.

Video Insert: Tips for Long Distance Cycling

Inbike Cycling Glove Measurement Guide

If you are unsure about the different sizes available from the Inbike Cycling gloves, then you can use this guide as a means to making the correct size selection. These are for hand widths under your finger joints. Medium is 7.5cm to 8cm, large is for 8cm to 9cm, extra large is suited for 9cm to 10cm and finally the extra large is designed for 10cm to 12cm wide hands.

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Option 5: Sparkfit Half Finger Cycling Gloves

Cycling Gloves Overview:

Available in a range of different colour options

Such as black, blue, green and pink - Sizes available are small, medium, large & XL

Terry cloth incorporated for sweat absorbing

Adjustable Velcro strapping hook and loop

Can also be used for rowing to protect hands

Half finger breathable design for men and women

Size dimensions are based on palm circumference

Small is 17cm-19cm, medium is 19cm-21cm, Large is 21cm-23cm and extra-large is 23cm to 25cm

Price Guide: Less than £15

Option 6: X-Tiger Fingerless Outdoor Cycling Gloves

Cycling Gloves Overview:

Velcro strapping with breathable holes

Thicker gel padding plus easy drag ring

Available in small, medium, large and extra large

Time is required for the glove to set in - Sizes are based on the hand widths

Small is 9cm, large is 10cm and extra large 11cm - Hook and loop fastener system

Padding is included in the palm for protection

Stays dry with the breathable perforations

Pull tabs are included for easy removal

Price Guide: Less than £20

Option 7: HS-PRO Gel Padded Breathable Cycling Gloves

Cycling Gloves Overview:

Can be used by casual or professional cyclists

Fingerless cycling gloves with Velcro strap

Premium gel pads for shock absorption - Provides extra comfort for the longer rides

Breathable mesh fabric to reduce sweat - Fastened with the hook and loop system

Perfect for seasonal riding with pull off tabs

Can be used for other sports and exercises also

Measurements are in hand circumferences

XS=17-18cm, S=18-19cm, M=19-20cm, L=20-21cm

Price Guide: Usually for less than £18

Option 8: Atercel Multi-Purpose Sports Gloves

Cycling Gloves Overview:

Multi-purpose sports and exercise gloves

Can be used for cycling, gym, training & more

Pull tabs included for easier removal - Non-slip silicone gel on the palm

Soft mesh fabric with durable microfiber

Towel panel included for the removal of sweat

Reduced friction and hand compressions - Provides an excellent grip to handlebars

5 different sizes to choose from XS, S, M, L, & XL

Prevents any possible blisters or calluses

Price Guide: Less than £15

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After completing our review for the best Cycling or bike Gloves in the UK, we hope our work here can give you some ideas to think about and perhaps point you in the right direction. We have included indoor Cycling gloves, outdoor Cycling gloves, mid-season Cycling gloves as well as Finger-less Cycling gloves and Touch Screen friendly Cycling gloves so there should be something here that can meet your own set of requirements.

Which one would we choose? After further consideration, it would have to be the GripGrab Mid-season Outdoor Cycling Gloves outlined earlier and further information with reviews and prices can be checked out again above…


Cycling Gloves Community Feedback

Have you ever used any of these Cycling Gloves yourself in the recent past? Anything to report that we should know about?

If possible, please feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below…

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