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Are you searching online for a reliable and robust Free Standing Punch Bag? If so, then check out our nominated list of what we believe are 6 of the best Free Standing Punch Bags that are available in the UK at present and they come with a good mix of prices for you to browse through. We have reviewed over 20 Punch bags in the UK and narrowed our list down to just 6 options for you to choose from which hopefully will speed up the process of your own online research.

As guide prices can only be shown at the time of this review, please make sure to view the price checkers further below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information from the various suppliers and brands.

Uses of Freestanding Punch Bags

Free standing punch bags are getting more and more popular nowadays and they can be used for a wide range of activities such as MMA, boxing, Karate, kickboxing and martial arts. The most important aspect is that the striking area can be robust enough for your training while not causing you any injuries at the same time. An example of this is high density rubber with an urethane foam which supports both heavy punching and tough kicking and multi layered designs to absorb the impacts on your joints. Others have dual PVC shock absorbers to provide the best possible workout session that you can get while avoiding damage to your hands and feet when striking it.

Video Insert: Free Standing Punch Bag Exercise Workout Tips for Beginners

Base Fillings

You can use either water or sand to fill the bases of the various Free standing punch bags. Water will be lighter than sand so if you want to have the maximum weight for stability, then fill the base with sand instead. For example, a similar base filled with water will weight approx. 95kg while the same base filled with sand will give you a heavier weight of approx. 135kg. Other Polypropylene bases when filled with water will give a weight of 80kg while it will be a heavier weight of 120kg when filled with sand.

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Best Free Standing Punch Bags – 6 Recommendations

Option 1: Ironman Free Standing Punch Bag – Sparring Dummy

Main Features to Note:

Robust punch bag sparring dummy - Available from UK Sports Imports

Located in Shenstone in the UK - Customer support 01562 51999

Swift deliveries in 2 to 3 days

Ideal for boxing, MMA, martial arts training

Easy to transport with round base - Includes high strength urethane foam

Can be adjusted to 6 height settings - Maximum height is 1.78m

Base is filled with sand or water

Weighs 95kg with water or 130kg with sand - 12 month warranty protection

Price Guide: Less than £250 @ UK Sports Imports

Option 2: Dripex Heavy Duty Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag

Main Features to Note:

Heavy duty free standing bag - Suction cups located at the base for stability

Black and red colour options

182 Ibs weight & 69 inches/1.75m high

High quality leather covering - Can be filled with water or sand

Technology for shock absorbing - Versions available for adults and kids

High quality elasticity performance - 12 strong suction cups underneath

Helps to build strength in arms and legs

Round ABS base approx. 20 inches - Recommended sand filling instead of water

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £130

Location of UK Sports Imports

Suction Cups

Some of the freestanding punch bags will have a number of suction cups placed underneath the base to make sure it is kept fully stable during kicking and punching sessions. As many as 12 suction cups and in some cases more can be included but please note that these need to be kept dry and clean at all times.

Option 3: RDX 6 ft Free Standing Punch Bag

Main Features to Note:

Multiple colour options to choose from - Superior 17 suction cup base stand

Heavy duty build design 6 ft high - Targeted pedestal extendable base

Includes a set of boxing gloves  -Ideal for boxing and kickboxing

Also MMA, Maui Thai and karate

Delivered in 2 separate parcels

Total height maximum 1.81m

Maya hide leather multi-layer design - Includes reinforced dual stitching

Anti-tear nylon lining and high density foam

Price Guide: Less than £150 @ Amazon UK

Option 4: Lions 5.5 ft Free Standing Punch Bag

Main Features to Note:

Lower Priced Free standing punch bag

Available from the brand of Lions - Maximum height is 5.5 feet

For kickboxing, punch boxing & MMA

Standard height setting 1.67m - Suitable for adults and kids

High density absorbing foam filler - Leather with durable reinforced stitching

Multi-layer design for maximum results

Recommended to fill with sand - Or fill with water as 2nd option

Delivered in 2 separate boxes

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £120

Video Insert: Beginner Tips for Free Standing Punch Bags

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Option 5: Ironman Free Standing Punch Bag

Main Features to Note:

On sale with Sports & Leisure UK - Located in Curslow Lane Shenstone

Used for boxing plus kickboxing - Also MMA, Taekwondo, martial arts, karate

High quality leather stitching - Deep foam padding to absorb impacts

Maximum height is 1.8m high

Round base for sand or water  -Sand filling is recommended for more stability

Filled with water gives approx. 90kg - Filled with sand gives approx. 130kg

Round spring mounted design

Standard 12 month warranty protection

Price Guide: £140 - £180 @ Sports & Leisure UK

Option 6: Everlast FIT Free Standing Punch Bag

Main Features to Note:

Currently on sale from Amazon UK  -Brand originates from Bronx since 1910

Includes AB wheel and skipping rope - Striking gloves also included

Excellent striking absorption rate

Tough and durable reinforced stitching  -Ring collar power transfer recoils

Heights can be adjusted 1.32m to 1.65m - Can be filled with either sand or water

Maximum weight with sand is 113kg  -Made from synthetic leather exterior

Includes Tri-disc foam rings for impacts

Base is made from heavy duty plastic

Price Guide: Anywhere from £150 to £200

Location of Sports & Leisure UK in Shenstone

Sand Volume Guide

To give some guidance on sand filling, you can expect many of the free standing punch bags to hold between 100kg and 150kg worth of sand. They can be bought in 25kg bag lots so you should plan initially for 4 bags of sand depending on the Freestanding Punch bag in question and top it up as needed thereafter. These 4 initial sand bags will be plenty enough to get you started as more bags can be bought at a later date and a standard Kiln dried sand tends to work well. You should also look at sourcing a large tipped funnel for pouring in the sand to avoid any unnecessary spillages.

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After completing this short review for the best Freestanding Punch bags in the UK, we hope our list here can help you out in some small way and give you some ideas to think about. We have included options for adults and kids, height adjustable Punch bags as well as a Sparring dummy and some video insert workout tips so there should be something here that can meet your expectations. Which one would we buy? Our personal preference would have to be the RDX Free Standing Punch Bag outlined earlier and further information can be checked out below along with today’s updated price tag…

Feedback Opportunity

Have you ever used any of these Punch Bags yourself in the past? Or do you prefer other branded Punch Bags?

If possible, please educate others in the community and leave your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below

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  1. My son has a punching bag in his dining room (instead of a dining room table) and I noticed the convenience of having it “right there” encourages the whole family, including the children, to take a punch or two whenever they go past it.  For this reason, I’ve been thinking I’d like to have one as well.  I’m choosing the RDX 6 ft Free Standing punch bag you have reviewed here as it comes with gloves and can be used for kickboxing as well.   I like the suction cups on the bottom that keeps it stable.  Thanks for outlining these recommendations as it helps when I am undecided which way to go 👍

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