Best Boxing Gloves UK 2023 – Adults & Kids


Do you need to get your hands on a decent set of Boxing Gloves in the coming days at a price you can afford? If so, then check out our reviewed list of what we believe are 7 of the best Boxing Gloves currently on sale in the UK at the moment which can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free.

Over 30 Sets

We have reviewed over 30 sets of boxing gloves and narrowed it down to just 7 sets which hopefully can speed up the process when it comes to your own online research.

Wide Price Range

You should be familiar with many of these brands already and we have included higher end premium boxing gloves that will cost you over £60 while also providing some excellent value boxing gloves that will cost you less than £30.

It all really depends how much you want to spend at the end of the day but there should be a good mix of price points and brands here that can catch your attention and cater for your own needs.

Types of Boxing Gloves

There are 4 main types of boxing gloves designed for different types of boxing routines and purposes. These include competition gloves, bag gloves, sparring gloves and training gloves and the level of padding and weight will vary considerably depending on which glove you are wearing.

Standard Training

Standard training gloves are used for punch bag training, sparring, boxing workout classes and they include wrist supports, thumb locks and foam padding – these can be made from polyurethane or leather. Bag gloves are used then for heavy bag training and endurance routines and they typically won’t have as much padding as Training Gloves

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Best Boxing Gloves – First 4 Recommendations

Option 1: Venum Adult Elite Boxing Gloves

Key Features to Note:

Highly popular hard wearing boxing gloves

Multiple colour options available - Examples black, white, mixed, variable

Velcro strapping hook & loop closure

Lighter 8 oz. adult sized glove - Heavier glove options also available

Made from skintex leather in Thailand - Enhanced thermal comfort regulation

Also with triple density foaming - Heavy duty stitching and seams

Price Guide: Over £50

Option 2: Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves

Key Features to Note:

From  the reliable brand of Everlast  -For training and heavy bag sessions

Can be used for sparring also

Black and gold colour design - Black/white and Red/white options also

Standard 14 oz. weighted glove - Multiple size and weight options

Made from a synthetic leather

Solid stitching with hook & loop fastening - Designed as a training glove

Price Guide: £40 to £80

Option 3: Hayabusa T3 Supreme Boxing Gloves

Key Features to Note:

Premium high quality durable gloves

Excellent positive reviews – multiple 5 stars

Large mix of colour arrangements - Examples grey, purple, red & white

Standard glove size is 12 oz. - Other weights 10, 14, 16 oz. available

Made from vegan engineered leather - Designed as a set of training gloves

Used for sparring and bag work also - No break in required with 4 layer foams

Price Guide: Tends to be over £50

Option 4: RDX Training Boxing Gloves

Key Features to Note:

Lower priced boxing glove solution - Excellent value for bargain hunters

Made from premium Maya hide leather - Used for heavy bags, sparring, training

Also for Muay Thai, MMA and kickboxing

Endorsed by several high profile athletes

Sizes available 10, 12, 14, 16 oz. - Quick easy hook and loop fastening

Includes layered EVA padding - Nylon mesh air circulation and ventilation

Price Guide: Less than £50

Video Insert: Guide on Boxing Glove Size Tips

Competition Gloves

Boxing rules stipulate that competition gloves must be either 8 oz. or 10 oz. in weight and they will have a superior firmer padding for knocking out your opponent and a laced up fastening system.

Most competitions will not allow a hook and loop fastener so laces are uses instead and normally they are taped to prevent them from getting loose. Normally 10 oz. gloves are used for competitions while the lighter weight classes will choose to use 8 oz. gloves.

Boxing Glove Weights

The range of glove weights for adults tends to be from 8 oz. to 20 oz. for each glove and it varies depending on the amount of inserted padding. For people who prefer larger gloves than this, then 22 oz. and 24 oz. gloves can be used and the weights for children are normally between 4 oz. and 6 oz. gloves.


For beginners, you are better off going with a heavier glove for extra padding and protection while the lighter gloves can be used for those with more experience and who prefer to work-out and box at faster speeds.

Bodyweight and Glove Weight Guide

The table below can be used as a general guide when it comes to matching the weight of the gloves to your own bodyweight. Additional information should be sought from you coach or trainer depending on your height also. In the event that you don’t have a coach, then use this weight table below as a rough guide for matching up your glove weights

Boxing Glove WeightBody Weight
8 oz.Under 45kg
10 oz.45kg to 55kg
12 oz.55kg to 68kg
14 oz.68kg to 80kg
16 oz.80kg plus

Or check out the Hayabusa Boxing glove size chart here where it provides more information on body weights, heights, glove weights and choosing between small, medium and large sizes.

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Video Insert: Tips with Boxing Glove Weight Sizes

Further Boxing Gloves - Last 3 Recommendations

If our first 4 boxing gloves outlined already haven’t ticked all of your boxes just yet, then check out our last 3 recommendations summarised briefly as follows…

Option 5: Adidas Boxing Gloves

Key Features to Note:

Heavy shock absorption technology - Training and sparring gloves

Multi colours options available - Examples red, yellow, white, gold, black

Offers gloves as low as just 4 oz.

Perfect for small kids learning the skills - Plus 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 oz. size options

Backed with multiple 5 star reviews - Made from imitation faux leather

Integrated mesh anti-tear technology

Price Guide: Varies from £25 to £70

Option 6: Reebok Boxing Gloves

Key Features to Note:

Black and gold colour design - Also white, mixed and cream colours

Standard size is a 10 oz. glove  - Multiple other sizes available

Made and designed using Faux leather

For sparring and training sessions - Offers 10, 12, 14, 16 oz. sizes

Includes a tetra impact built in - Layered injection foam padding

Ventilated with wrap around wrist support

Price Guide: Less than £65

Final Option 7: Ironman Black Boxing Gloves


Key Features to Note:

Lower priced budget solution - Ideal for people seeking a bargain

On sale with Sport & Leisure in Shenstone - Standard glove size is a 10 oz. glove

Designed with breathable ventilation - Injected with foam padding

Made from microfiber leather - Helps to reduce odours being emitted

Includes a Velcro fastening system - For lighter training and sparring

Breathable palm lining design - Covered with a 12 month warranty

Price Guide: Under £25 @ Sports & Leisure

Video Insert: Discussion on Boxing Glove Types

What are Boxing Gloves made from?

Most modern boxing gloves nowadays will be filled with a latex cushion foam padding material for impact absorption and protecting your hands and knuckles. With the polyurethane foam design, they are designed to soften the blow of a punch strike but allowing an adequate strike contact at the same time.

Others then are made from Skintex Leather from places such as Thailand and come with triple density foams and others are made from a Maya hide leather or a Vegan engineered leather material to provide superior resistance to cracks and tears.

Boxing Glove Cleaning Tips

To prevent sweaty gloves getting dirty and smelly you should get into the habit of cleaning your gloves regularly. Clear out the excessive moisture internally and externally with a cloth and apply a solution of half parts vinegar, half parts water and this can be applied ideally with a sprayer application. Spray both the inside and outside surfaces of the gloves, wipe down with a paper towel or cloth and allow to open air dry for a few hours.

Gym Bag

The last thing you should do is allow them to sit in a gym bag after your training as bacteria and bad odours will set in. Another method used by boxers is stuffing the gloves with some old newspapers which removes the excess moisture and sweat inside and then odour balls are added to get rid of the smell. Please also make sure to never put your boxing gloves in a tumble dryer or a washing machine.

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After completing our review list for the best boxing gloves in the UK, we hope our work here can perhaps give you some direction and give you some ideas to think about. We have included numerous brands that you should be familiar with, a range of sizes to cater for adults and kids and premium higher priced gloves as well as gloves that can be bought at bargain prices so there should be something here that can meet your own expectations.

Which boxing gloves would we buy? Taking everything into consideration, our preference would have to be the Hayabusa T3 Supreme Boxing Gloves and further information plus today’s updated price can be double checked below…

Opportunity Feedback

Have you ever used any of these Boxing Gloves yourself in the recent past? Or do you prefer other branded Boxing Gloves instead?

If possible, please educate others in the UK boxing community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below…

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  1. I didn’t realise there were so many variations to boxing gloves. I see your Weight table here only goes up to 16oz. Who would wear the 20 or 22 oz gloves then? Is that for building of strength in practicing whilst using these heavier weight gloves? Or are they heavy weight boxers?

    • They provide additional padding so they are larger and bulkier giving more hand protection with the extra padding

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