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Are you searching online for a great value highly protected Mouth Guard or Gum Shield in the coming days? If so, then make sure to check out our review for what we believe are 8 of the best Gum Shields currently available in the UK at present and they all come with prices that most people can well afford.


Having a mouth guard or Gum shield is compulsory in many sports nowadays and they are vital to help protect your teeth against any unexpected knocks or bangs or nasty blows to the mouth region. After reviewing over 30 Gum Shields, we have narrowed our list down to our top 8 options for you to choose from which should speed up the process and help save you research time in the process.

Mouth Guard Designs

Some of the Gum Shields outlined below such as the Shock Doctor Gel max have a triple layered design which gives added stability and protection and makes them stronger than your average Gum Shield mouth guard.

Heavy Duty

Some gum shields will offer a heavier duty exoskeletal frame which forms the triple layer together and a key feature will be breathable support channels which are integrated on the sides which supports air inhalations when you are under pressure when playing your individual sports competitions.

Slim Mouth Guards

Some Gum Shields can be very thick which reduces the ability to speak properly, give instructions or even take in water so we have included a slimmer version on this list from Safejaws outlined further below which is designed by athletes for a slimmer and thinner design.

Instead of feeling like a burden in your mouth, these Gum shields with a slim fit allow you to take water, speak more easily and also breathe with more ease and they are certainly worth a closer look before you make your final decision (price guide is outlined further below)

Dentist Designed Gum Shields

Also included in our short list are Gum Shields designed by dentists such as the Gum shield mouth guards from Opro that have become an official partner to UFC and other sporting organisations in Rugby and Hockey.

These Opro mouth guards have unique internal fins in the guard that break down and grip your teeth giving you all the protection you need when you encounter an unexpected nasty blow. Another key fact to note is that these Opro Gum shields are made in the UK and they offer an 18 month warranty which goes a long way to helping you get the most of your new mouth guard purchase – further information is outlined further down on this page…

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Best Gum Shields – Top 8 Recommendations

Option 1: Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard Gum Shield

Gum Shield Overview:

Sizes available for youths and adults - Range of colours to choose from

Black, clear, blue, green, orange, pink, red & yellow

Suitable for both males and females - Youth size is for children under 11

Adults size is for people over 11  years old

Provides excellent dental protection

Integrated breathing support side channels - Designed for rugby, MMA and contact sports

Shock absorber frame with a triple layered design

Also reinforced with a rubber exoskeleton - Unbreakable heavy duty silicone composition

Price Guide: Less than £20

Option 2: Optimum Matrix Breathable Gum Shield Mouth Guard

Gum Shield Overview:

Available in both junior and adult sizes

Multiple colour options to choose from - Such as clear, yellow, red, black, green, pink & blue

Order codes specific to colour and size - Originated in Wigan back in 1996

Designed for rugby sports & contact sports

Heavy duty shock absorbing composition - Integrated shock frame for dental protection

Includes front and side impact padding - Fitting instructions for moulding included

Flexible memory for jaw and gum contours

Formulated with a breathing channel throughout

Price Guide: Lower level less than £15

Option 3: Safejawz Slim Fit Mouth Guard Gum Shield

Gum Shield Overview:

Provides a perfect fit or your money back - Includes a clear carry case for storage

Designed with a gel fit for all gum contours

Offers maximum gum, jaw and teeth protection

Recontoured base supports lower jaw impacts - Offers the ability to remould several times

Adult size is for people 12 years plus - Youth size is for kids under 12 years old

Ideal for tough impact sports such as rugby

Allows you to repeat the fitting process - Ultra slim profile for a comfortable grip

Wide range of colour options to choose from

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £10

Option 4: Opro Silver Level Mouthguard Gum Shield

Gum Shield Overview:

Sizes available for both youths and adults

Adult size is people over 10 years old - Youths then are for people under 10 years

Comes with a transparent carry case - Designed by a dentist Dr. Anthony Lovat

Dentist grade custom fit gum shield protection - Multiple colour options to choose from

Opro is an official supplier to the UFC and more

Winner of a innovation Queen's Enterprise Award

High impact outer layer resistance for blows - Trusted by several sporting professionals

Case is designed to reduce levels of bacteria

Price Guide: From £10 to £30

Opro Gum Shield Grades

The prices for the Gum Shields from Opro varies quite a bit and it is down to the number of layers of protection they provide, the type of sport you play and also the level of dental protection provided. An overview of the types of Gum Shields is outlined below where the Snap fit and Bronze are lower priced, the Silver and Gold gum shields are middle of the road while the Opro Platinum and Power Fit versions are the most expensive Mouth Guard options

Gum Shield:Level:Layers:Dental Protection:
Snap FitBasicSingle£5,000
PlatinumEliteDouble + Interjaw£17,500

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Option 5: Spartan Protection Gum Shield Mouth Guard

Gum Shield Overview:

Advanced bite lock technology provided

Provides reliable dental protection for heavy blows - Tried and tested by in-house athletes

Customised ridge for improved breathing - Hygienic black case and BPA free

Youth size guide from 4 to 12 years old - Adult size guide for people over 12 years

Maximum impact resistance with self-moulding

Free of latex, BPA & toxins – recycled packaging used

Over 5 years’ experience in elite sporting support

Can be remoulded several times for a perfect fit - Useful hook on the outer case for attachments

Price Guide: Less than £20

Option 6: RDX Boxing  MMA Gum Shield Mouth Guard

Gum Shield Overview:

Designed for Muay Thai, MMA, boxing & judo - Also for hockey, rugby and kick boxing

4 colour options to choose from - Such as grey, green, blue and yellow

Poly-gel latex free and molar grip technology

Kids size under 12 & adult size over 12 years - Mould with hot water, bite and cold water

Shell shock gel for maximum impact protection

Includes tri-flow perforations for air inhalation

Heavy duty storage box with recycled packaging

Moulding instructions are all included - Backed with bite and boil technology

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £20

Option 7: Venum Senior Challenger Mouth Gum Shield

Gum Shield Overview:

For people aged 11 years and over only - Multiple colour types to choose from

High grade impact resistance protection - Designed with a high density rubber

Includes a durable protective cover case

Can be remoulded several times for tighter grip

Comes with CE certification and a comfortable fit

High density internal layer for unexpected blows

Used for Rugby, hockey, MMA and combat sports

Includes a breathing channel for max. inhalations

Price Guide: Less than £15

Option 8: GNAW Kids Mouth Guard Gum Shield

Gum Shield Overview:

Comes with the CE certification quality mark

Maximum dental impact resistance and protection

Firstly includes a 100% POE outer layer - Plus a second soft 100% EVA heat moulded inner layer

Moulding instructions included for a perfect fit

Suitable for various combat sporting types

Such as MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo & Muay Thai - Plus Karate, Hockey, rugby and many more

2 sizes available – toddlers and youths

Trialled and tested by little monsters!

Price Guide: Also less than £15

Moulding Technique for your Gum Shield

Getting the perfect mould for your new gum shields is easier than you think as long as you follow the simple steps required. First you should clean the mouthguard with a toothbrush and then allow it to soak (fully immersed) in 70-80 degree Celsius hot water for 30 seconds to soften up the frame core.

Next put it under a cold tap for 1 to 2 seconds and then fit the mouthguard to your upper teeth and bite down and suck firmly for 30 seconds. Once moulded, place the gum shield in ice cold water for approx. 5 minutes to allow it to set. If you are not happy with the comfort levels at this point, then repeat these steps again to get a closer and tighter grip with your upper teeth and gums.

Video Insert: Tips for Moulding your Gum Shield

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After completing our review for the best possible Gum Shields in the UK, we hope our work here and detailed list can give you some ideas to think about and perhaps point you in the right direction when it comes to making a final decision. We have included Slimmer Gum Shields, Clear Gum Shields, Gum Shields for children and heavy duty Gum Shields for high impact levels of combat sports so there should be something here that can meet your own expectations.

Which one would we choose? From a comfort and protection point of view, our preference would have to be the Opro Silver Level Mouthguard Gum Shield outlined earlier and further reviews and updated prices can be double checked below if needed…

Gum Shield Community Feedback

Have you ever used any of these Gum Shields yourself in the recent past? Anything positive or negative to report?

If possible, please feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below…

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