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Do you need a robust and durable Basketball Hoop in the coming days? If so, then please make sure to take a quick look through our review for the best Basketball Hoops currently available to order online in the UK at present and get delivered to your home hassle free in a matter of a few working days.

Multiple Options

We have included Portable Basketball Hoop systems, Basketball Hoops with adjustable height settings, practice Hoops with solid bases that can be filled with sand or water as well as standalone Basketball backboard hoops and options for kids so there should be something here that will be of interest to you.

We also have options for standalone Basketball Hoops that can be used outdoors which are weather resistant coming with powder coated alloy steel and high density Polyethylene plus the options of both Impact Backboards and Shatterproof protected Backboards and finally official size NBA size Basketball Hoop stands.

Basketball Hoop Heights

Several of the Basketball standalone Hoops that are portable can offer height ranges from 7.5 feet up as far as 10 feet and they can be adjusted in 6 inch increments such as the Lifetime Basketball Hoop portable system. These heights are specific to the heights of the rim and a typical width of the backboard is then 44 inches wide.

Brand Heights

Other brands such as Homcom offer lower height ranges from 6.3 feet up to 8.15 feet while the Bee-Ball Optimum Heavy Duty Basketball Stand Hoop offers 7.5 feet up as far as 10 feet also outlined further below on this page.

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Best Basketball Hoops - 8 Recommendations

Option 1: Lifetime Streamline Portable Basketball Hoop System

Basketball Hoop Overview:

2 options Impact or Shatterproof backboards

Backboard width is 44 inches wide - Frame is made with high density polyethylene

Plus Alloy steel with powder coated finish

Minimum rim height level is 7.5 feet (228.6cm) - Maximum height is 10 feet tall to the rim (304.8cm)

Free standing, portable base and fade resistant

12 gallon / 45.4 litre portable base for water or sand

Requires home assembly of 1 to 2 hours work

Backed with a reliable 5 year warranty

Price Guide: £120 to £160

Option 2: Homcom Portable Kids Basketball Stand Hoop System

Basketball Hoop Overview:

Lower priced adjustable basketball hoop option

Dimensions of the hoop are 38cm or 15 inches

Made with lightweight alloy steel and polyethylene

Requires home assembly in approx. 1.5 hours

Minimum height is 6.3 feet (or 193.5cm) - Maximum height is 8.15 feet (or 248.5cm)

These heights are to the backboard tip (not the rim)

Portable design with wheels and nylon net - Weather resistant coating protection

Base can be filled with 45kg sand or 35L water

Price Guide: Lower less than £80

Portable Bases

Once you have the required location for the portable Basketball hoop, you can then fill it with either sand or water. A typical size base will have a capacity of 12 gallons or approx. 45.5 litres such as the Lifetime portable base and the weight equivalent of the 12 gallons will be approx. 45.5kg so bear this in mind when it comes to portability and moving the unit once filled. Other Hoop bases will allow a water fill of 30kg or 35kg of sand and then the Bee-Ball base recommends a mixture of both sand and water when filling.

Hoop Dimensions

A standard size for the hoop is 45cm or 18 inches in diameter and the backboard rectangle to help shooting is 61cm wide by 46cm tall (or 24 inch x 18 inch). Some of the smaller hoops designed for children will have a smaller diameter of 38cm or 15 inches wide.

Video Insert: How to assemble a Lifetime Basketball Hoop

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Option 3: Lifetime Impact Backboard Basketball Hoop – 44 Inches

Basketball Hoop Overview:

Standalone Impact backboard with rim hoop

Made with high density polypropylene & alloy steel

To be mounted on a wall or a similar fixture - Width is 44 inches or 112cm or 1.12m

Fade UV resistant backboard to protect colours

Includes all the hardware required for mounting

Premium heavy duty nylon netting included - Weather resistant powder coated steel

Perfect location is the side of a garage

Backed also with a 5 year warranty

Price Guide: Less than £60

Option 4: Northern Stone Wall Mount Basketball Hoop – 35.4 Inches

Basketball Hoop Overview:

Width of this backboard is 90cm or 35.4 inches

Made with alloy steel and high density polypropylene - Netting is made from high quality nylon

Standalone basket hoop board to be wall mounted

Includes a classic 17 inch rim for various basketballs - Black coloured powder coated steel rim

Easy to see red target rectangle on white background

Mounting fittings & fixtures are included in the pack

Includes UV and fade resistant properties

Dimensions for the backboard are 90cm by 62cm

Price Guide: Also less than £60

Option 5: Display4top Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoop Overview:

Minimum height of rim is 179cm or 5.9 feet - Maximum rim height is 209cm or 6.8 feet

Made with alloy steel and high density polypropylene

Height adjustable system to cater for various heights

Rim diameter is 17 inches ideal for home use

Dimensions of the backboard are 71cm by 45cm

Supported with wheels for easier mobility - Portable base can be filled with sand or water

Requires home assembly 1.5 hours on average

High quality net and covered with 2 year warranty

Price Guide: Less than £70

Option 6: SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoop Overview:

Heights of the rim can be adjusted to suit

Requires home assembly approx. 1 to 2 hours work

Minimum height level as low as 3.5 feet or 106cm - Maximum height level is 7 feet or 213cm

Includes a shatterproof backboard 84cm by 58cm

Frame is made with lightweight alloy steel - Also includes a net, a mini basketball & wheels

Portable base can be filled with water or sand

Can be used in pools at lower levels for extra fun

Rim diameter is 14.5 inches or 37cm wide

Price Guide: More expensive £150+

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Video Insert: Lifetime Portable Basketball System Assembly Tips


To ensure you have choices from endorsed premium type Basketball Hoops, we have also included options that are endorsed by the BBL British Basketball League and the WBBL Women’s British Basketball League and these are outlined further down on this page (option 7 below). The fact that these Net1 Basketball Hoops are approved and recommended by these organisations goes along way and they come with price levels that most people can well afford. Not only can they be used as home, but they can also be used by sporting organizations, competitive training and recreational use.

Winter Warning

If you intend to fill the Portable bases with water and leave them unattended during the Winter, then you should make sure to add some anti-freeze to the water to ensure the Portable base won’t get damaged and crack when temperatures fall below freezing levels. Alternatively you can use sand which will be fine all year round but filling the bases with Sand into a small hole can be more difficult than you think especially when you don’t have a funnel.

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Option 7: NET1 Attack Youth Portable Basketball Hoop System

Basketball Hoop Overview:

Slow moulded portable base for water or sand

Provisions made for additional ground stakes - Includes transport wheels for easier portability

Minimum height level is 6.5 feet or 200cm - Maximum rim height up to 8.5 feet or 260cm

Portable base has a capacity of 38 litres

All-weather 9 loop net with a telescopic pole - No tools are required to adjust height settings

Backboard is 76cm by 51cm with H frame support

System is endorsed by BBL and the WBBL - British Basketball league and Women’s British Basketball league

Comes backed with a 28 day warranty

Price Guide: Tends to be over £130

Option 8: Bee-Ball Optimum Heavy Duty Basketball Stand Hoop

Basketball Hoop Overview:

Full NBA official size heavy duty basketball hoop

Rebound system and breakaway ring (ZY-021)

Freestanding unit made from Alloy steel - Parts made with Polycarbonate backboard

Heights of the rim are adjustable - Designed for more serious athletes and players

Heights range from 2.3m up to 3.05m - Or 7 foot 6 inches up to 10 feet high

Includes the transparent Perspex backboard

Full NBA diameter rim ring of 45cm - Breakaway spring mounting rim included

Wheels are integrated in the base for mobility

Backboard dimensions are 136cm by 80cm

Price Guide: More expensive @ £200+

Video Insert: Tips for assembling a Bee-Ball Basketball Stand Hoop

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After completing this review for the best Basketball Hoops in the UK, we hope this list can give you some ideas to think about and perhaps point you in the right direction for your own final decision. We have included official NBA sized heavy duty Basketball Hoops up to 10 feet, options approved by the BBL and the WBLL, small Basketball Hoops for children which are height adjustable as well as standalone Basketball Hoop backboards so there should be something here that will be of interest to you.

Which one would we buy? The Bee-Ball is fantastic but it would be a little out of my own price league so our preference overall would have to be the Lifetime Streamline Portable Basketball Hoop System outlined earlier and further information along with today’s updated priced can be double checked above


Basketball Hoop Community Feedback

Have you ever used any of these Basketball Hoops yourself in the recent past? Would you mind possibly sharing your own experiences?

If possible, please feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below…

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