Best Basketballs in the UK 2022 – Which Brands?


Are you searching online for a reliable and high performance Basketball? If so, then make sure to check out our review for the best Basketballs available in the UK at present that cover many of most popular brands that you should already be familiar with and it covers various sizes for youths, women and men. After testing and reviewing over 25 Basketballs, we have narrowed our list down to our top 7 Basketballs which should speed up the process when it comes to your own online research.

We also focussed on branded Basketballs that were more readily available rather than Basketballs with poor stock availability or frequent out of sales. As guide prices can only be shown today, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. In addition, feel free also to check out the video inserts which will provide you with some tips when it comes to getting the most out of your own personal basketball game skills and abilities.

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Basketball Materials

Not all basketballs are made the same and the higher priced basketballs will come with more expensive raw materials in the design made up. The top end basketballs tend to be made with top quality real leather and a lower grade from this then would be a manufactured premium composite leather. Next in line to this then would be basketballs made with composite leathers and then the lower versions can be made with a synthetic leather.

The synthetic leathers though can be used on indoor and outdoor courts and can range in official sizes of 5, 6 and 7. Composite leather, premium composite leather and real leathers are for indoor courts only where real leathers are used for official game matches.

Video Insert: Overview of Basketball Basic Rules

Basketball Size Guide

Starting off, make sure you are familiar with the various Basketball sizes which is summarised below. The intermediate basketballs are 28.5 inches with a height of approx. 9 inches while the official basketballs are 29.5 inches with a height of approx. 12 inches and these are classified as an official size 7. The weight of the basketballs can vary from approx. 450g to 650g for the heavier duty basketballs and then the lighter kids basketballs tend to be only 330g in weight

Basketball Size Chart Age Guide

As a guide when it comes to age, players under 10 can use a size 4 to learn the skill while youths from 9 to 11 years should use a size 5 which is 27.5 inches. Boys from the age of 12 to 14 can use a size 6 (28.5 inch) and boys aged 15 plus and men can use a basketball size 7 or 29.5 inches. Girls aged 12 plus and women should use a size 6 or 28.5 inch basketball when it comes to selecting the appropriate basketball sizes as outlined in the table below

Age GuideSize/CircumferenceGender
Up to 10 yearsSize 4 -26 inchBoys and girls
9 to 11 yearsSize 5 – 27.5 inchBoys and girls
12 to 14 yearsSize 6 – 28.5 inchBoys
12 years plusSize 6 – 28.5 inchGirls and Women
15 years plusSize 7 – 29.5 inchMen

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Best Basketball Recommendations

Option 1: Spalding NBA Street Basketball

Basketball Overview:

High performance rubber components

Durable, hard wearing and tough exterior - Available in 29.5 inch official size 7

Large NPA Spalding logo with Street reference - Height and width is 12 inches

Deep channels on the exterior for superior grip

Specially designed for outdoor playing

Established brand started since 1876

Price Guide: Under £35 @ Amazon UK

Option 2: Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Basketball Overview:

Multiple different colour mixes to choose from - Branding in blue, green, yellow or green

Available in intermediate 28.5 inch - Or official size of 29.5 inch

Designed more for indoor play competitions

Rated and voted as a number 1 basketball choice

Intermediate size ideal for children and schools

Super channel width and bounce capacity

Price Guide: Higher priced @ £45 plus

Wilson Basketball Range

Below is an overview of the range of basketballs currently available from the brand of Wilson with all the colour options to choose from.

Video Insert: Beginners Guide for Basketball Shooting

Option 3: Senston Coloured Basketball with Pump and Needle Attachment

Basketball Overview:

Available in black, blue or green colours - Lower priced alternative under £30

Includes a ball pump and needle attachment

Available as the official size 7 29.5 inches

Made from natural rubber & nylon fibres - Used both for indoor and outdoor play

Perfect for starters, home use and schools

Includes steps for using the needle and pump

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £30

Option 4: Champion Sports Official Heavy Duty Basketball

Basketball Overview:

Heavier duty design basketball solution

Designed with a two ply butyl bladder

For more wear and tear, indoor and outdoor play

Various colour options to choose from - Such as orange, yellow, blue, green and purple

Style basketball reference code is RBB2BL - Smaller sized basketball 27.5 inches size 5

Ideal for children, starters or beginners

Price Guide: Less than £25 @ Amazon UK

Video Insert: Basketball Combo moves that you can add to you game

Option 5: Meteor Youth Children Size 4 Basketball

Basketball Overview:

Smaller size 4 basketball for kids and youths - Can be used outdoor and indoors

Size 4 Layup suitable up to 10 years old

Excellent gripping with the deep channels

Multiple types of colours options to choose from

Mixed colours also blue, red, orange, purple & more - Lighter weight design at just 330g

Vibrant attractive colours for kids to play with

Price Guide: Usually for less than £15

Option 6: Baden Elite Match Play Indoor Basketball

Basketball Overview:

Control cushion technology and breathable micro fiber

Great grip for dunking, passing and dribbling

More expensive premium basketball solution

Used for match play and competitions - Designed with a Stealth soft valve system

This allows a better bounce from the valve area

Approved by Basketball sporting bodies - Such as FIBA, Basketball England & Basketball Scotland

Price Guide: Tends to be over £50 level

Option 7: Molten FIBA Official BG5000 Basketball

Basketball Overview:

Official international FIBA match game ball - Available both in size 6 and size 7

Made with premium real leather - FIBA approved and used in tournaments

Designed with a natural leather texture

Used by elite athletes and has become an official ball supplier to UK basketball leagues

Easy to control, excellent grip and bounce capacity - Improved grip design especially with sweat and moisture

High foam concentration and EVA backing layer - Size 7 is used for men’s basketball and size 6 for women’s basketball

Price Guide: Also over £50 @ Amazon UK

Video Insert: How to improve your Basketball Shooting accuracy

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After completing this review for the best basketballs in the UK, we hope this list can help you out in some small way and perhaps give you some suggestions to think about. We have included a wide range of options to choose from such as official match play Basketballs, Basketballs for kids, premium high quality Basketballs plus basketballs designed for outdoor as well as indoor courts so there should be something here to meet your own expectations.

Which one would we buy? After further consideration, our preference would have to be the Baden Elite Match Play Indoor Basketball outlined earlier and further information along with updated prices can be double checked below if needed…

Basketball Community Feedback

Have you ever used any of these Basketballs yourself in the recent past? Would you mind sharing your own experiences?

If possible, please feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below…

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