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Which Smart Watch is the best one to buy this year? To find out more, please make sure to take a quick look through our review for what we believe are 7 of the best Smart Watches to buy in the UK at present.

Brand Recognition

You should be familiar with many of these brands already who have years of experience in this sector and we have included additional brands that offer great value if you need to seek out the lowest possible prices available while providing great value at the same time.

Review Results

We have reviewed over 30 Smart Watches and narrowed our list down to our top 7 options which should help speed up the process when it comes to your own online research. Included also will be a series of video inserts to give you a better understanding of what some of these Smart Watches are all about before you make any final decision

Video Insert: Review of the Fitbit Versa 3 Smart Watch

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Best Smart Watches in the UK – Our 7 Recommendations

Option 1: Huawei GPS 3D GT2 Smart Watch

Smart Watch Overview:

Model version GT2 46mm - 1.39 inch Amoled display

15 Sport modes available

GPS built in and Bluetooth - Battery life 2 weeks long

Glass screen 3D & GLONASS

Android must be 4.4 or later - iOS must be 9.0 or later

Full time fitness trainer

TruSleepTM 2.0 sleep tracking

Bluetooth calling feature

Smart Watch Description:

  • One of our favourite Smart Watches would have to be the Huawei GPS 3D GT2 Smart Watch which comes in a black matte finish but is also available in red if you wish to look beyond the standard black colour. Typically speaking you should be able to get your hands on this for less than £150 when seen at the time of this review and in some cases less than £130 when promotional discounts are in place.
  • For the operating systems, the Android needs to be 4.4 or later and the iOS needs to be 9.0 or higher and it comes with a wide range of features for you to use each and every day. It has 2 location positioning systems for better accuracy namely GPS and GLONASS which work superbly, you get the sleep monitor, Bluetooth connectivity, water resistance and the screen size here is 1.39 inches.
  • For the power saving technology, it comes with the wearable chip Kirin A1 which helps it to last up to 2 weeks long and the 3D glass screen gives superb touch response when navigating the controls and systems. There is the Bluetooth calling all the time along with 15 workout modes to navigate through and you can even avail of the full time fitness trainer to give you all the guidance you need be it for beginners or even advanced users.
  • You can track all the fitness parameters such as calories, steps, intensity levels, pressure monitoring and so much more and the Bluetooth calling feature when your hands are occupied is a serious cool feature backed with accurate positioning using both the GLONASS and GPS locations systems. You also get the daily notifications, sleep tracking plus the heart monitoring as standard

Price Guide: Less than £150

Option 2: Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness GPS Smartwatch

Smart Watch Overview:

Bluetooth communication - Voice assistant and  GPS built in

Heart rate monitoring 24/7

Battery life up to 6 days average

Various colour options to choose - Reveals current health trends

Music and Podcast storage - Ability to add in Playlists

Built in voice assistant with Alexa

Sleep score tracking - Active zone minutes

Helps to reach goals faster

Smart Watch Description:

  • Up next is the highly popular Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness GPS Smartwatch that comes in a variety of different colour options and you should be able to get your hands on it for less than £200 when seen at the time of this review. For compatibility with your Smart phones, your Android needs to be 7.0 or higher and the iOS needs to be 12.2 or higher. Wireless communication and connection is supported with the Bluetooth and it can be supported with activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, reminders, weather and of course you have the GPS built in as standard.
  • The battery life here tends to last up to 6 days on average and you have the ability to store podcasts, play music and get connected to various playlists to keep you motivated for longer and help you reach your own personal goals. The active zone minutes also helps to guide you get the most out of your activities and pushes you to go that extra bit harder and further and it is supported with a voice assistant Alexa which makes sure you are kept up to date even when it comes to reminders and the weather.
  • The quality of the positioning GPS system is excellent as well as the heart rate monitoring and the sleep score tracking which can be compared daily or on a week to week basis. For the GPS, it is a great help when it comes to biking, hiking and running in difficult terrain and you even have the ability to control smart home appliances with the Alexa voice assistant.
  • This Smart Watch is lightweight by design, it comes backed with a 2 year warranty and it needs serious consideration when it comes to making your final decision – plus the recharging here only takes around 15 minutes there or there abouts.

Price Guide: Less than £200

Option 3: Garmin Fēnix 6 Pro Ultimate Multisport GPS Smart Watch

Smart Watch Overview:

Premium Garmin Fēnix 6 Pro

Screen Size 1.3 inches - GPS built in with mapping

Covers various multi-sports

Pace grade monitoring - Pulse sensors for heart rates

Slightly larger than older models

Sunlight readable display

High resolutions with pacepro - Training status estimations

GPS, GLONASS and Galileo - Multiple satellite systems

Music storage & contactless payments

Smart Watch Description:

  • If you have slightly more available to spend, then you should consider the Garmin Fēnix 6 Pro Ultimate Multisport GPS Smart Watch that has 3 satellites GPS, GLONASS and Galileo for improved navigation outdoors with preloaded TOPO maps and real life training configurations. This Smart Watch brings everything that your standard smart watch offers plus all the premium features and connectivity’s for higher end tracking, positioning and statistics.
  • This screen size is 1.3 inches in size which is slightly larger than older models and it comes with high resolutions, steel bezel stainless, upgraded PacePro for guidance on grade pacing and of course the sunlight readable display screen. The Pacepro is particularly impressive when it comes to getting the most of each of your pace levels backed with status estimations and of course the heart rate monitoring in tandem with your workout routines
  • There is the option for contactless payments in certain countries plus the podcast or music storage along with playlists to keep you motivated for longer and the sensors are first class with a three axis compass supported with a barometer altimeter and gyroscope. There is the silicone band option or the leather bands, fabric bands or metal bands so you are not just limited when it comes to comfort levels and personal preferences on band types
  • If you want preloaded maps or ski maps or TopoActive maps, then this Smart Watch ticks all those boxes and as you run or cycle the course, you get all the pace guidance you need when it comes to pace at different stages of the course or maps. It has been tested to US military standards, you get multiple performance metric reporting and if Garmin is your brand of choice, then make sure to take a closer look at this Garmin Fēnix 6 Pro below

Price Guide: More expensive @ £400+

Option 4: Apple Smart Watch Series 6 with GPS

Smart Watch Overview:

Tracks daily activities  -Connect with Fitness app iPhone

Records walking, running, exercises

20% faster than Series 5 - Lithium ion battery S6 SiP

Brighter retina outdoor display

GPS location built in - Measure blood oxygen levels

Heart rate with the ECG app - Helps to meet sleep goals

Tracks rowing, cycling, swimming and more

Smart Watch Description:

  • If you prefer the brand of Apple, then the Smart Watch to consider is the Apple Smart Watch Series 6 with GPS location built in and it has the ability to record multiple exercise routines be it walking, running, swimming, rowing, yoga, hiking, cycling and so much more. It feels really comfortable on the skin on your wrist and the brighter display and touch screen features are superb in every way. The brighter display in particular when it comes to outdoors allows improved visibility on the information you need to keep you going.
  • The 40mm band here is designed for wrists that are 130mm to 200mm and the 44mm band is designed for wrists that are 140mm to 220mm plus there are a range of colours to choose from be it red, black, ivory, white or mixed grey/black. You can even reply to text messages or receive calls from your wrist, the battery is expected to last a minimum of 4 years and a cool feature is the ability to measure the amount of blood oxygen with the sensors and app.
  • To record your heart rate, you can use the ECG app, it is 20% faster than Series 5 and it comes with the U1 ultra-wideband chip and high quality 5GHz Wi-Fi system. Your trends, information and tracking can be viewed on the iPhone Fitness app and it can support you when it comes to sleep tracking and meeting your sleep time goals.
  • Results from the blood oxygen can be seen in the Health app, swimming lengths with calories and timings can be tracked and you can get 3 months free Fitness app when you buy an Apple Watch. Overall, we would highly recommend this Smart Watch and it gives you all the health information you need on your wrist.

Price Guide: £350 to £450

Option 5: Fitbit Sense Advanced Smart Watch

Smart Watch Overview:

Includes 6 month Fitbit premium trial

Better tools for sleep goals - Leading edge designs

Built in GPS location system - Compatible with ECG app

Temperatures from your skin

Stress tracking and EDA sensor - Stainless steel ring fitting

Upgraded infinity band design

Quick release band mechanism

Tracks daily activities and exercises

Smart Watch Description:

  • If your preferred brand is Fitbit, then another Smart watch that you will enjoy is the Fitbit Sense Advanced Smart Watch which gives you some extra tools to managing your tracking, health status reports and viewing trends. While it is more expensive, you should still be able to get your hands on it for less than £300 when seen at the time of this review. It is designed with the graphite stainless steel and comes with the GPS location built in, heart monitoring, sleep tracking and all your exercise activity tracking.
  • The band is made from Silicone, the battery is lithium ion which lasts up to 6 days on average and smart phone compatibility is 7.0 or higher on Android and iOS must be 12.2 or higher. You get the wireless connection with Bluetooth and connection to the Fitbit app which gives you regular reports on trends, tracking, sleep timings and the on wrist EDA scan app supports the sense detection of skin condition and activities.
  • The Electrocardiogram or ECG app connection works to help monitor your heart rate and rhythm and the skin log of your skin temperature is recorded so you can also see where the trends are at but please note that the Fitbit ECG app is only available in certain countries. The overall design here is superb with the laser-bonded corning Gorilla Glass 3 and the custom AMOLED display along with the polished stainless steel ring and of course a free 6 month Fitbit premium trial is available for further analytics and guidance programs
  • It also provides built in voice support Alexa which can give you weather updates, news updates, set calendar reminders, alarms for the morning and also to control other smart devices and appliances in your home as well as all the health metric information you may need

Price Guide: Less than £300

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Last 2 Smart Watch Recommendations

If our first 5 recommendations outlined already haven’t met all of your needs just yet, then check out our last 2 Smart Watch recommendations summarised briefly as follows from Garmin and also from Popglory if you need a Smart Watch solution at a lower price level than normal.

Option 6: Garmin Venu Sensor GPS Smartwatch

Key Points in Summary:

Full activity exercise tracking - GPS built in plus sleep monitoring

Bright touchscreen display

Body energy tracking and Pulse ox sensors

Heart rate monitor, Screen size 1.2 inches - Up to 5 day battery life

Can track activities, energy, stress, sleep and steps

Also monitors menstrual cycles - 20 preloaded GPS and Sporting apps

Music can be downloaded plus animated workouts

Price Guide: £250 to £350

Option 7: Popglory Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Key Points in Summary:

Lower priced Smart Watch alternative - Highly rated with customer reviews

Tracks activities, heart rate and blood pressure - Various colour options including black

Includes Bluetooth connection & 8 sports modes - Waterproof and screen size 1.3 inches

Android must be 4.4 or higher and music control

iOS must be 9.0 or higher plus 5 brightness levels

Tracks sleep, blood oxygen, sporting exercises

Supports custom wallpaper capabilities

Price Guide: Less than £50

Video Insert: A closer look at the Garmin Fēnix 6 Smart Watch

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After completing our review for the best Smart Watches in the UK, we hope our work here can help you out in some way and give you some ideas to think about before you make your final decision. We have included Smart Watches from Huawei, Fitbit, Garmin and Apple plus a lower priced Smart Watch for less than £50 so there should be something here that can meet your own expectations and needs.

Which one would we choose? From a personal preference point of view, it would have to be the Garmin Fēnix 6 Pro Ultimate Multisport GPS Smart Watch outlined earlier and further reviews plus updated prices can be double checked below…

Smart Watch Community Feedback

Have you ever used any of these Smart Watches yourself in the recent past? Did they live up to your expectations or were you disappointed in any way?

If possible, feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below…

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  1. Hey, I  think these smartwatches are amazing! I love how you have several different watches compared so we have an option to choose from. I personally cannot live without my Apple watch and my partner is looking for one also, she prefers the Fitbit Versa 3 and the Garmin Fenix, unable to decide at the moment but cheers for putting this helpful list together for us to consider the best route to go

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