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Many thanks again for taking the time to visit – if you are looking to buy a Kettler Cross trainer in the coming days, then make sure to check out this brief Kettler Cross Trainer review which covers 4 separate models in this compilation so at least you have more than just one option when it comes to making a final decision.

Summary Table

A short summary table will also be outlined at the end of this page so feel free to view that also for further clarity. One of the one main attraction for these cross trainers is the zero-impact design which protects your joints more so than other exercise machines for an all-round healthy workout.


We are aware also that prices will be important to you and they can change from any given week so please make sure to view the price checkers provided under the images below to ensure you get the best value for your money.  If you believe that some prices are out of your range, then make sure to take a look also at the lower priced alternatives which are also provided at the end of this review. So, without any further delay, let’s begin…

Cross Trainer Review Overview:

Brand:Kettler Cross Trainers
Models:4 Separate Models
Best Price:Amazon UK - View Todays Price Here
Warranty:Typically 3 years (Conditions apply)
Orders Online:Yes, Orders accepted online (small delivery fee of approx. £5.00 applies in some cases)
Deliveries:Location dependant, tends to be 3 to 7 working days

Kettler Cross Trainer Review (4)

1, The Kettler Rondo P Bike Trainer

Quick Overview:

  • First on this list for review is the Kettler Rondo P Bike which can provide you with great results in improving your overall cardiovascular fitness levels and improving the toning across your upper and lower muscles.
  • The flywheel weight here comes in 14kg and you also get the electro-magnetic braking system which has the digital resistance adjustments that operate from 1 up as far as 16 and can be operated digitally.
  • You also get 8 different programmes to choose from and one of them includes your pulse level. The display has multiple programmes to choose from and there are double ball bearings in all of the hinge-joints for added security.
  • For transportation purpose, there are wheels included in the feet to help you when it needs to be moved from room to room and the price region tends to be around the £450 mark which of course can be double checked below.


  • Tends to be one of the lower priced options under the Kettler range
  • You get the electro magnetic braking and no impact on your joints
  • Resistance levels can go from 1 to 16
  • 8 individual programmes to work with which eliminates guesswork
    Rear stabilizers are included for extra sturdiness


  • Relatively untested in the UK market
  • Noise level is somewhat higher than some people would expect
  • Several other models under various other brands have much lower price tags.
  • Warranty level not clearly explained.



2, The Kettler Skylon 3 Cross Trainer

Quick Overview:

  • The second model for review is the Kettler Skylon 3 Cross Trainer which is a significant step up from option 1 above so please be prepared in advance to dig deeper into your pockets for this one. Please note that there is the motor adjustable magnetic brake system built in with 15 resistance levels to work through and it gives you a comfortable impact free workout that you can enjoy.
  • There is the backlit control display screen which outlines 9 separate functions and of course the hand sensors to measure your pulse rate at all times. The stride length available here is 50cm and the flywheel weight comes in at 20kg.
  • Another great feature is the fact that it has the one hand fold away system for better storage and includes a series of lights to monitor your heart rate be it that you are working too slow (blue), just right (green) or if it is too high (red). It also has 8 training programmes included so you can eliminate any guesswork and get going a lot quicker.
  • In addition, the height levels can be adjusted, castors are included and there is a warranty of 3 years provided which includes parts and labour. The maximum user allowance that applies here is 150kg. Pricewise, when last seen it was available in the region of £850 to £950 which can be viewed below if you are interested in taking a quick look.


  • Easy to fold away with one hand saving you space at home
  • LCD display of 9 separate functions and no impact on your joints
  • 15 resistance tension levels included and overall great experience for a high performance workout.
  • Lights for your heart rate – low / ideal / high or blue / green / red


  • Price range tends to be too high for the average person.
  • Heavy piece of equipment – care and attention is needed when you need to move it.
  • Assembly will be tricky for some and requires a lot of time and attention to detail


3, The Kettler Skylon 5 Cross Trainer

Quick Overview:

  • The third model under review is the Kettler Skylon 5 Cross Trainer which has the narrow gaps between the foot plates and the height adjustment and castors for transporting around your home. The one main feature is the higher spec computer which is able to handle the memory from 4 separate users which is great for family type sessions. That way each person at home can have their fitness monitored and tracked when needed and comparisons can be made against one another.
  • This model can also be neatly folded away when not in use and has the heart rate light monitor to tell you if you are not working hard enough (blue), working just right (green) or if you are overworked (red). It can also be folded away easily and neatly with one hand.
  • The flywheel weight comes in at 22kg and there is a front USB connection provided also. You have the choice to work through 8 different programmes including options for fat burning, cardio, recovery and pulse rate and the induction brake system is also provided. (25 to 400 watts)
  • In terms of overall dimensions, it comes in at L201cm by W68cm by H170cm and it can handle a user weight of up to 150kg. The stride length is 50cms and the price level can range from £850 to £1050 depending on local discount activities which can be viewed below.


  • Premium computer memory for 4 separate users (fitness levels can be tracked / compared)
  • Includes the Heart Rate light to give you more control (blue / green / red)
  • No impact levels on your joints like treadmills
  • USB connection is provided


  • Again, the price is too out of reach for the average person, you need to be a serious fanatic about your fitness to splash out this amount of money.
  • Assembly can be difficult for several people – additional patience, time and attention to detail is required.
  • Too large and heavy for some people to manage



4, The Kettler M Cross Trainer

Quick Overview:

  • Last on this list for review is the lower priced Kettler M Cross Trainer which provides great value for the average type person and gives a smooth running magnetic brake system with 8 stages of resistance training and of course there is a 3 year parts and labour warranty.
  • The LCD screen here has 6 different functions, the flywheel weight comes in at 12kg and batteries are included for the screen console which is battery operated. There is also the mechanism of monitoring your pulse rate through the ear clip and also the hand grip sensors.
  • The overall size dimensions come in at 115 by 62 by 160cm, the weight is only 52kg and it can handle a user maximum weight of 110kg. There are also the castors for easy transportation, built in levellers for uneven surfaces and the stride steps can also be adjusted where needed.


  • Significantly lowered priced that some of the other options outlined earlier.
  • Much lighter piece of equipment when compared to the Skylon versions
  • Console can record times, distances, speeds, pedalling speed and also your energy consumption rates.
  • Operated by batteries so no need to worry about positioning near your wall sockets


  • No USB connection or MP3 player
  • You don’t have any programmes to choose or work with
  • Lower level of tension resistance levels to train through
  • Noise level tends to be too high for some.



Comparison Table

A quick summary table is outlined below for further clarity and comparisons:

Model:Programmes:Flywheel:Resistance:User Weight:Weight:
Kettler Rondo P Trainer814kg1-16110kg55kg
Kettler Skylon 3 Trainer820kg1-15150kg98kg
Kettler Skylon 5 Trainer822kg1-15150kg95kg
Kettler M Cross Trainer012kg1-8110kg52kg

Alternative Brands

If you are still undecided about the Kettler Cross trainers, then make sure also to check out 2 other popular options which I have seen on sale which are definitely worth a closer look also before you make your final decision.

Educate the Wider Community

Have you any experience of using Kettler Cross Trainers yourself?

If so, then please educate the UK wider community by leaving your feedback in the comment section provided below – So that they can learn also!

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