Confidence Elliptical Cross Trainer Review 2023 – Bargain?


Are you interested in buying a Confidence Cross Trainer? If so, then please make sure to check out this Confidence Elliptical Cross Trainer Review which covers 3 separate models and will give you more than just one choice when it comes to making a final decision.

Main Attractions

One of the main attractions when considering a Confidence Cross Trainer is the lower price level when compared to various other brands but please be aware that they are lower priced for a reason – they offer less when it comes to overall functionality and features.


Some buyers will be more than happy with their purchase as they see it as a bargain yet others will see it as a complete waste of time as it couldn’t deliver on their own expectations. Before you make any decision, please read through all the main features, pros and cons associated to each model which will give you a better understanding if this is the correct brand of Cross Trainer for you or not.

Week to Week

Price will also be extremely important to you and they can change from week to week so please make sure to view the price checkers provided beneath each of the images below to ensure you get the best value for your money. So, without any further delay, let’s get started…

Cross Trainer Review Overview:

Models:3 Model Compilation Overview
Price Levels:Approx £80 to £120 (at the time of this review)
Reliable Supplier:Amazon UK – View current stocks here
Warranty:12 months – Please double check individual sellers.
Orders Online:Yes, orders accepted online
Deliveries:Location dependant, tends to be 1 to 5 working days

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are there any height restrictions?
A. No height restrictions are stipulated, only weight restrictions

Q. Are the distances outlined in Miles or Kilometres?
A. It is outlined in Kilometres.

Q. What happens if replacement parts are needed?
A. Simply email the Confidence company directly

Q. What warranty level is available?
A. Usually a 12-month warranty applies however can vary depending on where you buy or the seller you use.

Confidence Elliptical Cross Trainer Review (3)

1, The Confidence Elliptical Cross Trainer with Computer

Quick Overview:

  • First on this review list is the Confidence Elliptical Cross Trainer with the Computer included which has the ability to provide a total body, low-impact, cardiovascular workout and has one of the lowest price points that I have come across when compared against several other brands.
  • There are the adjustable resistance levels to provide tougher sessions, it can move both forward and in backward motions and there is the computer which has 4 functions which are times taken, speed levels, distances travelled and calories burned.
  • The overall dimensions of this model are 124cm long by 66cm wide by 160cm high, the maximum user weight allowance is 17.3 stone (or 110kg) and weighs just 25kg. Though small in size, it can work on your legs, hips, buttocks, arms and shoulders and includes a tension dial to adjust the level of difficulty while you train.
  • Lastly then, the price range can range anywhere from £80 to £100 depending on local discount activities and todays price can be double checked below if you are interested in taking a closer look.


  • One of the lowest prices available – if you are looking for a bargain, then look no further
  • Perfect for low impact exercises and lighter type workouts and can burn 5 times more calories than walking
  • Assembly is quicker and easier that one would expect and should only take 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Small compact size is perfect for people with smaller living spaces or people looking to recover from injuries or illnesses.


  • On board computer is small and it is limited to 4 basic functions only which won’t meet everyone’s expectations.
  • Limited to a max user weight if 110kg or approx. 17.3 stone.
  • No built in programmes available to work with that other brands offer
  • Limited resistance tension level flexibility and capability.
  • Handlebars could be more comfortable and easier to work with
  • Lacks all the bells and whistles that other brands offer but gives good value overall for what you have to pay.




2, The Confidence 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer & Bike

Quick Overview:

  • The second model under this review is the Confidence 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer and Bike which tends to cost slightly more than the first model outlined above and gives you both the flexibility of using it as an exercise bike and also a cross trainer.
  • There are 4 functions available on the computer system to keep track of your speed levels, times taken, calories burned and distances travelled, the resistance tension levels can be adjusted manually through the dial and it can operate in both the backward and forward motion.
  • The overall low impact exercise you can get will help with your legs, hips, buttocks, arms and shoulders, the resistance levels can be adjusted and the maximum user capacity is also 110kg or 17.3 stone. The weight of the unit is 28kg and comes with an overall dimension of W50.5 cm by H154 cm by L128 cm.
  • An instruction assembly manual is provided and the price when last seen was in the £90 to £120 region which of course should be double checked below if you feel this can work for you.


  • For a smaller increased price, you get the additional functionality of an exercise bike with the cross trainer
  • Price available tends to be extremely low and offers great value for what you have to pay.
  • Perfect for low impact light training or walking to lose weight and keep in shape
  • Ideal for people with small living spaces due to the smaller compact size.
  • The height of the handles can be adjusted


  • Lacks all the special bells and whistles that many other brands can offer and issues with the pedals have been reported in the past.
  • No built in programs to choose from and you need to be extremely careful with assembly to ensure there are no problems down the line
  • Basic computer system with basic functions and the noise level can be too high for some
  • Assembly will be difficult for many – can take up to 1 hour, patience and attention to detail is needed so lay out all the pieces clearly before you start to avoid any mistakes.
  • Overall quality and reliability is questionable with some bad reviews but it is matched with the lower bargain price point. If you can afford to pay more or need a trainer for higher intensity workouts – then you should look elsewhere to avoid disappointment.



3, The Confidence Pro 2-in-1 Cross Trainer

Quick Overview:

  • The last model under this review is the Confidence Pro 2-in-1 Cross Trainer which includes additional features but tends to cost more so be prepared in advance to dig deeper into your pocket for this piece of fitness equipment.
  • This unit comes in at a weight of just 28kg where various other brands tend to be in the 50kg weight bracket. The overall dimensions here are L128cm by W50.5cm by H154cm and again it has a maximum user weight allowance of 110kg similar to the 2 previous models outlined above.
  • The resistance tension levels are provided through the dial knob and it provides a total body, low-impact, cardiovascular workout using either the exercise bike or the cross trainer or using one after the other to provide more interest in your training programmes. It is ideal for working on your legs, hips, arms and shoulder regions and is great for lower type intensity level workouts.
  • A 12 month warranty is available, it can be operated in both directions forward and reverse and the price can range anywhere from £100 to £130 when last seen on sale which again can be double checked below.


  • Ideal for people looking for a bargain price – however please note you get what you pay for. Many other models reviewed throughout this website though more expensive have proven to be alot more reliable.
  • Lighter in weight when compared to larger type trainers under various other brands.
  • Perfect for people with tighter and smaller type living spaces due to its compact size.
  • Ideal for people who prefer lower type intense lighter and milder workouts.
  • Although it is not “the best out there” there is a 12 month warranty back up if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


  • Poor level of features, programmes, stability and reliability and the seat takes time to get accustomed to it.
  • Computer screen is very basic and won’t be good enough for the hard core athletes
  • Overall quality, reliability and functionality is a bit hit and miss – great for some yet disliked greatly by others also. If you can afford to pay more – then look elsewhere
  • Assembly is not that difficult but needs a lot of time and attention to detail – lay out all parts clearly to avoid any mistakes.
  • Struggles with high intensity workouts – if you need a piece of equipment for high intensity cardio workouts on a frequent basis each week – then try to pay more from under a more premium brand that will last longer and give less hassle


Consider Alternatives

If you are still undecided at this stage and can afford to pay more, then feel free to look at 3 other options that are worth a closer look before you make your final decision outlined as follows…

Educate Others  in the UK

Have you any experience of using Confidence Cross Trainers yourself?

If so, then please educate the UK wider community by leaving your feedback (good or bad) in the comment section provided below – So that they can learn also!

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  1. Using my cross trainer provides similar body benefits to my body when I am jogging but this time around with less stress on my joints and muscles especially your knees which is a common problem area as a matter of fact,cross training actually has helped to strengthen my bone and muscle density so you’ll be betterequipped for everyday movement. I’ll be willing to get a new one since the old one is faulty, and I’m glad it comes with a warranty. Thanks.

  2. The reviews on the cross trainers are full of detail. As an expat from the US I would love to see max weight in lbs as well as kg and stones. I also love the price checker as many people will be curious of cost and you allow them to see the most up to date cost. Is this a brand you would find at a local gym or mainly for home use?

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