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If you need some tips on how to use your new Cross Trainer, than make sure to take a quick look through the videos provided below which will outline all the main points and features you need to know to get the best results from them.

Video - How To use a Cross Trainer

Different Parts of an Elliptical Cross trainer

An elliptical cross trainer, also known as an elliptical machine or simply an elliptical, is a popular exercise machine that simulates the motion of walking, jogging, or running without the impact on joints. It consists of several key components that work together to provide a low-impact, full-body workout and here are the different parts of an elliptical cross trainer that you will be using

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The pedals are the footrests where the user stands or places their feet while exercising. They are usually large and textured to provide a non-slip surface for the user.


The flywheel is a weighted wheel located at the front or rear of the machine that provides resistance to the pedals. The heavier the flywheel, the smoother and more consistent the motion of the elliptical.

Resistance System

The resistance system controls the difficulty of the workout by adjusting the level of resistance the user must overcome while pedalling. The most common types of resistance systems are magnetic and friction.


The handlebars are located at the front or sides of the machine and are used to provide stability and support for the user. They also offer a way to engage the upper body while exercising.


The console is the control panel located at the front of the machine, which displays important workout metrics such as time, distance, speed, and calories burned. Some consoles may also have built-in workout programs and heart rate monitors.

Stride Length

The stride length is the distance between the pedals, and it can be fixed or adjustable. A longer stride length can accommodate taller users and provide a more comfortable and natural-feeling motion.

Incline Ramp

Some elliptical machines have an adjustable incline ramp that can be raised or lowered to increase the intensity of the workout. This feature can target different muscle groups and provide a more challenging workout.


The base is the foundation of the elliptical machine, which supports the weight of the user and the machine itself. The base may have adjustable levelling feet to ensure stability on uneven surfaces.

Video - Benefits of Using an Elliptical Cross Trainer

Types of Elliptical Cross Trainers

Elliptical cross trainers are popular fitness machines that provide a low-impact, full-body workout. There are several types of elliptical cross trainers available, each with its own features and benefits and these are some of the most common types of elliptical cross trainers that you will see on sale either online or in your local stores

Front-drive Elliptical Cross Trainer

This type of elliptical has its flywheel located at the front of the machine, which provides a more upright and compact design. Front-drive ellipticals tend to be more affordable and can offer a smooth and quiet workout.

Rear-drive Elliptical Cross Trainer

The flywheel of a rear-drive elliptical is located at the back of the machine, which offers a longer stride length and a more natural-feeling motion. Rear-drive ellipticals tend to be more expensive but offer a more comfortable and challenging workout.

Center-drive Elliptical Cross Trainer

The flywheel of a centre-drive elliptical is located at the centre of the machine, which provides a more balanced and stable workout. Centre-drive ellipticals are also more compact and can be a good option for those with limited space.

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Folding Elliptical Cross Trainer

Folding ellipticals are designed to be more compact and space-saving. They can be easily folded up and stored when not in use. However, they may have a smaller stride length and limited features compared to other types of ellipticals.

Hybrid Elliptical Cross Trainer

Hybrid ellipticals combine the benefits of an elliptical with other fitness machines, such as a treadmill or stationary bike. They can offer a more versatile and customizable workout but tend to be more expensive.

Under-Desk Elliptical Cross Trainer

Under-desk ellipticals are smaller and designed to be used while sitting at a desk or table. They offer a low-impact way to stay active and burn calories throughout the day, but may not provide a full-body workout.

Pros and Cons of Elliptical Cross Trainers

Elliptical cross trainers are popular fitness machines that offer a low-impact, full-body workout. Like any exercise equipment, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of using an elliptical cross trainer...

Pros for Elliptical Cross Trainers

1, Low Impact - Elliptical cross trainers provide a low-impact workout that is easy on the joints. This makes them a great option for those who want to exercise without putting too much stress on their knees, hips, or ankles.

2, Full-Body Workout - Elliptical cross trainers work both the upper and lower body muscles, including the arms, shoulders, chest, back, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. This can provide a more efficient and effective workout than other machines that only target certain muscle groups.

3, Customizable Workouts - Most elliptical cross trainers have adjustable resistance levels, incline ramps, and pre-programmed workouts that can be customized to meet individual fitness goals and preferences.

4, Cardiovascular Benefits - Elliptical cross trainers provide a great cardio workout that can help improve heart health, endurance, and overall fitness.

5, Low Maintenance - Elliptical cross trainers are generally low-maintenance and require minimal upkeep compared to other machines like treadmills or stationary bikes.

Cons for Elliptical Cross Trainers

1, Expensive - Elliptical cross trainers can be more expensive than other types of exercise equipment, particularly those with advanced features like adjustable incline ramps, touchscreens, and built-in workout programs.

2, Limited Weight-Bearing - While the low-impact nature of elliptical cross trainers is a pro for some, it can be a con for those who need weight-bearing exercises for bone density or strength training.

3, Boring - Some people may find using an elliptical cross trainer to be monotonous or boring, particularly if they are doing the same workout for an extended period.

4, No Outdoor Experience - Using an elliptical cross trainer doesn't provide the same outdoor experience as running or cycling outdoors.

5, Limited Upper Body Workout - Although elliptical cross trainers work the upper body, they may not provide as much of a challenge as using dedicated upper body exercise equipment such as dumbbells or resistance bands.

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Overall, elliptical cross trainers are a great option for a low-impact, full-body workout that provides cardiovascular benefits. However, they may not be for everyone, and it's important to consider these pros and cons before investing in one.

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