Reebok Cross Trainer Reviews 2022 – Warranty Cover?


Greetings once more and welcome to this Reebok Cross Trainer review which will cover 4 different models under this brand so at least you have more than 1 option when it comes to making a final decision. A short summary table is also outlined at the end of this page if you need further clarity along with 3 other alternatives that are worth a closer look if you are still undecided about the Reebok brand.

This Reebok Cross Trainer review will cover the Jet 100S, the ZR8, the GX40S and the ZR10 and we will outline all the main features along with the pros and cons for each. Prices will also be important to you and they tend to change from month to month so we can only give price guides at this point. To get exact prices, you can check the individual prices easily by viewing the price checkers under the various images provided below. So, without delaying you any further, let’s take a look at this review…

Cross Trainer Review Overview:

Models:4 Model Compilation
Price Levels:Approx £250 to £500 (at the time of this review)
Reliable Supplier:Argos UK – View current stocks here
Warranty:2 year warranty – Parts / Labour / Plastic / Frame / Computer & Console
Orders Online:Yes, orders accepted online
Deliveries:Location dependant, tends to be 1 to 5 working days

Frequently Asked Questions about Reebok Cross Trainers:

Q. Are there any height restrictions when using a Reebok Cross Trainer?
A. There are no height restrictions – please refer to maximum user weight allowances instead.
Q. What age do you need to be to start using it?
A. The recommended age is 16 years plus
Q. How many programmes / tension levels has the Reebok ZR8?
A. The Reebok ZR8 has 19 programmes and 16 levels of tension resistance
Q. Can the ZR8 be folded up to allow more living space?
A. No, unfortunately the ZR8 cannot be folded up
Q. What stride lengths are available?
A. Depends on the model in question but generally can vary from 11 inches up as far as 15 inches
Q, Can the Reebok GX40s go in reverse (forward and backward)?
A. Yes, it can go in both directions

Reebok Cross Trainer Review Compilation (4 Choices)

1, The Reebok Jet 100S Cross Trainer

Quick Overview:

  • First under this review is the Reebok Jet 100 S Cross Trainer which tends to be one of the lower priced options under the brand and is powered by mains and includes the electronic resistance system. There are 12 different user programmes available which include the manual target, the time target, your distance targets, calories, watts control and the recovery user defined program.
  • This model provides 16 different levels of tension resistance to work through, has a flywheel weight of 6kg and also a maximum user weight allowance of 120kg. There are the hand grip pulse sensors as standard, a stride length of approx. 11 inches and there are wheels built in for easy transportation around your home.
  • This Jet 100S is designed to provide a smooth and seamless motion as you complete your sessions and the flywheel also helps to reduce noise as you train which is ideal when you need to work late at night.
  • There is a 2 year warranty provided and the price tag tends to be in the £240 to £270 level which depends on local discount activities which of course can be double checked below.


  • The biggest attraction for this particular model is the lower price tag than one would expect.
  • Very affordable for a quality piece of equipment under a recognised household brand.
  • 16 resistance levels to work through and 12 user-friendly programmes via the Console to provide variety to your weekly training sessions.
  • Console is easy to use and operate
  • Lighter piece of equipment when compared elsewhere coming in at only 42kg


  • Assembly can be very difficult for some and takes a considerable amount of time – attention to detail is extremely important.
  • Positioning of the water holder and console could be better.
  • Instructions for assembly could be a lot better as it could take up to 2 hours or more to complete.
  • 7 less programmes and 16 resistance levels less than the ZR8
  • Stride length is 4 inches smaller than the ZR8




2, The Reebok ZR8 Electronic Cross Trainer

Quick Overview:

  • Second on this list for review is the Reebok ZR8 Electronic Cross Trainer which costs approx. £100 more than the Jet 100S but comes with a heavier flywheel (3kg heavier), 19 programmes (7 more) and 32 levels of electronic resistance (16 more)
  • This model is powered by mains, has the electronic resistance system and the adjustable foot plates to provide additional flexibility and comfort as you train.
  • The stride length here is 15 inches, the backlit display console will give you all the feedback you need such as the speed level, time taken, distances, calories burned and your pulse rates. The number of programmes consist of 12 pre-sets, 4 target driven, the watts control and recovery to mention just a few.
  • Again, the warranty provided is 2 years, the weight is nearly 51kg and the price range tends to vary from £330 to £380 when last seen on sale which can be viewed below.


  • Longer stride length by 4 inches, 16 more tension levels and 7 more programmes than the Jet 100S
  • The footplates are adjustable and you can train and watch TV at the same time.
  • Quiet and easy to use once fully assembled for a low impact training session
  • Solid and sturdy piece of fitness equipment and includes a quick and efficient delivery system


  • Can’t be folded away to provide additional living space.
  • Assembly instructions could be better – many people will find the assembly very difficult to complete – a second set of hands ideally are needed and can take 2 to 3 hours to fully complete.
  • Needs to be located close to a wall socket at the rear so you are limited to the location of operation.

3, The Reebok GX40s One Series Cross Trainer

Quick Overview:

  • Next on this review list is the Reebok GX40s One Series Cross Trainer which carries the heavier 9kg rear-drive flywheel and has proven to be very popular among the general public and has received numerous positive reviews from previous users in the past.
  • You get 12 different programmes to offer a varied exercise routine and there is the 5 inch LCD display to create a more challenging workout which is personalised to your own needs and your fitness levels. It is powered by mains, has the pulse sensors integrated into the handles as standard and it offers a 15 inch stride length.
  • The tension resistance system can be adjusted electronically (32 levels) and the programmes offer manual, time taken, distance travelled, burned calories, watts control, your heart rate control, a recovery and the user defined program.
  • The level of resistance via the 5.5" LCD console display works from zero up to 32, it offers a smooth pedalling motion and the price level can be seen anywhere from £350 to £400 depending on local discount activities.


  • Has the same stride length as the ZR8 and 4 inches longer than the Jet 100S
  • 12 fun and easy to use programmes to offer a diverse range of sessions
  • Allows a max user weight of 18st 13 Ibs or 120 kg – solid, strong and sturdy piece of equipment
  • The noise level is very low with the 9kg flywheel and you can watch TV in peace as you train.
  • Great overall value for the quality you get under such a trusted a recognised household brand name.


  • 7 less programmes than the ZR8 yet tends to be slightly more expensive
  • Assembly will be tricky for some and will require a lot of time and patience – and preferably a second set of hands.
  • Plenty of time is needed for assembling it all together – possibly 3 or 4 hours depending on how fast you can work.

4, Reebok ZR10 Cross Trainer

Quick Overview:

  • Last on this review list is the Reebok ZR10 Cross Trainer which is a more premium version than the rest but also comes with a higher price tag so be prepared in advance to pay more for this option.
  • The ZR10 includes the new self-generating power system, a programmable resistance system, the hand grip pulse sensors and the flywheel weight is 7kg.
  • In total, there are 32 tension resistance levels available to you to work through which can be controlled electronically and the programmes from the backlit LCD screen allow you to choose various targets for bodyfat, distances or even your heart rate.
  • The maximum user allowance is 135kg, the weight of the unit is nearly 54kg and it includes the batteries. The warranty of 2 years is included here also and the price level tends to be in the £480 to £530 region which can be checked below if you are interested in taking a quick look.


  • Includes the self generating power system and batteries are included.
  • Heavier weight capacity of 15kg when compared to the other models on this list
  • Also includes the 15 inch stride (4 more than the Jet100S) and has a small compact design
  • 32 levels of resistance and 19 programmes which is more than enough for the average person.
  • Overall a great piece of equipment if you have the additional money available to spend.


  • Assembly will be extremely difficult for some and you need to allow plenty of time for it. It can take several hours to complete and the instructions could be a lot better and a second person is required to properly assemble the unit.
  • Price tag for this model is one of the highest in the Reebok range
  • Some of the resistance levels can be too difficult and can’t be folded away.


Comparison Table

A short summary chart outlining all the main features is outlined below.

Model:Programmes:Flywheel:Resistances:User Weight:Weight:
Reebok Jet 100 S126kg16Max 120kg42kg
Reebok ZR8199kg32Max 120kg50.8kg
Reebok GX40s129kg32Max 120kg55.2kg
Reebok ZR10197kg32Max 135kg53.8kg

Need to Look at Alternatives?

If you are still undecided at this stage, then feel free to look at 2 other options below that may be of interest to you outlined as follows…

Have you any experience of using Reebok Cross Trainers yourself?

Then please educate the UK wider community by leaving your feedback in the comment section provided below – So that they can learn also!

Finally, many thanks for taking the time to visit and best wishes with achieving your own personal fitness goals in the weeks and months ahead.



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  1. Someone suggested this Reebok Cross trainer to me last week and I didn’t really take it serious, maybe because he didn’t described it in as good of detail as u did in this write up. I’m glad I haven’t gone for a random trainer yet. I really like your honest and detailed review, and the cons ain’t much of a big deal for me and the price seems to be fair. Thanks John

  2. Thank you for this great review on Cross trainers from Reebok, I like the fact that there are several models included instead of having to jump from one page to the next. Cheers also as you have really explained the reebook cross trainers in great detail and your review looks to be spot on (so says my friend beside me as we write this). Thanks again for this detailed review as we most likely will go for either the Reebok ZRB or the ZR10 cross trainer now and the Argos prices are a lot lower than we have seen elsewhere here in the UK

    • You are both more than welcome and many thanks also for taking the time to stop by and express your feedback – it is greatly appreciated (after all the hard work!!!)

  3. Reebok is a globally acceptable brand and one that I have had the pleasure of using for over 5 years now. They have made their mark in this industry and I for one can certainly recommend their cross trainers – they are a level above everyone else in my opinion so I definitely can recommend them.  Of all the models I think I prefer  the ZR8 as my former coach has used it for over 4 years and it is still sound and serving him very well.  Thank you for review as it certainly has made my decision a lot more clearer

  4. This is pretty much what I have been looking for to plop down in the middle of my man cave so instead of sitting on the couch all the time and watching my sports I can actually get some exercise as well.  Not to mention I have diabetes and need to lose weight but really hate having to go to the gym all the time – too much sticky air!.Thank you for gathering all this information to help me make an informed decision for my own personal needs.  I need to look things over a second or third before deciding but have it has certainly gave me lots to think about. Dale

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