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Thanks again for taking the time to visit and if you are looking to buy a Marcy Elliptical Cross trainer in the coming days, then make sure to check out this brief Marcy Onyx Elliptical Cross Trainer review which outlines all the main features, some FAQ and the pros and cons associated with it that you need to know before you buy.

Price Comparisons

The price you pay will also be important to you and they can change from any given week so please make sure to view the price checkers provided under the images below to ensure you get the best value for your money. We have included 2 different price check options also so at least you have more than one option when it comes to making a final decision.  If you believe that this price is out of your range, then make sure to take a closer look also at the lower priced alternatives which are also provided at the end of this review.

Cross Trainer Review Overview:

Model:Marcy Onyx Elliptical Cross Trainer
Price Levels:Approx £250 to £350 (at the time of this review)
Reliable Suppliers:Argos & Amazon
Warranty:2 years (Conditions apply)
Orders Online:Yes, Orders accepted online
Deliveries:Location dependant, tends to be 1 to 5 working days

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many programs does the console have?
A. The console has 23 different programs

Q. How many tension resistance levels does it provide?
A. It provides 16 levels of tension resistance

Q. What is the maximum user weight capacity?
A. The maximum user capacity is 120kg (or 18st 13lb)

Q. Is it powered by the mains?
A. Yes, it is powered by mains

Q. Does it include transportation wheels?
A. Yes, transportation wheels are included

Q. What is the size and weight?
A. The dimensions are H160cm by W62cm by D128cm

Marcy Onyx Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Main Features:

  • The Marcy Onyx Elliptical Cross Trainer is an attractive and sleek looking cross trainer which provides 23 different workout programs which is more than enough for most people and is powered by the mains so it needs to be located near a wall socket for operation. There are also the three-way adjustable oversized pedals combined with full length foam handlebars for your added comfort levels.
  • The types of programs it can offer you are steps, hill workouts, rolling, valley, fat burning, ramp, mountain cardio, intervals, random programs, endurance challenges, plateau, fartlek and precipice programs so there is plenty of options built in to accommodate the average person which will avoid the tedious type workouts creeping in.
  • Included are 16 different levels of tension resistance, the flywheel comes in at a weight of 7kg and transportation wheels are included to help with the movement around your home. There are also the hand grip sensors to monitor your pulse rate, it has a 16 inch stride length and the maximum user weight capacity allowed is 120kg. Please be aware also that the console will give you feedback on the standard parameters such as time, speed (km/mile), distance (km/mile), calories (kcal), rpm, pulse rate, recovery and also body fat.
  • Please note that the warranty available here is 2 years and the price level generally ranges from £250 up as far as £350 depending where you look so make sure to double check the 2 options provided below.


  • Vast array of programs to choose from making it more enjoyable and interchangeable
  • You get 16 levels of tension control and wheels are thrown in for transportation
  • No impact on your joints as you work and the noise level is incredibly low
  • Includes a holder for your tablet or phone
  • It is CE certified and EN-957 compliant and has both the fixed & free-motion handles
  • Price level is affordable and it provides great overall value for the amount of money you have to pay.


  • Needs to be located near a wall socket which doesn’t always suit.
  • Doesn’t include an MP3 connection and has no built in speakers
  • Can’t be folded away like some Cross trainers (eg. Kettler Skylon)
  • Assembly will be difficult for some so you need to allow plenty of time and attention to detail is required.


Further Images are outlined below which includes the Console, the leg levellers and the transport wheels.


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Company Overview

Marcy is a fitness equipment company that offers a range of high-quality exercise machines, including elliptical cross trainers. The company is based in the United States and has been in operation for over 70 years.

Marcy's elliptical cross trainers are designed to provide a low-impact workout that targets multiple muscle groups. The machines feature adjustable resistance levels, various pre-set workout programs, and a range of customizable settings to help users achieve their fitness goals.


One of the key features of Marcy elliptical cross trainers is their compact size. These machines are ideal for home gyms and smaller workout spaces, as they take up less room than traditional exercise equipment. Despite their smaller size, Marcy's elliptical cross trainers are built to last, with durable frames and high-quality components.

Additional Support

Marcy is committed to providing exceptional customer service, and their products come with a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. The company's website features a range of resources to help customers get the most out of their elliptical cross trainers, including workout tips, maintenance guides, and troubleshooting advice.

Benefits of Marcy Elliptical Cross Trainers

Marcy Elliptical cross trainers are a popular choice for people who want to get a good workout at home. They offer several benefits, but there are also some limitations to consider before purchasing one.

Low-impact workout

One of the biggest benefits of using an elliptical cross trainer is that it provides a low-impact workout. This means that it is easier on your joints and reduces the risk of injury compared to high-impact exercises like running.

Full-body workout

Marcy elliptical cross trainers work both the upper and lower body at the same time, which makes them an efficient choice for those looking to work multiple muscle groups.

Customizable workouts

Marcy elliptical cross trainers offer a variety of resistance levels and workout programs, which can be customized to suit your individual fitness level and goals.


Marcy elliptical cross trainers are typically smaller and more compact than other types of exercise equipment, making them a great option for home gyms or smaller workout spaces.

Limitations of Marcy Elliptical Cross Trainers

Limited intensity

While Marcy elliptical cross trainers offer a variety of resistance levels, they may not provide enough resistance for advanced athletes who require high-intensity workouts.

Limited movement variety

Unlike some other types of exercise equipment, such as a treadmill or a rowing machine, Marcy elliptical cross trainers only offer one type of motion. This lack of variety may become boring for some users over time.


While Marcy elliptical cross trainers are affordable compared to some other types of exercise equipment, they may still be more expensive than other fitness options like outdoor activities or gym memberships.


Marcy elliptical cross trainers require some assembly, which can be time-consuming and challenging for those who are not comfortable with assembling complex machinery.


If you are still undecided about the Marcy Cross trainer, then make sure also to check out 1 other popular option which I have seen on sale which are definitely worth a closer look also before you make your final decision.

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  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing this great review as I was unsure about this Elliptical trainer from Marcy until now, have a lot more confidence and knowledge about what is in store upon delivery

  2. Oh yeah I haven’t been using this cross trainer for a while now. I like how it gives a good leg workout and you can also do an arm workout with it too. I like to warm up on it for all my workouts in my home gym because it helps warm up my shoulders and elbows as well as my knees and hips and ankles. The multi gyms on your page are also really great. I think multi gyms are important for anyone who wants to have a home gym because you can do really good workouts for all the muscles. If you got a piece of cardio equipment like this and then a multi gym like that you will be good to go.

  3. I got this Marcy Elliptical Trainer few months ago, and I must say despite some reviews from other sites this machine is really good for a less expensive elliptical. It is sturdy and Very well built. It’s compact design makes it great for people who needs to conserve space and it’s also easy to move. Awesome review and I recommend it. John.

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