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Do you need to learn more about the Sovnia Exercise Bike? If so, then please make sure to check out our Sovnia Exercise Bike review which will outline everything you need to know about it including all the main features, dimensions, adjustability’s plus the main pros and cons that we came across which hopefully will be of interest to you.

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Before you begin, please note that only price guides can be shown at the time of this review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. In addition, we have included some video inserts for you to take a look at which will give you a better overview of what this Sovnia Exercise is all about before you make any final buying decision.

These videos will also provide you with some guidelines on the assembly step requirements that you will need to follow and how you can use the various components on this exercise bike.

Exercise Bike Overview

BrandSovnia Home Indoor Exercise Bike
Dimensions:121.5H by 55W by 102L cm
Weight capacity:130kg or 285 lbs or 20.3 stone
Flywheel weight:35 lbs or nearly 16kg
Warranty:12 months
Best place to buy: Amazon UK – View updated prices here

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q1, Does it come with any additional brake pads?
  • A, Yes, there is 1 extra brake pad included in the package
  • Q2. Is there a holder provided for your water bottle?
  • A, Yes, there is a water bottle holder attached to the centre frame of this bike
  • Q3. What heights of people is it suitable for?
  • A, As it can be adjusted, this bike is suitable for people as small as 4 foot 1 inch up as far as 6 foot 7 inches
  • Q4. Is there a holder for your tablet or smart device?
  • A. Yes, you can attach your tablet or phone to the holder under the digital monitor
  • Q5. Can the handlebars and the seat saddle be adjusted?
  • A, Yes, the handlebars are 2 way adjustable and the saddle is 4 way adjustable
  • Q6, Does it require home assembly?
  • A, Yes, it will take you 25 to 35 minutes on average depending on your level of DIY skills
  • Q7, Are there any transport roller wheels included on the frame?
  • A, Yes, there are 2 transport wheels integrated into the front lower frame to help with mobility
  • Q8, Does the LCD monitor require batteries or is it plugged into the mains?
  • A, The digital LCD tracking monitor is powered by standard batteries.

Sovnia Home Indoor Exercise Bike Review

Sovnia Home Indoor Fitness Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike Overview

Home fitness exercise bike - Low levels of noise emitted

iPad holder and LCD monitor

Maximum weight capacity 130kg - Or 285 lbs or 20.3 stone weight

Size is 121.5H by 55W by 102L cm

Flywheel 35 lbs or approx. 16kg

Belt drive and friction resistance

2 way adjustable handlebars - 4 way adjustable seat saddle

Exercise Bike Description:

  • This exercise bike under the brand of Sovnia has become more and more popular in recent times and it comes backed with lots of positive customer reviews which certainly goes a long way prior to making any purchase. It is not the cheapest exercise bike you will find by a long shot but you should be able to get your hands on it for less than £350 when seen at the time of this review.
  • For the dimensions in cm, this bike is 121.5cm high by 55cm deep by 102cm wide, it supports a weight capacity of 285 lbs or 130kg (20.3 stone weight) and it operates as a belt driven bike with friction resistance. The flywheel weight is on the heavy side at nearly 16kg or 35 lbs and the resistance is adjusted by twisting the red knob – clockwise for increasing tension and anti-clockwise for decreasing tension resistances.
  • To suit your leg size, the saddle here is 4 way adjustable and it can suit people with a height range of 4 foot 1 inch to 6 foot 7 inches and the handlebars are 2 way adjustable – up or down (not forward or backwards). The frame is sturdy and robust and the level of noise from the belt is quite low to give you an overall balanced and comfortable riding experience.
  • For mobility, there are the 2 roller wheels integrated into the front frame which makes the job of moving from one room to the next easy to do and you get the steel toe cage pedals with adjustable straps to keep your feet secure in place at all times.
  • There is the LCD digital monitor to track all the main fitness parameters and there is a holder for your tablet underneath to keep you motivated for longer on the bike. Assembly requires approx. 25 to 35 minutes work and you have support of an online video to help you through this process (or check out the video below)

Price Guide: From £250 to £350

Key Features of the Sovnia Exercise Bike

Adjustment resistance knob

Extra brake pad is included

Holder for your water bottle

Comfortable padded saddle seat

Key Dimensions of the Sovnia Exercise Bike

Size is 47.8 by 40.2 by 21.7 inches

Handlebars adjust from 43.3 to 47.8 inches

Suitable heights range from 4.1 ft to 6.7 ft

Inseam ranges from 25 to 38.5 inches

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Video Insert: How to assemble a Sovnia Exercise Bike

Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros to Note:

  • The range of resistance levels are impressive and easy to manage for both lighter and tougher exercise routines
  • You get an extra brake pad included in the package as back up as there is a great range of people’s heights that it can work for – as low as 4.1 ft up as far as 6.7 ft is impressive
  • The heavy duty frame is solid and robust to cater for people over 120kg weight
  • High quality chrome flywheel with a heavy weight of 35 lbs or nearly 16kg
  • Brake pad is made from pure wool and the steel in the design has been upgraded to spec A3 M10
  • Horizontal feet adjustments are included to help with any uneven floor surfaces and the tablet holder works great for your smart device viewing of spin bike classes among others

Cons to Note:

  • The digital monitor is quite basic for an exercise bike at this price level and it lacks the pulse sensors in the handlebars for tracking your heart rates.
  • Handlebars can only be adjusted up and down – not forward or backward and the saddle is a small bit flimsy and lacks all the flexibility you may need with the seat slider
  • A good deal of work is needed on your end for the assembly process so be prepared in advance for 25 to 35 minutes work to create this well-built spinning bike
  • You need to be extra careful with the pedal threads left and right sides and some of the instructional steps could be easier to follow
  • The console needs to be reset for each session and the handlebars could be a tighter fitting

Video Insert: Overview of the Sovnia Exercise Bike Components

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While it is not as good as some of the premium Exercise bikes out there, this Exercise Bike was actually a lot better than expected and it provides good value for the money. The design and construction is rock solid and robust and the digital monitor gives you most of the information you will need. Having the tablet holder underneath the monitor works great to keep you motivated on the bike for longer and the saddle to be fair was as good if not better than many others we have tried in the past.


Assembly is more difficult than we imagined but it is still very doable and manageable all the same – just be prepared to put in around 30 minutes work before you have your new bike up and running. When it comes to price ranges, this bike certainly stands up well against its rivals in this category and further information along with todays updated prices can be double checked below

Sovnia Exercise Bike Community Feedback

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