Bigzzia Exercise Bike Review 2022 – Maximum Weights?


Do you need to learn more about the Bigzzia Exercise Bike? If so, then make sure to check out our Bigzzia Exercise Bike review which should give you all the information you need before you make any final decision about it. We have spent a few hours on this bike over the course of a week so we will be able to provide some feedback on what we liked and what we didn’t like which should give you a clearer picture if indeed this is the exercise bike for you or not.

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Review Guide

As part of this review, we will include a video insert which explains everything that’s involved from an unpacking and assembly point of view and we have also included a series of frequently asked questions which should cover most of the queries you may possibly have. If you feel this is not the bike for you, then alternative branded bikes are also provided at the end of this page that are worth checking out while you are visiting here today…

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Bigzzia Exercise Bike Overview

Folded size:14cm by 114cm only
Assembled size:43cm by 65cm by 110cm
Resistance:Magnetic Resistance x 8 levels
Design:2 in 1 Upright and Recumbent bike
Best Places to Buy:Armada Deals UK – View Stock Availability Here
Or Amazon UK – View updated Price tags Here

Video Insert: Overview of the Bigzzia Exercise Bike

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the maximum weight holding capacity guide?

A. The recommended maximum weight capacity for this bike is 100kg or 220 Ibs or 15.7 stone

Q2. How heavy is this bike to carry and lift away?

A. The total weight is only 18kg but you have the roller front wheels to support mobility anyway

Q3. Does it provide a Bluetooth connection of MP3 connection?

A. No, there are no connections for MP3 or Bluetooth

Q4. Is the speed calculated in miles or kilometres per hour?

A. It can only record the speed level in km per hour.

Q5. How often do you need to use it to lose some weight?

A. As a guide, you should do 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening for a minimum of 5 days per week or just complete 1 hour sessions 5 times each week

Q6. How long do you need to place your hands on the pulse sensors to record your heart rate?

A, Your hands should be placed on the pulse sensors for a minimum of 10 seconds

Q7. How long does it take to assemble it?

A. It will depend on your level of DIY experience but tends to take around 30 minutes on average.

Q8. Do you need batteries for the monitor display?

A, Yes, you will need to add 2 AAA batteries yourself (which are not included)

Bigzzia Exercise Bike - Feature & Price Guide

Bigzzia 2 in 1 Magnetic Foldable Exercise Bike

Main Features

8 Magnetic resistance levels - Foldable when not in use

Backrest with arm rests - Ergonomic balanced flywheel

Transport roller wheels - LCD digital display

Pulse sensors handlebars - Seat heights are adjustable

Max user weight 100kg or 15.7 stone

Folded size is 114cm x 14cm

Assembled 110cm x 43cm x 65cm

Exercise Bike Description:

  • This exercise bike under the brand of Bigzzia is a 2 in 1 upright and recumbent bike and comes with the foldable design which is ideal for people in smaller living spaces. When folded, the dimensions are only 114cm long by 14cm wide so it will be difficult to get an alternative that folds as small as this in our opinion. Assembly normally takes 20 to 30 minutes and when folded out, the dimensions to note are 110cm long by 43cm wide by 65cm deep.
  • It operates with 8 levels of magnetic resistance, you have the back rest support along with the side arm rests and you get the handle bars with the pulse heart rate sensors built in. For mobility, it comes with the transport wheels at the front and the pedals come with the non-slip rubber sleeves to help keep your feet secure at faster speeds.
  • To protect your floor surface, it includes the silicone base sleeves at the rear bottom legs and there are 3 colour options to choose from – white, green and black. The green coloured wheel version tends to slightly cheaper than the black or white versions by around £10 from what we have seen. You get a holder for your smart phone or iPad and the LCD digital display keeps count of ODO, speeds, times, calories used and distance travelled.
  • Deliveries are normally 4 to 6 working days and there is the option of paying for this exercise bike via PayPal if you wish not to use a debit or credit card. The level of noise is very low and you can conduct your exercises in the comfort of your living room space in front of your TV. Using it in the recumbent position allows a slower more relaxed workout and the seat can be adjusted to 3 different levels to suit various heights.

Price Guide: Less than £150 @ Armada Deals UK

Resistance Levels

This exercise bike has 8 levels of magnetic resistance to choose from depending on how hard you want to work and they are controlled easily with a twist of a controller. The higher levels 7 and 8 and the most difficult and are designed for muscle building and strenuous cardio workouts. Levels 5 and 6 are moderately difficult which are designed for fast cardio and calorie burning workouts. The levels of 3 and 4 are really for a lighter cardio workout session while the lowest levels 1 and 2 and geared towards warming up and casual workouts.

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Pros and Cons that we came across…

Pros to Note:

  • One of the main attractions here is definitely the price as you should be able to get your hands on it for less than £150 when seen at the time of this review
  • You can use it in upright position or in the recumbent position for a more relaxed type workout and the pedals give a good grip
  • Having the foldable design helps when people are living in small living spaces – folds up narrower than expected
  • The 3 height options being adjustable gives greater flexibility to various people’s leg lengths
  • To keep tabs on your heart rate, you have the pulse sensors built in on the handlebars
  • You have 2 buying options online with Armada Deals or Amazon UK so you are not limited to just one supplier / seller
  • To help with mobility, you have the front transport wheels which work great to make the job easier and the saddle is nice and comfortable to use and sit on (once you get accustomed to it)

Cons to Note:

  • Lack of clarity when it comes to warranty protection cover – is it 6 months or 1 year? This should be clarified more clearly
  • It is limited to people with a maximum weight of 220 Ibs or 100kg or 15.7 stone. If you weigh over this then you should start looking elsewhere for a more robust and stronger framed bike.
  • No premium features are available such as Bluetooth, training apps or MP3 connections to help keep you motivated for longer
  • The LCD monitor has been reported to be glitchy at times and somewhat unreliable with the data
  • Having the supports handles either side is great however it limits the use for wider framed people
  • Following the instructions on the manual could have been made easier to follow – makes the assembly that bit longer to do
  • Poor direction on the instructions when it comes to inserting the required batteries in the monitor and some of the tools for assembly could be better

Alternative Branded Bikes

If you feel this exercise bike is too small for you or if would prefer something more robust and powerful, then check out and compare the alternative branded Bikes outlined as follows which are worth a closer look before you make your final decision.

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Even though this Exercise bike is limited to people who weigh a maximum of 15.7 stone or 100kg, it does provide you with a decent robust steel frame that is well able to hold up to a more vigorous workout cardio session. After 30 minutes of pumping these pedals at levels 5 or 6 will have you pumping sweat no problem whatsoever and the combo design of sitting upright and in the recumbent position allows the opportunity to warm up and warm down and relax for the last 5 minutes of your cardio session.

It is not the best bike you will ever have but it certainly provides excellent value for the amount of money you need to spend. The LCD display could be better and some of the premium features are lacking but it is certainly able to give you a decent exercise session opportunity to burn calories in the comfort of your own home nonetheless. For the price level, it is hard to fault it in any major way and if you want the extra challenge, you can always set the tension resistance levels to 7 or even at level 8.

Would we buy it? Yes, we would have no hesitation in recommending this exercise bike to the wider public and further information along with today’s updated price can be double checked below…

Community Feedback

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If possible, please educate others in the UK community by leaving your feedback or opinions about it in the comment box section provided below…

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