Marcy Exercise Bike Reviews 2022 – Worth the Money?


If you are thinking about buying a Marcy Exercise bike in the coming days, then please make sure to check out this quick review which will outline all the main features that they have to offer across 3 models and also the pros and cons associated to each. This Marcy Exercise Bike review will cover the Start Upright model, the Onyx model and the Recumbent ME709 Start Cycle so at least you have more than 1 option when it comes to making a final decision.

Price guides are also outlined below for each but please make sure to view the prices checkers provided throughout this review to ensure you get accurate price tags as prices do change from month to month and sometimes even from week to week.

If you are not familiar with this brand, please be aware that Marcy is a range that is made by a global brand called Impex Fitness who are a leader when it comes to personal fitness and well-being and they were founded in 1982. The focus is always on sturdy solid and heavy equipment that has a commercial touch to them which can work in people’s homes as well so you can have some confidence when it comes to buying as they have tons of experience behind them. Please note also that a summary comparison table against other models and brands in the industry is also outlined at the end of this review if you need further clarity before making any final decision. So, without further delay, let’s get going with this review…

Marcy Exercise Bike Review Overview:

Models:3 Separate Models (4 in the table)
Price Levels:Approx £130 to £300 (at the time of this review)
Reliable Suppliers:Argos & Amazon
Orders Online:Yes, Orders accepted online with Free delivery
Deliveries:Location dependant, tends to be 1 to 5 working days

Marcy Exercise Bike Review - 3 Models

1, The Marcy Start Upright Exercise Bike

Quick Overview:

  • The first model up for review is the Marcy Start Upright Exercise Bike which tends to be one of the lowest priced options under this brand and is considered to be very easy to use and has 10 different seat height adjustment levels.
  • The LCD screen is also very user friendly, the handlebars can be adjusted and there are the counter balanced pedals that are non-slip. The seat has a 10cm wide density foam, there is also the rapid spring-loaded adjustment pin and of course the anti-shake feet for additional stability.
  • There are 8 different resistance tensions levels to choose from, the flywheel weight comes in at 4kg and has the easy transporter wheels built in to make movement around your home simple to do. The maximum user weight allowance here is also 110kg and comes packed flat upon delivery.
  • The console provides the basic information you need such as distance, speed, pulse and calories burned and the price tends to one of the main attractions which was seen in the range of £130 to £150 at the time of this review which can be double checked below.


  • One of the lightest Exercise bikes we have come across coming in at just 20kg so it is very easy to move around
  • Attractive low entry price level is provided with great overall value for what you get.
  • Smooth easy ride and very low levels of noise and wheels integrated into the feet.
  • Saddle heights can be adjusted to suit your height level and batteries are included.


  • Low levels of tension levels available – only 8 where many more are available from different models/brands
  • Limited to a maximum user weight of 110kg (a little over 17 stone) and no water bottle holder
  • No MP3 connectivity available and the LCD screen would be seen as too basic for many users
  • Saddle tends to be uncomfortable after prolonged use and takes time to become accustomed to it.
  • Lacks user programmes which are seen in premium more expensive models



2, The Marcy Onyx B80 Exercise Bike

Quick overview:

  • The 2nd model under this particular review is the Marcy Onyx Exercise Bike which has a much higher price point that the Start Upright so be prepared in advance to dig deeper into your pockets for this one.
  • This particular model has 16 different levels of magnetic resistance to choose from, the transporter wheels are built into the feet holders, there are 23 different user programmes to work with and also a holder for your tablet, phone or MP3 layer. The self-balance or counter balance pedals come as standard along with the pulse sensors on the hand grips and it can handle a heavier weight of up to 120kg.
  • There is also the towel rail holder to keep your dry and the 9 seat height adjustments and please be aware that the seat can also be adjusted horizontally. The console gives all the standard information you need including the fat burning, rpm and recovery.
  • In addition, this model has a solid reliable 3-piece crank arm, it is powered by mains, has a flywheel weight of just 5kg and the price can range anywhere from £250 to £300 depending where you look and local discount activities.


  • 8 more tension levels than the Start Upright (16 total) to give you more difficult workouts
  • Saddle can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically and the pedal straps has 5 adjustments
  • Extremely low level of noise with the 5kg flywheel
  • Great selection of 23 programmes available to eliminate any guesswork be it for fat burning, random, hill etc.


  • Much higher price level than one would expect - over £250 at the time of this review.
  • Assembly will be seen as tricky for some – you must allocate sufficient time for this
  • Must always be plugged into the mains.
  • You must be in the height range of 4 foot 10 to 6 foot 5 inches to use this bike.




3, The Marcy Recumbent Start Mag Cycle ME709

Quick Overview:

  • At number 3 under this review is the Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle which is battery operated, has 6 adjustable lengths and is ideal for people in a height range for 5 foot 2 inches to 6 foot 4 inches. No mains are needed and it has 8 different levels of resistance tensions available to choose from.
  • The flywheel weight here comes in at 4kg also, there is a 2 inch thick wide foam seat for additional comfort and the LCD screen outlines all the main features that you would expect such as the distance, speed levels, pulse rates and calories used.
  • Please note that the maximum user weight allowance for this recumbent bike is 110kg (approx 17 stone) and it is also EN-957 compliant and CE certified. There are also the stability bars either side to ensure you are fully balanced as you work on the pedals.
  • In addition, the warranty available here on the frame and the parts is 2 years and the price level tends to be very competitive with great value against other recumbent bike models which is always worth a closer look.


  • Super low entry price point for a recumbent bike - ideal for people with lower type budgets
  • No mains are needed as it is battery operated and stability arms are provided either side
  • Comfortable saddle and back support – 2 Inch thickness, great to relieve lower back aches.
  • 2-year warranty is available on the parts and frame.
  • Includes 5 strap adjustments to secure your feet as you pedal


  • No user programmes to choose from unlike many other more premium options and the LCD screen is quite basic.
  • Will only suit people with a height range of 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 4 inches. If your height is out of this range you will need to look elsewhere.
  • Largely untested in the UK market and lower user weight than the ProForm 310 CSX by 15kg
  • 8 resistance levels less than the Onyx and assembly will need to be carefully planned as it will take up to 2 hours duration to complete depending on how fast you can work.




Comparison Table

A summary and comparison table is also outlined below which includes the Marcy Antero 1201 Recumbent exercise bike which tends to have a higher price level than the ME709 but is also ideal for anyone suffering from knee or back pains in their joints. It is made from a 14-gauge steel frame and has the powder coated resistant paint for added protection.  Included in the comparison table also is a selection of other brands in the industry that may be of interest to you…

Model:Size:Flywheel:Tensions:User Weight:Weight:
Marcy Start UprightH 121 W 45 D 89cm4kg8Max 110kg20kg
Marcy OnyxH 138 W 50 D 87cm5kg16Max 120kg30kg
Marcy Recumbent ME709H 140 W 63.5 D 95cm4kg8Max 110kg29kg
Marcy Antero 1201 RecumbentH 133 W 63.5 D 118cm4kg8Max 110kg35kg
Reebok GB40L 100 W 52 H 130cm6kg8Max 110kg30.3kg
Reebok Jet 100SH 140 W 54 D 81cm6kg16Max 120kg30.7kg
Reebok GB40S One SeriesH 132 W 48 D 102cm9kg32Max 120kg34kg
ProForm 310 CSX RecumbentH 127 W 65 D 145cm5kg16Max 125kg29kg
ProForm Indoor Trainer 250 SPXH 99 W 48 D 110cm18kg16Max 115kg57kg
ProForm 225 CSXH 161 W 54 D 96cm8kg20Max 125kg26kg
Roger Black Plus MagneticH 123 W 59.5 D 97cm3.5kg8Max 125kg24kg
Roger Black FoldingH 118 W 41 D 84cm2.5kg8Max 100kg17kg
Roger Black Manual AerobicH 115 W 52 D 116cm18kg8Max 125kg50kg

Consider Alternatives?

If you are still undecided, feel free also to take a closer look at the 2 options below which have very low-price levels that are worth considering also…

Educate Others?

Have you any previous experiences of using Marcy Exercise Bikes?

Then please educate and share to the wider UK community by leaving your feedback in the comment section below – So that they can learn also!!!

Finally, many thanks for taking the time to visit this Marcy review and best of luck with your final decision.


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  1. I have been looking for an exercise bike to buy for home use and came across this article on the Marcy Recumbent. I was eyeing the Schwinn, but these seem way better priced, so you may just have changed my mind. I like the Marcy Start Upright bike as it is lightweight to carry around, however, I would like a more complex computer system. Do you know whether it is possible to change the computer system to be a better one for the cheaper bikes or do they come standard? I am also wondering if should choose the recumbent, as it is better for your back, good to know all the finer detail so cheers for the info in this review

    • Sorry, the computer system provided needs to remain in place but you will find that it is more than adequate for your needs.

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