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If you need a comfortable and premium quality Bra for your various sporting activities in the coming days, then please make sure to check out our review for what we believe are 7 of the best Sports Bras currently available in the UK at present that cover a wide range of sizes to suit your individual needs.

Review Work

We have reviewed over 20 Sports Bras and narrowed our list down to our top 7 options which hopefully can speed up the process when it comes to your own online research and give you options with wide shoulder straps, adjustable pads, stretchy soft fabrics and ventilations panels. There is also options here for soaking up sweat and the 4 way stretch to give you the maximum support while you complete your sports activities, exercises or Pilates routines.

Size Guide Information

While different brands offer different size guides, we have a rough guide here that you can follow. Small is more suited for 30A 30B 32A 32B 34A and medium sizes will be suitable for 32A 32B 32C 34A 34B 34C. Large sizes will work for 32D 34D 36A 36B 36C 38A and the extra large sizes then work better for 36D 38B 38C 40A 40B and 42A.

The double extra-large is designed for 40C 40D 42C 44A while the triple extra-large is more suitable for 42D 44B 44C and 44D. Please double check individual brands but this can be used as a rough guide to follow when making your correct size selection.

Video Insert: How to Choose the Right Sports Bra

Sports Bras Designs

Some of the most popular sports bras will be made with 60% Polyamide, 28% Polyester and 12% Elastane while other popular sports bras are made from 87% polyester and 13% elastane such as the Under Armour Sports Bras.

Other sports bras from Ultra sports are made with 92% Polyamide & 8% elastane and sports bras from Angool are made with 55% Polyamide, 36% Polyester and 9% Elastane while other brands can be made up with 10% Polyester, 9% Elastane and 81% Polyamide.

Other premium brands then such as Calvin Klein use a mix of 53% Cotton, 35% Viscose and 12% Elastane when designing their sports bra fabrics.

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Best Sports Bras in the UK – Our Recommendations

Option 1: Fittin Racerback Multi-size Sports Bra

Sports Bra Overview

Sizes offered are small, medium, large, XL and XXL

Available in one, three or four per pack - Multiple colour options to choose from

Includes removeable pads and breathable fabric

Offers medium to high support levels - Only to be handwashed – wireless design

Stretchy, soft and comfortable all round - Elastic closures, pullover style and crossback

Wide shoulder straps and best for A to C cups

30 day money back guarantee offered

Price Guide: Variable based on sizes/packs

Option 2: Under Armour High Support Sports Bra

Sports Bra Overview

Lightweight breathable high support bra

Includes removable cups and comfort stretch - Highly rated with positive reviews

Comfortable racerback strap design

Made with 13% elastane and 87% polyester - Mid keyhole, sleeveless and ultra-tight lock in

Includes removable cups to fit A to C cup

Compression fabric with a 4 way stretch - Elasticated band and pull on fastening

Absorbs sweat away from the skin surface

Price Guide: Less than £20 @ Amazon UK

Video Insert: Tips when it comes to Fitting a Sports Bra

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Alternative Size Guide

Another example of typical sizes used for Sports Bras is outlined in the following size guide chart. Variations can occur slightly but again this can be used as a rough guide when it comes to making a final size selection appropriate to your own needs.


Option 3: Nike Medium Band Non Pad Sports Bra

Sports Bra Overview

Available in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL sizes

For women who prefer Nike branding - White finish with black trimming

Specific size chart guide is available - Provides medium level of supports

Made with 12% Elastane and 88% Polyester

Dry-fit technology to absorb sweat

Comfortable compression soft design - Also includes the racerback design

Perfect for medium impact sporting activities

Price Guide: Depends on size requirements

Option 4: Champion Run Sports Bra

Sports Bra Overview

Mixed colours plus standard colour options - Specific size chart provided to help selection

Blue, black, pink, green plus yellow trim linings

Made with 10% Polyester, 9% Elastane, 81% Polyamide - Choose a size up from your normal size

Padding non slip wide straps with soft textures

Options for Run bras, D+ bras and padded bras

Styles are available for specific types of sports - Such as Yoga, running, soccer, weights and more

Designed for maximum comfort while training

Price Guide: Depends on Pack Sizes

Option 5: Lemef 3-Pack Seamless Sports Bra Set

Sports Bra Overview

Wire-free bra with removable Pads - Standard or mixed colours options to choose from

One colour standard pack or 3 different colours

Sizes available S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL and 4XL - Made with 96% Polyamide and 4% Elastane

Specific measuring chart to use when making selection

Pull on closure & seamless design for max comfort

Comfortable soft stretchy feel throughout

Multi-purpose bra for leisure and sporting activities - Provides a medium level of impact support

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £20

Option 6: Puma Mid Impact 4keeps Sports Bra

Sports Bra Overview

Available in a range of different colours

Such as black, pink, orange, white and light purple - Size selections are S, M, L, XL and XXL

Contains recycled fibres to reduce carbon footprint

Racerback design with padded shoulder straps - Provides a medium level of impact support

Breathable texture and absorbs sweat from skin

Large Puma logo branding at the front - Used for multiple sports and exercise types

Made with 89% Polyester and 11% Elastane

Price Guide: Size and pack dependant

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Lemef Size Guide for Sports Bras

When selecting a Sports Bra from Lemef, use this as a guide when it comes to making your own selection. Small is suitable for 30A 30B 30C while medium is suitable for 30D 30DD 32A 32B and 32C. Large then works for 32D 32DD 34A 34B 34C  while extra large is designed for 34D 34DD 36A 36B and 36C.

Extra extra large is suitable for 36D 36DD 38A 38B 38C 40C and then the 3XL triple extra large is suited for 38D 38DD 40B 40C 40D 42A 4B and finally the 4XL Sports bras are designed for 40DD 42C 42D 42DD 44B 44C and 44D

Option 7: Calvin Klein Modern Cotton-Bralette Sports Bra

Sports Bra Overview

Premium quality fabric and stitching - Available in S, M, L, XL type sizes

Smooth and soft feel against the skin

Provides medium level of impact support

Used for running, exercises, Pilates and soccer

Calvin Klein branding on base trim band - Available in grey, black and beige colours

Made with 53% Cotton, 35% Viscose & 12% Elastane

Machine washable and iconic classic designs

Price Guide: Less than £35 @ Amazon UK

Video Insert: Fabric Tips with Sports Bras

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After completing our review for the best Sports Bras in the UK, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and perhaps give you some ideas to think about when making your own final decision. We have included premium brands, 3 pack seamless sports bras, high support, medium impact Sports bras along with multiple size guides so there should be something here that can work for your own needs.

Whatever decision you make, we would like to thank you for taking the time to visit this review and we would like to wish you the very best of luck with your final choice…


Sports Bra Community Feedback

Have you ever used any of these Sport Bras yourself in the recent past? Anything positive or negative to report?

If possible, please feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below…

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