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Do you need a reliable support for your wrist in the coming days? If so, then check out our review for what we believe are 7 of the best Wrist Supports available in the UK at present which can be delivered to your home hassle free in a matter of a few working days.

Review Work

We have reviewed over 20 Wrist Supports and narrowed our list down to our top 7 options which should speed up the process when it comes to your own online research. Included in our review will be a series of helpful video clip inserts that you can check out when it comes to various Wrist support applications and adjustable Wrist supports for different sized wrists.

In addition, we have included brands that offer various sizes for small, medium, large and extra-large sized Wrists plus Wrist supports that are interchangeable from left side to right side Wrists.

Price Guides & Overview

As we can only show price guides at the time of this review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. In addition, there will be Wrist support solutions that are recommended by medical professionals as well as superior high level Tri Weave Wrist supports so there should be a Wrist support recommendation here to meet your own individual requirements.

Wrist Support Materials

Included in our list will be Wrist supports made from neoprene and nylon where neoprene can make up to 65% of the content and nylon can make up to 35% of the content. For extra stability on the frame supports, some of the Wrist supports can have a copper lining which add a extra layer of robustness and strength to the core design makeup. Other wrist supports can be made with Polyester 50%, Nylon 30% and Rubber 20% with latex included throughout. Other branded Wrist supports made in the likes of Taiwan are made with 76% neoprene, 12% Lycra and 12% nylon and these tend to be latex free.

Video Insert: How to Wrap your Wrist Support for Carpal Tunnel

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Best Wrist Supports UK – Recommendations

Option 1: Dr. Arthritis Copper Lined Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support Brace

Wrist Support Overview:

Developed by medical professional doctors

Includes a helpful handbook for recoveries - Made with 65% neoprene and 35% nylon

Non slip secure strap for maximum comfort

Can be used on both left or right side wrists

Copper lined brace for superior support

Lightweight, breathable and adjustable sizes

Must be hand washed only and allow to air dry

Carpal tunnel syndrome plus sports injuries - Wrist sprains or strains and Ganglion cysts

Price Guide: Less than £20 @ Amazon UK

Option 2: Actesso Breathable Splint Wrist Support Brace

Wrist Support Overview:

Longer splint designed Wrist support with metal

Perfect for carpal tunnel syndrome at night time - Available in either left or right sided wrists

Sizes available small, medium, large and extra large

Available in either a black or beige colour finish

Supports wrist sprains, tendonitis and Carpal tunnel

Made with nylon 30%, polyester 50% and rubber 20%

Also assists with wrist fractures, RSI, aches and pains

For small wrists 12.5cm up to extra-large 22.5cm wrists - Breathable materials with a metal stable splint

Price Guide: Also tends to be less than £20

Wrist Support Benefits

If you have injured your wrist in your normal daily routine work or if you have a sports related wrist injury, then these Wrist supports will help give you all the stability and relief support you need to help get you back to normality once again.

Some wrist supports can be used for both right side and left side wrists and they can help when it comes to ganglion cysts, wrist sprains, arthritis, sports injuries, carpal tunnel, tendonitis or general soreness in the wrist joint region. You will also need to ensure you have the necessary treatment information along with the rehabilitation and strengthening exercises which work in tandem with your new Wrist support product.

Wrist Support Cleaning

Many of the Wrist supports are breathable but they will still need to be cleaned on a regular basis. You should never machine wash or tumble dry your new Wrist support. Instead, they should only be hand washed using hot water and a mild washing up liquid and allowed to air dry only for a few hours. Never add any fabric conditioners either, don’t iron, don’t add any bleach and again avoid using the tumble dryer.

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Option 3: JJCall 2-Pack Professional Adjustable Wrist Support Brace

Wrist Support Overview:

Pack comes with 2 wrist supports in the pack

Adjustable strapping with hook and loop

Includes supports for both left and right side - Supports wrist injuries, aches, pains, tendonitis

Also Carpel Tunnel relief and supports Arthritis

Closure strap system works with hook and loop - 2 colours available – black and beige

Breathable to eliminate moisture build up

Suitable for multiple sporting support types

Double thread premium stitching technology

Price Guide: Less than £15 @ Amazon UK

Option 4: Actesso Tri-Weave Heavy Duty Splint Wrist Support Brace

Wrist Support Overview:

Made in the UK and available in multiple size types

Small, medium, large and extra large - Order as either a right side or left side wrist support

Tri Weave additional strapping support

Supports fractures, sprains, Carpal tunnel and pains

Also RSI, wrist aches, tendonitis and strains

Metal bar splint keeps stability during sleep time

Used also for people with computer work problems

Small is 14 to 16cm and medium 16 to 18cm wrists - Large is 18 to 20cm and extra-large is 20 to 22cm wrists

Price Guide: Also tends to be less than £15

Wrist Support Types

There are various Wrist support braces available such as the copper lined Wrist support braces, Carpel Tunnel Wrist braces, heat therapy gloves, thumb support braces and also Compression Gloves. The Thumb support brace is ideal for basal thump pain, thumb ligament problems or thumb sprains while the Compression gloves work on soft tissue injuries, sports related minor injuries and the Raynaud’s phenomenon.

The Wrist braces can be used for Carpal tunnel syndrome, ligament damage or tendon injuries as well as Ganglion cysts, sports injuries and general wrist strains and sprains.

Video Insert: How to Wear a Wrist Support with a Splint

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Option 5: Neo G Multi-Zone Class 1 Medical Device Wrist and Thumb Support (Single)

Wrist Support Overview:

Premium Neo G Class 1 medical device status - Available in small, medium and large

Small 13-16cm, medium 16-19cm, large 19-23cm wrists

2 colour options – beige or black - Made from polyamide and elastane

Official partner to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Includes a thumb support with high quality brace - Medically designed to relieve pain in the wrist

Relieves tendonitis, arthritis, hand injuries & sprains

Helps weak thumbs or wrists providing stability support - Can be used by men and women on either left or right side

Breathable materials to prevent unwanted moisture - Registered internationally in the UK, Canada and USA

Over 1 million units sold across the globe

Price Guide: Usually for less than £20

Wrist Support Sizes

While each brand will vary on the sizes available, this general rough guide can be followed when it comes to selecting your own sized wrist support.

Small wrist supports are generally for wrists 12.5cm to 14.5cm, medium sized wrist supports are for wrists 14.5cm to 16.5cm, large supports are for wrists 16.5cm to 18.5cm and the extra-large wrist supports are generally for wrists with sizes of 20.5cm to 22.5cm. Please refer to individual manufacturers on their own size guidelines but this can be used as a general guide when it comes to looking at size selection availability.

Further Wrist Support Recommendations

If our first 5 Wrist Supports outlined already haven’t met all of your requirements just yet, then check out our last 2 recommendations summarised briefly as follows from both Neo G and Bracoo…

Option 6: Neo G Stabilized Wrist and Thumb Support

Brief Summary:

Medically designed as a Class 1 medical device - Longer stabilised support for extra support

Helps tendonitis, Carpal tunnels, aches & Arthritis

Adjustable strapping for varied compression - Includes thumb spica support for multiple sports

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy partnership

One size fits all with heavy duty design edges

Includes metal rigid splint and a wraparound strap - Thumb joint support with a malleable thumb splint

Helps to minimise wrist movements and improve recovery

Price Guide: Anywhere from £10 to £20 level

Option 7: Bracoo WS10 Adjustable Wrist Support Brace

Brief Summary:

Available in grey, pink and black colours - One size fits all with adjustable wrap around strap

For acute wrist sprains, aches and pains - Keeps wrist movements to a minimum

Double seams at the edges for long lasting support

Can be worn on either the right or left wrist

Helps with various conditions such as tendonitis - Also RSI, ligament injuries and wrist sprains

Breathable to reduce moisture, sweat and odours

Made from neoprene, nylon & lycra (latex free)

Price Guide: £10 to £20 @ Amazon UK

What is Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and RSI

This condition Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is also known as CTS in short and it happens when you have pressure on a nerve in your wrist joint and you will feel some numbness, aches and tingling sensations across the nerve region. Recovery can be days in some cases or even months – it all really depends on the level of injury damage caused with the nerve and you can feel pins and needles sensations along with a weak thumb movement or numbness across the hand.

A splint wrist support relieves pressure on the nerve and further information from the NHS can be viewed here. RSI on the other hand is a Repetitive strain injury and a typical example would be those working hours on end on their computers and laptops resulting in wrist pains and aches.

Video insert: Tips when it comes to fitting a Wrist Brace

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After completing our review for the best Wrist Supports in the UK, we hope our short list here can perhaps give you some ideas to consider before you make your final decision or even shed some light on the type of wrist support that can best meet your own set of requirements. You should always consult your physician for serious injuries and seek medical support advice. We have included smaller wrist supports for acute pains, larger Wrist supports with metal splints, Tri-Weave Wrist supports and adjustable wrap around Wrist supports where one size fits all so there should be something here that will be of interest to you.

Which Wrist support would we choose? For more heavy duty added support, it would have to be the Neo G Stabilized Wrist and Thumb Support outlined earlier and further information along with today’s prices can be double checked above


Wrist Support Community Feedback

Have you ever used any of these Wrist supports yourself in the recent past? Or do you prefer alternative brands?

If possible, please feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below…

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