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Many thanks for taking the time to visit and welcome to this Concept2 Rowing Machine Review which will cover 2 separate models as briefly as possible and outline all the main features, pros and cons you need to be aware of before you buy.

Premium Brand Prices

Once thing you will notice straight away is the much higher prices associated to the Rowing Machines under this brand which is why we are covering 2 separate options so at least you have more than just one choice when it comes to making a final decision.


Price guides can only be given at this point as prices can change from week to week which are subject to ongoing promotional activities so please ensure you view the price checkers provided below to get price accurate information. If after this review you feel that the prices here are simply too high, then take a look also at a lower priced alternatives which is also outlined at the end of this page to help save you money.

Background Information

The brand of Concept 2 started back in the year of 1976 by Pete and Dick Dreissigacker with the Concept2 Oars which have become one of the most popular brands in the market today and their product range spans from Oars, Rowing machines, indoor rowers and the SkiErg.


The Indoor rowers where created back in 1981 and are used by a vast array of people be it serious athletes to people seeking injury rehabilitation to casual workouts. They have over 35 years’ experience in the industry and their UK office is based in Queens Drive Industrial Estate in Nottingham.

Rowing Machine Review Overview:

Brand:Concept 2
Models:2 Models outlined
Price Levels:Approx £850 to £1150 (at the time of this review)
Reliable Supplier:Argos UK – View current stocks here
Warranty:Manufacturer's 2-year parts guarantee
Orders Online:Yes, orders accepted online
Deliveries:Location dependant, tends to be 3 to 8 working days

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where are they located in the UK?
A. Their office is in Queens Drive Industrial Estate, Nottingham.

Q1. Can Model D be separated in 2?
A. Yes model D can be separated in 2 to help with storage.

Q2. What warranty is available?
A. It depends where you buy but tends to be 2 years parts warranty duration.

Q3. What are the folded dimensions of Model D?
A. The folded dimensions of Model D are H137.2 by W63.5 by D83.8cm

Q4. What are the folded dimensions of Model E?
A. The folded dimensions of Model E are H137.2 by W68.6 by D119.4cm

Q5. What is the weight of the Rower D?
A. The boxed weight of the Rowing Machine D is 31kg.

Concept2 Rowing Machine Reviews (2 Models)

1, The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine PM5 Black

Quick Overview

  • The first model under this review is the black Concept2 Model D Indoor PM5 Rowing Machine which has proven to be one of the most popular options under the Concept2 brand and has received numerous positive reviews from previous users in the past.
  • This model includes the PM5 monitor which gives accurate and comparable data for every row you make and it has the air resistance system with variable tension control which can be adjusted to suit whatever level you wish to work through.
  • The Flywheel weight comes in at 4.3kg and the overall design minimises the noise you make while maximising a smooth operational feel to it. There are the caster wheels which make it easily mobile around you home and it can be separated into two to help with storage and freeing up living spaces. The seat height is 35.5cm and it also has the adjustable monitor arm.
  • It has the Console screen which will give you all the feedback you need including splits, calories burned, distance travelled, times taken, stroke rate and watts. You also have the programmes which include fixed and variable options and can be set by time and or distances whichever suits you the best.
  • The maximum user weight allowance that applies here is 135kg and the price region when last seen on sale was £850 to £900 which should be double checked below.



  • Can easily be separated in 2 to allow more living space and help with storage.
  • Top of the range in terms of quality, construction, performance and reliability.
  • Computer can be connected to phone Apps
  • Smooth and comfortable and able to withstand intense sessions.
  • Nickel plated chain with adjustable footrests and transportation caster wheels
  • Assembly and instructions is very easy to follow and complete (5 to 10 minutes) and overall lives up to and exceeds my own expectations


  • Price range is simply too high and expensive for many households to bear.
  • Suitable for people only with a high level of disposable income.
  • Apart from the price, we cannot find anything else negative to say at this moment of time as the quality has more than met our expectations. The price is definitely worth the amount of money you have to pay if you can afford it.


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2, The Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower PM5 Monitor Black

Quick Overview:

  • The second model under this review is the Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower with the PM5 Monitor and tends to be less popular that the first option provided above as the price is usually a lot more expensive. The console computer gives feedback on various parameters including distances, times taken, stroke rates, watts, burned calories and splits.
  • There are also the adjustable foot straps and ergonomic handle to provide maximum comfort as you work and again this Rower can easily be folded in half to help with storage and increasing living spaces. This model has the PM5 monitor which outlines accurate data for comparison for every row. The seat height is set at 51cm high and the maximum user weight capacity is also 135kg or 21 stone and 14 Ibs.
  • In addition, it has the nickel-plated chain and the air resistance system with the reliable variable tension control system. The programmes also include the variable or fixed by time or distances whichever suits you the best and the overall dimensions to take note of are H125 by W61 by D244cm (or H137.2 by W68.6 by D119.4cm when folded)
  • There is also the manufacturer's 2 year parts guarantee to provide additional security before you buy and the price tends to be over the £1000 region when last seen on sale which can be double checked below.


  • You get the PM5 monitor which gives accurate comparable data for every row you make.
  • Can be folded in half to increase living space when not in use and caster wheels help with transportation
  • Extremely low level of noise with the 4.3kg Flywheel and assembly is quick and simple to complete
  • Can handle a user weight up to 135kg and is made of solid sturdy construction
  • Professional piece of equipment as good as what you would find in a Gym.
  • The 2 year parts warranty provides additional confidence before you buy.


  • Price range tends to be over £1000 which is not affordable for many homes.
  • Suitable only for serious hard-core athletes with a lot of available disposable income.
  • Other than the high price, further cons or issues cannot be found at present as it has exceeded our expectations.


Video Demo: Concept 2 Rowing Review

Need to Consider Alternatives?

If you feel that these Rowing machines are out of your price range, then feel free to compare 2 lower priced options as follows...

Community Feedback

Do you have you any  personal experiences of using the Concept2 Rowing Machines yourself?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article! I recently signed up for a gym, and this is one of the regular exercise machines I use. Great for intensity workout!! I had my personal trainer absolutely push me so hard with this machine. It was good workout, and if I tried to stay at a certain level of intensity that was really pushing the limits. Didn’t realise Argos even stocked them and I never thought their prices would be able to compete as good as they do against other sports suppliers, thanks for the heads up with this new supplier as I have never shopped at Argos before.

  2. Solid review with all the information I was looking for about Concept 2, I was on the fence about buying one next week and this review certainly has cleared up many queries I had about them, thanks for the work put in with your review.  I am building, slowly, a fitness gym in my home so only the best quality will work for me when it comes to installation

  3. Many thanks for your review of these the Concept2 rowing machines They both look really great, but as you say, they do carry a pretty hefty price tag, and are probably out of the reach of many people. They are obviously top of the range rowers and I appreciate the level of detail provided. The dimensions outlined here are critical and being able to compare the prices throughout was an exercise worth checking out as prices can be somewhat lower and in some cases higher than expected. Thanks again, Chrissie 🙂

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