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Greetings once again and thanks for taking the time to visit this Opti Rowing Machine Review which will cover 3 separate models so at least you have more than just one choice when it comes to making a final decision. In this review, we will outline all the main features that you need to be aware of plus the main pros and cons associated to each so you can get a better understanding for each of them.


To ensure you get the best value for your money, please also view the price checkers provided below beneath each image as prices can change from month to month and if you wish to look beyond the Opti brand, 3 other alternatives are also outlined at the end of this page that are worth a closer look also.

Opti Overview

Opti is a fitness equipment brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality rowing machines as well as various other Fitness equipment products. The company was founded in the UK and has since expanded globally, offering a wide range of fitness equipment for home and commercial use.

Cardio Health

Opti rowing machines are designed to provide users with a full-body workout that improves cardiovascular health, builds strength, and increases endurance. They use a combination of air and magnetic resistance to simulate the feeling of rowing on water, and come equipped with advanced features like programmable workouts, adjustable resistance levels, and LCD displays that track time, distance, calories burned, and more.

Magnetic Rower

One of the most popular rowing machines produced by Opti is the Opti Magnetic Rowing Machine. This machine features eight levels of resistance, a comfortable padded seat, and a compact, foldable design that makes it easy to store when not in use. It also comes with a built-in computer that displays your workout data in real-time, allowing you to track your progress and stay motivated.

Air Rower

Another popular model is the Opti Air Rower, which uses a combination of air and magnetic resistance to provide a smooth, natural rowing motion. This machine also features a comfortable padded seat, adjustable foot pedals, and a foldable design for easy storage.


Opti is a trusted brand in the fitness equipment industry, known for producing high-quality, durable rowing machines that are perfect for both home and commercial use. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, an Opti rowing machine can help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall health and well-being at prices that most people can well afford

Rowing Machine Review Overview

Models:3 Model Compilation Overview
Price Levels:Approx £80 to £130 (at the time of this review)
Reliable Supplier:Argos – View current stocks here
Orders Online:Yes, orders accepted online
Deliveries:Location dependant, tends to be 1 to 5 working days

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are there any height restrictions?
A. No, you only need to refer to the maximum weight allowances

Q. Do you need to warm up before use?
A. Yes, you should do a small warm up and stretching prior to use

Q. How long do you need to cool down after use?
A. You should aim for 5 to 10 minutes after use to cool down with further stretching

Q. What level of warranty is available?
A. It depends on where you buy but tends to be 12 months duration

Opti Rowing Machine Review (3)

1, The Opti Manual Rowing Machine

Quick Overview:

  • First on this list for review is the Opti Manual Rowing Machine which is considered one of the lowest priced options under the Opti brand and has proven then to be one of the most popular options across the UK customer base. It has a maximum user capacity of 100kg or 15st 10lb and can be folded away when needed.
  • This is a manual rower which can work on your arms, legs and all areas of your cardio fitness levels and has the manual resistance system built in.  There are also the pivoting foot plates with adjustable foot straps to keep your feet securely fastened as your train or complete your desired workout.
  • The small computer console will give you feedback including the scan, your strokes, minutes, time and the calories burned and the seat of this rowing machine is made from faux leather giving you a comfortable seat so you can work out for longer periods of time.
  • There are the transportation wheels included, it has a size of H138.5 by W42.5 by D40cm and instructions are provided for assembly. Pricewise as mentioned it tends to be available at low levels and was seen between £80 and £100 which can be viewed or doubled checked below.


  • One of the lowest prices around – ideal for bargain hunters
  • Small compact size is ideal for people in smaller living spaces.
  • Wheels are included for easy transportation around your home
  • Can be folded away after use and the seat is made from faux leather which allows more comfort and longer training routines.


  • Lower level of functions, features and operational capabilities available.
  • Assembly is easy for some yet certain people will struggle and find it tricky.
  • More suited to lower level workouts – for serious athletes looking for frequent intense workouts then you should try to spend more and look elsewhere.
  • Not as smooth or as comfortable as many other brands but offers great value for money for the amount of money you have to pay.



2, The Opti Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Quick Overview:

  • Next under this review is the slightly more expensive Opti Hydraulic Rowing Machine which allows a heavier weight capacity of 120kg (20kg more) or 18st and 13lbs. AA Batteries are required for operation which are not included and will need to be bought separately.
  • Included here also are the pivoting foot plates with adjustable foot straps to keep your feet secured as you complete your workout and the overall dimensions come in at H25 by W59 by D138cm. There is the Hydraulic resistance system with variable tension control set in place to allow more flexibility on difficultly levels and it can be folded away when not in use.
  • The computer console provides various functions such as calories burned, a stroke counter, distance travelled, scans and times taken and batteries are needed for operation.
  • In terms of price, the range tends to vary in the £90 to £120 region which depends on local discount activities which of course can be double checked below if you feel this would be of interest to you.


  • Big attraction is the low price level – if you are looking for a bargain then look no further.
  • Can be folded away which is ideal when not in use saving you more living spaces.
  • Comfortable padded seat which takes some time to get accustomed to it
  • Allows a heavier weight capacity of 20kg more (total 120kg)
  • Ideal for indoor workouts when the weather outside during the Winter is not suitable for walking.
  • Easy to follow instructions and shouldn’t take any more than 30 minutes.


  • Batteries are not included so you have the additional hassle of buying them separately
  • Limitations on the console when compared against higher spec and premium brands.
  • People who are a lot older or have injuries can find it difficult to get on it as it is quite low to the ground level.
  • Minor issues with the Hydraulics have been reported from previous buyers but proves to be a bargain price for people who just want something simple and basic without any of the expensive addons.


3, Opti Gym Elastic Rowing Machine with DVD

Quick Overview:

  • Last up for review on this list is the Opti Gym and Rowing Machine with the DVD included and tends to be priced somewhat higher than the previous 2 models so be prepared in advance to dig deeper into your pockets. It has a maximum user weight allowance of 100kg and the dimensions to take note of are H185 by W43.5 by D65cm.
  • It has the computer console providing feedback including all the features you would expect plus there are the pivoting foot plates with adjustable foot straps included also as standard. It has transportation wheels to help with movement around your home and it can also be folded away when not in use.
  • This model uses an elastic cord resistance system with variable tension control to give your further control on your training and workouts which can help to improve your cardiovascular fitness overall as well as toning your muscles at the same time.
  • This model needs to be assembled upon delivery, includes a helpful DVD to show you best practices and will cost anywhere in the £120 to £150 bracket when last seen on sale depending on local discount activities.


  • Includes the Elasticated cord system which can be adjusted to increase or decrease tension when needed
  • You are provided with a DVD to help you get the most of your equipment.
  • Can be folded away when not in use and batteries are included – doesn’t take up too much room
  • Simply to track your time and count your calories and quick and easy to adjust tension levels.
  • Low level of noise which is great if you need to train later at night while others sleep.


  • Lower weight capacity of 20kg when compared to the Hydraulic version
  • Seat takes a while to get used to it – prolonged use takes a bit of getting used to.
  • Comes flat packed so assembly will take an hour or more to complete and needs very close attention to detail.
  • Lacks the level of quality you would see in a gym but is matched with the appropiate lower price tag



Comparison Table

A short summary table is outlined below:

ModelWeight Capacity:Size:Foldable:Wheels Included:
Opti ManualMax 100kg / 15st 10lbH138.5 by W42.5 by D40cmYesYes
Opti HydraulicMax 120kg / 18st 13lbsH25 by W59 by D138cmYesYes
Opti Gym + DVDMax 100kg /15st 10lbH128 by W94 by D43.5cmYesYes

Consider Alternatives?

If you are still undecided about the Opti brand of Rowing machines, then you should check out the option provided below which is definitely worth a closer look before you make your final decision…

Types of Rowing Machines

The company offers a wide range of rowing machines that cater to different fitness levels, budgets, and preferences and here are some of the types of rowing machines available from Opti Fitness in the UK

Magnetic Rowing Machines

These machines use a magnetic braking system to create resistance, which can be adjusted manually or automatically. Opti Fitness offers several models of magnetic rowing machines, including the Opti Magnetic Rowing Machine, which is compact and foldable, making it easy to store when not in use.

Air Rowing Machines

These machines use a fan blade to generate air resistance, which increases or decreases depending on how hard you row. Opti Fitness offers several models of air rowing machines, including the Opti Air Rowing Machine, which features a comfortable padded seat and adjustable foot pedals.

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  1. I have purchased an Opti rowing machine and find it ideal except for one problem. The computer simply does not work properly. It jumps when counting the number of strokes. Argos have replaced the computer once but the new one was even worse. Also the calories shown seem to depend entirely on the number of strokes regardless the resistance selected on the cylinder.

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