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Many thanks again for taking the time to visit and welcome to our Body Sculpture Rowing Machine Review which covers 3 separate Rowing Machine models so at least you get more than 1 option when it comes to making a final decision. In this review, we will outline all the main features, pros and cons for each to give you the consumer a better understanding of what each of them has to offer plus any limitations that one can expect that are applicable.

Guide prices can only be given throughout this review as prices can change from month to month depending on promotional activities so please make sure you view the price checkers provided below which outlines the most current up to date price information that you need.

Brief Body Sculpture Background:

Body Sculpture is a company that was established back in the year of 1965 in the United Kingdom so they have a lot of experience in the industry and they have become a recognised brand in the entire fitness category over the past number of decades. Their brand is not just limited to the UK as they also have become an international brand and is promoted in many countries worldwide. They specialise in fitness equipment, associated accessories, holistic wellness products and some of their most popular products are in the treadmill, exercise mats and dumbbell categories. They focus on quality, reliability and to achieve the highest standards possible and they also have an R&D department which works continuously in new product development and product improvements. In addition, their production and operations have moved to mainland China namely the Xingyang Industrial Zone, Haicang District, Xiamen in the province of Fujian.

Rowing Machine Review Overview:

Brand:Body Sculpture
Models:3 Model Compilation
Price Levels:Approx £100 to £400 (at the time of this review)
Reliable Supplier:Amazon UK – View current stocks here
Support:Available through the Body Sculpture dedicated UK office.
Orders Online:Yes, orders accepted online
Deliveries:Location dependant, tends to be 1 to 5 working days

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who should I contact if I have any problems with parts?
A. You can contact Body Sculpture direct in the UK on +44 1274 693888
Q. Can I email Body Sculpture about potential issues or problems?
A. Yes, they can be emailed directly at
Q. What happens if the wheels on the twin hydraulic rower get detached?
A. Contact them directly for a replacement set
Q. Can the Twin Hydraulic Rower be folded down?
A. Yes, the Body Sculpture Twin Hydraulic Rower can be folded down
Q. Is there any free DVD instructions?
A. Yes, one is included with the Body Sculpture Rower N Gym model

Body Sculpture Rowing Machine Review Compilation

1, The Body Sculpture Twin Hydraulic Rower

Quick Overview:

  • First up on this review list is the Body Sculpture Twin Hydraulic Rower machine which tends to be of the lowest priced options around and therefore makes it one of the most popular options to choose from under this brand and has the variable resistance system in place as standard. You get the velcro straps on the rower which is designed to keep your feet comfortable and firmly planted in place throughout your sessions.
  • The weight for this model is very light coming in at just 13kg, the overall dimensions when built up is L124 by W80 by H17.5cm and the maximum user weight allowance here is 120kg. There is the LED computer monitor included with outlines all the main parameters such as the scan, times taken, your count and the calories burned up.
  • The footplates can also be adjusted to help support your ankles as you complete your workout and there is the 8 wheel carriage on the saddle for stability and a smooth action as you go back and forth. The resistance is adjustable, it has the twin hydraulic cylinders and can be folded flat after use for easy storage.
  • You can get a full body workout with cardio vascular training and this model is a low priced alternative to magnetic and air rowers making it ideal for people who need to work on a lower budget. Pricewise, the level tends to be in the £100 to £135 bracket which should be double checked below.


  • An attractive low price tag which makes it a bargain for many consumers
  • Extremely lightweight coming in at just 13kg so it is very easy to move around.
  • Footplates are adjustable to help your ankles and tools are included for assembly
  • Can be folded away after use freeing up more living spaces.
  • It complies to European Safety Standards EN957 and ideal for people who enjoy lighter type workouts.


  • Quite flimsy and many have reported it as cheap and too lightweight for their needs
  • Assembly will be seen as difficult for many and you need to allow plenty of time and patience. Also, many people over 6 ft in height will struggle with it.
  • Excessive pulling can lift the front end slightly and the pulling action could be smoother from the start
  • The seat runner wheels could be stronger and more durable as buyers in the past had problems with them. Others report that the overall quality on the rollers for the seat cause too many issues like coming off the track.
  • Performs weaker than the air resistant rower by a long shot
  • Would I buy it? No, I would prefer to save more money and spend more on a better-quality product but for those looking for the lowest possible bargain price, it is worth the gamble as long as you assemble it correctly and don’t use it too excessively.

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2, The Body Sculpture Rower and Gym

Quick Overview:

  • The second model up for review on this list is the Body Sculpture Rower 'N' Gym and the price range tends to be quite similar to the Hydraulic option outlined above which also makes it extremely popular due to the low bargain price level. One thing that you also get here is the free full instructional DVD which is included also.
  • Included here for your tracking convenience is the on board computer which monitors the strokes, times, your stroke counts, calories burned, scan and total count. This rower can provide a Gym type function which works at various areas on your body including your chest, arms, shoulders, back and abs and it works as a combination of the classic rowing machine and the home gym designed to bring you versatile full body workouts every time.
  • The weight of this rowing machine is 16.2kg, it has an overall dimension of 120cn by 32cm by 19.2cm and the maximum user weight allowance is also 100kg. The resistance levels are adjustable depending on how hard you want to work and overall it will provide you with a great and effective cardio workout.
  • It also has the large pivoting footplates to help your ankles and adjustable straps to keep your feet securely in place and can be very easily folded when not in use. In terms of price, it was last seen in the £100 to £150 region which depends on discount activities and can again be double checked below.


  • A full instructional DVD is included to help you get the most of it and it has a smooth forward and backward motion on the seat.
  • Footplates are large which can pivot and the straps for the feet are very secure. Folding and unfolding is a breeze also.
  • The 2-in-1 system of this rower machine allows you to get a fully body workout with every use
  • For the resistance, there are 3 tension cords which can be set to low, medium or high.
  • Onboard computer can track all the main parameters you need and can be used for taller people 6 foot+ in height and is quite easy to assemble once delivered (no more than 20 minutes)
  • You can also do a workout standing up to boost your arm strength and endurance and it can be easily folded away when not in use.


  • Resistance settings could be more robust and provide a tougher and a more strenuous workout – too weak overall and the tension settings should be stronger. The highest level is not strong enough either.
  • Stability and robustness of the unit is questionable when going through harder type sessions and the noise level on the cords and squeaking seat can be very annoying at times so be careful when choosing the location within your home.
  • Computer screen is quite basic when compared elsewhere and the saddle seat could be more comfortable
  • Overall it is quite basic which is matched by the appropriate price-tag. If you can afford to pay more, then you should try to do so but it is great value for people who need the lowest possible price. If you do decide to buy, then make sure to keep the packaging and receipts in a safe place as we have seen far too many issues from previous buyers in the past. If you want a professional higher quality rowing machine, then you should try to save, spend more and look elsewhere.

3, The Body Sculpture BR-3301 Rowing Machine

Quick Overview:

  • The last model in this particular review is the Body Sculpture Rowing Machine model number BR-3301 which is considered a higher spec and more premium option than the first 2 models above yet comes in a much higher price range.
  • This model includes the 3 integrated racing games and a 1 manual setting for a diverse training workout, the tension levels are controlled manually and it also has the adjustable footplates as standard to help your ankles. The computer screen included will track your times and distances travelled, calorie counts and also the strokes per minute and the saddle seat has 6 wheels included to ensure you get a smooth and stable ride through the aluminium track.
  • The overall dimensions here are 200cm by 60cm by 83cm, the maximum user weight allowance is also 100kg and the unit weight comes in at 39kg. It operates from a silent magnetic resistance and there are 8 levels of adjustable tension settings in total.
  • Delivery is available to the UK mainland only and the price does tend to be a lot higher and can be seen anywhere from £300 to £400 depending on local promotional or discount activities and can be viewed or checked below.


  • Offers a diverse and fun type workout via the 3 integrated racing games and 1 manual setting
  • Larger display screen to help keep track of your training and a much more solid and robust piece of equipment.
  • Much improved tension resistance system available and significantly superior to the second option above.
  • The seat is quite large and comfortable and can be easily folded away when not in use which can free up living spaces.


  • Deliveries are only available to the UK Mainland
  • Much higher price than the first and second options above but worth it if you have the additional money to spend.
  • 20kg less user weight allowance than the Twin Hydraulic model.
  • Assembly is not too difficult but takes time, patience and some people may struggle with it.

Comparison Table

A brief summary table is also outlined below.

ModelUser Weight:Weight:Dimensions:
Body Sculpture Twin HydraulicMax 120kg13kg124 by 80 by 17.5cm
Body Sculpture Rower N GymMax 100kg16.2kg120 by 32 by 19.2cm
Body Sculpture BR-3301 RowerMax 100kg39kg200 by 60 by 83cm

Need to Look Elsewhere???

If you are still undecided about a Rowing Machine under the Body Sculpture brand, then take a look and consider the options which are outlined below and have worked well for us in the past…

What About You???

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  1. Hello, I have since many people misuse rowing machines in the gym. Not that I’m an expert but I don’t think it helps much if we don’t use them correctly and making sure we get the most from them.. Something cheap and cheerful will suffice for me and the Hydraulic version seems to be adequate enough to meet my personal needs and the fact that is weighs only 13kg is ideal especially when it comes to moving it around the house

  2. I just read your Reebok Rowing Machine Review and found this page also about Body Sculpture. I’m glad you show a lot of choices on one page instead of having to jump from one page to the next. The first one you reviewed, you mention that it’s a little flimsy. I want a rowing machine that is pretty strong and feels like a powerful workout machine. I’m between one of the rowing machines from the Reebok post and the BR-3301 since it offers the racing games which sounds like a good motivating factor

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