Echelon Connect Sport Exercise Bike Review 2024


Are you thinking about buying the Echelon Connect Sport Exercise Bike in the coming days? If so, then please make sure to check out our review which includes details of the assembly parts, a copy of the user manual plus a series of FAQ’s that tend to pop up which hopefully can answer many of the queries that you may have. Included in this review will be all the pros and cons outlined at the end of this page that we came across along with a video insert review where you can see it in action so to speak.

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Assembly Parts

When you receive the box delivery, there are 25 different parts and tools included in the overall package which are summarised in the image provided below. For example, some of the parts you will be working on is the handlebar frame, brake lever, crank arms, front & rear brackets, the seat, pedals and the handlebar brackets.

There are bolts for the foot cages, a water bottle holder, screws and of course the power adaptor. The main complex part of the bike and flywheel is already preassembled for you and a copy of the user manual with all the assembly steps can be viewed or downloaded here.

Safety Tips

As a word of caution, you should always unplug this bike before cleaning and after you are finished using it – don’t leave it plugged in continuously. You should avoid using it under blankets as the bike can heat up significantly and only children over 13 should be allowed to use it. Finally, you should make sure to keep the power cord away from any heated surfaces and always use and keep it indoors.


In the event that you have any persistent problems that you cannot solve yourself, you can contact them directly on email or you can call them directly on 1-833-937-2453. The bike comes with a  1 year warranty protection but it becomes void if you have not used it in accordance with the user manual instructions.

Echelon Connect Sport Exercise Bike Review

Echelon Connect Sport Exercise Bike


Main Features in Summary

Magnetic resistance system & powered by mains

Tension controls x 32 and 7kg flywheel - Adjustable handlebars and seat

Assembled dimensions 111H x 51.5W x 125D cm

Requires home assembly with 1 year warranty

Download Echelon Fit App for classes (45 days free)

Maximum user weight 21st 4lb or 135kg

Cage pedals and competition seat included

Price Guide: £650  - £750

Video insert: Echelon Connect Sport bike Review

To help give you a better understanding about this Echelon Sport Exercise bike, then check out the video below so you can see it in action and all the various components and parts involved which will only take a few minutes of your time

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1, How heavy is the bike when it comes to mobility?

A, The weight of this Echelon Connect Sport Exercise Bike is 35.7kg

Q2, Do I need any additional tools for the assembly?

A, No all the tools such as the hex key and wrenches are included in the pack

Q3, Where is this exercise bike made?

A, This exercise bike is made in China

Q4, Do you need to register the Echelon fit app for the bike?

A, Yes, you need to connect the App via Bluetooth to register the resistance – you can use the Freestyle mode with limited features or subscribe to the plans that provide additional features and live classes

Q5, Do you need to place a mat under the bike?

A, It is not compulsory to lay a mat under the bike but it can help protect the floor surfaces

Q6, Can it be used with other apps such as Zwift?

A, No, it is only compatible with the Echelon Fit app.

Q7, Can devices such as iPhones and iPads be connected for fitness classes?

A, Yes, the app is compatible with iPads and iPhones as well as Android but you need to subscribe for monthly fees to access the fitness classes.

Q8, What maximum height can this bike be used for?

A, This bike can be used for people up to 6 ft 4 inches as a guide.

Q9, Does it need to be plugged in?

A, Yes, you should plug it in to connect to the Echelon fitness app and to use the Bluetooth connectivity

Q10, Will the bike work without the subscription for the app?

A, Yes, you can use the bike in tandem with the Freestyle version of the app.

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Echelon App

To make the most of your Exercise bike and maximise your motivation, toning and fitness levels, you can download the Echelon Fitness app where you can track your progress, enjoy multiple on demand classes, use world class trainers and enjoy scenic rides.

It is free to download and only a limited amount of information and features are available in the free version. Depending on your own needs, there are options to subscribe to various monthly plans where you can enjoy the Echelon fitness community and climb their status leatherboards. The Echelon Fit App is available both from the App store and Google Play Store

Pros for the Echelon Connect Sport Exercise Bike

1, Costs – it would be considered to be a premium brand yet the costs are significantly lower than the leading brands in this sector so you can get a similar quality bike at a fraction of the cost. Plus the cost can be covered in 3 equal payments using PayPal Pay in 3 so you don’t have to pay for all up front (select sellers)

2, Echelon App – for people who are serious about fitness, losing weight, getting toned and burning calories, you have access to the Echelon fitness app which provides tracking information, scenic routes, trainers, on demand classes and so much more – all the motivation anyone would need

3, Resistance – you get a superb range of 32 levels of magnetic resistance to choose from

4, Frame – the frame is sleek, sturdy and robust plus the cage pedals are high quality and you have a competition type seat for additional support and a top class 7kg flywheel

5, Subscription – you can try out the App for 45 days before committing to the Echelon fitness app monthly subscription (again seller dependant)

6, Adjustments – both the handlebars and the saddle can be adjusted to your liking

7, User weight – unlike many other lightweight exercise bikes, this exercise bike can support heavier weights of up to 135kg no problem whatsoever (21 stone and 4 lbs) and even possibly more from what we have seen

Cons for the Echelon Connect Sport Exercise Bike

1, Availability – stock availability tends to be unreliable from time to time so you need to act quickly if you are interested in making a purchase. Also availability tends to be better in the UK mainland rather than Northern Ireland

2, Price – even though it is considerably cheaper than the leading brands, it will still set you back over £500/£600 so you need to plan well in advance to finance it

3, App Subscription – you need to subscribe to the Echelon app to get the full benefits, features and classes which can be expensive on an annual basis. The Free style app version is available also but with limitations and the basic metrics. That being said, I don’t like the added pressure that they seem to put you under to subscribe to a monthly fee.

4, Handlebars – the heart monitor pulse sensors are not on the handlebars which we had expected and the handlebars also have limited adjustments front to back

5, Power – it needs to be plugged in to power the Bluetooth connection to the Echelon fit app

Price Comparisons

If you feel that you don’t want to sign up to the Echelon fit app or if you need a lower priced exercise bike, then check out some of the lower priced exercise bikes below that could possibly save you some money

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Would we recommend this bike? Although it is a fantastic bike with high quality components, I don’t like the idea of being forced into using the Echelon Fit App, downloading it and being forced to hand over your personal details – for that reason I am on the fence about recommending this exercise bike from Echelon. I value my own personal data too much to be handing it over to god knows who – be it Echelon or anyone else for that matter.


There are plenty of reasons to love this bike though – its solid, robust, its easy to assemble and the performance of the bike is certainly up there with the best bikes we have come across in the past. Its so much better than your average lower priced cheaper branded bikes and yet it costs a fraction of the price for the top tier branded exercise bikes out there.

It has the Bluetooth connectivity and the tablet holder and it offers a superb workout session for burning calories, getting fit and toning your muscles. Although we don’t like the idea of being forced to use the Echelon fit app, you can choose to EITHER use the free “Freestyle option” with limited basic metrics or subscribe to the monthly fee for highly motivating metrics, trainers and classes.

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