Powerfit Vibration Platform Review 2024


Are you thinking about buying a Powerfit Vibration Platform in the coming days or weeks? If so, please make sure to check out our Powerfit review which will outline everything you need to know about it (the good and the bad) before you make your final buying decision.


Our review will focus on providing all the detail about the features and capabilities that you need to know and we will also outline our pros and cons which we came across which are outlined further down on this page that you should take a closer look at also.


In addition, we have included a short FAQ session which hopefully can answer some of your queries about this Powerfit Vibration platform that you may have and there are also some price comparison options provided below that can be checked out which could end up saving you some money like you are here.

Powerfit Review Content

  • Part 1: Brief Overview & FAQ’s
  • Part 2: Powerfit Review – Key Features & Video Demo
  • Part 3: Powerfit Review – Pros and Cons (the Good and the Bad)
  • Part 4: Conclusion and Feedback Submission

Before you begin, please note that guide prices can only be outlined at the time of this Powerfit review so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

Part 1: Brief Overview & FAQ’s

Brief Overview

Model / Product:Powerfit Vibration Platform
Price Guide:Amazon - View Updated Prices Here
Power:220V / 240V, 200W
Warranty:1 year warranty (plus additional 2 years optional can be bought separately)
Support:JML customer care @ 0800 781 7831 or 0808 206 4184

Frequently asked Questions for the Powerfit Vibration Platform:

Q. How much does the extended warranty cost and long does it last?
A. The extended warranty adds 2 more years to the standard 12-month warranty and is generally available for less than £15
Q. How often does it need to be used?
A. The recommended routine is 3 minutes a day, 4 times each week - total 12 minutes per week only
Q. What’s included in the deluxe set?
A. Included in the set is the platform, a remote, 2 elastic bands for arm workout and a workout guide / healthy eating guide
Q. Does it include roller wheels?
A. Yes, the Powerfit platform includes roller wheels to help you get it into whatever position you need
Q. What is the total box weight?
A. The weight of the box is 13.5kg (net weight is 12kg)
Q. Is there additional delivery costs?
A. No, as the order value is over £45, there are no added delivery costs for standard orders in the UK mainland
Q. What is the length of the power cord?
A. The length of the power cord is 1.5m long
Q. What are the dimensions of the box when delivered?
A. The dimensions of the box delivery are 75cm by 41.5cm by 11.3cm
Q. Are there programs available for beginners?
A. Yes, there are programmes for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.
Q. Are there instructional manuals included?
A. Yes, it includes an operational instructional manual and a healthy eating guide manual.
Q. Does it come with a UK 3 pin plug?
A. Yes, a UK 3 pin plug is included with the Powerfit platform plate

Part 2: Powerfit Vibration Platform Review 

Powerfit Vibration Plate Platform

Main Features in Summary:

Vibration Platform / 3 mins
Remote Control functions
Targets all body areas
Oscillating Platform Vibration
Multi- Directional effects
Recreates walking/jogging
Programme 4 times per week
Standard warranty 12 months
Extended warranty 2 years

Main Features

  • This Oscillating Vibration Platform from Powerfit aims to provide the recreation of a workout that you would normally get when you are walking or running and it can be all one in the one spot in the comfort of your own home.  It works on the basis of providing multi-directional vibration technology to help toning up, losing weight and building muscle strength.
  • The technque has been developed by the astrophysics industry which would assist astronauts keep in better body condition who would normally not have the room for normal conventional training sessions and this technology has been brought forward to benefit people in their own homes
  • There are 99 different settings, a beginner / intermediate / advanced choice of levels and there are elasticated resistant bands included will help with toning up your arms in conjunction with the vibrating oscillations of up to 50 per second.
  • The recommended usage is 3 minutes per day and then 4 times per week, it can be adjusted using the simple remote control and all you have to do is stand in one spot and let the platform do its vibration work. The one advantage is the fact that there is no impact on your lower joints which is ideal for people who are injured or who have difficult completing normal type running exercises
  • It operates at a power level of 220V to 240V / 200W, the pack includes the platform, resistant bands x 2, remote, workout guide, a healthy eating guide and the net weight of the unit comes in at 12kg (box weight is 13.5kg approx.)
  • Standard UK mainland deliveries are provided free of charge from JML and deliveries are normally completed in 4 to 5 working days.
  • The standard warranty that applies here from JML is 12 months and you can get an extended 2 year added to this (total 3 years) which is optional and tends to cost around £15. If you need to contact them about the warranty, they can be contacted on their customer services department on 0800 781 7831

Price Guide:

So how much does it cost? The price when last seen at the time of this review was in the £250 to £350 region which of course can be double checked below for a closer look.

Further images of the Powerfit Vibration Platform are outlined below

  • Powerfit Vibration Platform Remote

Video Demonstration

A short video is outlined below to help give you a better understanding about this Powerfit Vibration Platform which is certainly worth a closer look so you can see for yourself how it works and the benefits it can offer you.

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Part 3: Powerfit Review – Pros and Cons

Pros for the Powerfit Vibration Platform:

  • You get a guaranteed warranty of 12 months which gives you protection in the event that there are any problems. Plus, you can get another 2 years added to this which generally cost for less than £15 which is definitely worth it for a total of 3 years protection
  • Ideal for people who have specific conditions which don’t allow them to walk or jog as much they would like to – this offers a solution for a specific type of individual who cannot exercise as normal people can do
  • Ideal for people who struggle to find the time to do weekly 30-minute sessions as this Platform only requires a total of 12 minutes per week (3 minutes 4 times per week)
  • Instead of buying it from someone you cannot trust, it is available from a reliable supplier namely JML who can be easily contacted and are always available to answer your call.
  • As there is no running involved, there is no impact on your ankle joints or knees as there is zero impact on your joints to worry about
  • It includes all the instructions you need to get the most out of it and a healthy eating plan is included as an additional bonus.

Cons for the Powerfit Vibration Platform:

  • The price for this platform will set you back in the region of £300 so you will need to plan and save well in advance for it. Some treadmills can be bought for less than £300 and they can offer a lot more in terms of cardio exercises, walking and actual jogging.
  • The warranty won’t cover cosmetic damages or faults such as scratches or general wear and tear and it certainly won’t cover any accidental damages
  • There is a lack of clinical proof and research for some of the solutions that it claims that it can offer
  • It doesn’t offer a free trial period which would be better so you could test it out for yourself if it can really work for you.

Part 4: Conclusion and Feedback Submission


While this Powerfit Vibration plate is not for everyone, it certainly can help people who cannot exercise in the traditional way of walking or jogging or running or for people who simply do not have the time for regular workout sessions due to work and family commitments. My own preference would be to stick to a healthy diet, cut back on the carbs and alcohol and to work out 3 times per week in the outdoors and get some fresh air in the process.

It won’t work miracles and don’t expect to see ripped abs after using it but if you are unable to work out in a regular way as mentioned already, then this will certainly benefit you in losing weight, but you also need to pay attention to your calorie intake and diet also each week.

There’s no point in expecting to see improved results using this Platform if your calorie intake has increased significantly – you are simply undoing the work that the Powerfit has done. So yes, I would recommend it but you also need to have realistic expectations in what it can offer you and the possible results you can get. Plus, it is extremely important to control your diet and do some regular exercises in conjunction with it also if possible but overall it is certainly worth giving a go in our view.

Feedback (Optional)

Have you any personal experience yourself with using a Powerfit Vibration Platform? Did it operate as expected or did you experience any problems with it? Did you get the results you were after?

If possible, please share your own feedback or experiences good or bad with the wider community by leaving a feedback comment in the comment box section provided below…

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  1. Hi! I had read an interesting comment about this powerfit and wanted to learn more about it. I appreciate you have written this unbiased review. I have wanted to buy a treadmill so I wanted to see how the results obtained by this powerfit compared to those of a treadmill. After reading your post, I have realized that a treadmill is what I need. I’ll check the review of the Reebok Jet 300 you have here in your site. Thanks for this review outlined here

  2. Hello, Thank you for the Powerfit review. It is very helpful for me because I can’t find time to go to the gym anymore. Before pregnancy, I used to go to the gym 3 times a week regularly, but after giving birth to my daughter, I couldn’t go anymore, so I had to find a solution from home and this device looked pretty good. I like the fact that this platform is a trustable brand and has support at all times for any problem that may arise so I appreciate the work of putting this review together, Best, Alketa

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