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Hello and thanks for taking the time for visiting this Vitesse Inversion table review which also includes operational videos if you are somewhat inexperienced in using Inversion tables. These videos will also outline simple instructions on how to use them, a table tutorial and also some tips for your Abs so feel free to check these out also.

Summary Table

In this review, I have looked at 2 different models and the pros and cons related to each and a summary table is also provided below. If you are still unsure about Inversion tables under this brand at the end of this review, popular alternatives are also outlined below which are definitely worth a closer look at also.

Inversion Table Review Overview:

Price LevelsApprox £90 to £120 (at the time of this review)
Warranty12 months
Best Place to Buy:Sports and Leisure UK, Shenstone - View Available Stocks Here
Orders OnlineOrders accepted online with Free delivery
DeliveriesLocation dependant, but they target a next day delivery where possible

Video Demo

As mentioned before, if you are inexperienced in using Inversion tables, then please make sure to check out the video display outlined below which will give you a better understanding in how to use them.

Benefits of Inversion Tables:

  • Relieves lower back pain aches that you may have and relieves pressure on ligaments and discs
  • Your spine becomes somewhat decompressed
  • Encourages blood circulation around the body and helps with flexibility
  • Helps with relaxation of the body and reduce your overall fatigue levels

Vitesse Inversion Table Review (2 Models)

1, The Vitesse VI Inversion Table

Overview of Features:

  • This Inversion table called the Vitesse VI Inversion Table is made from sturdy carbon steel construction, includes nice comfortable ankle pads to prevent any skin pinching and also has an inversion level of 160 degrees to 180 degrees.
  • This particular model has a height adjustment that can work up to 1.98m and has the non-skid stabilisers included for your added protection and safety.
  • For extra comfort, it has a thick memory foam pad on the back and there is also the additional support for the separate header board attached with extra cushion padding for the lower back.
  • There is also a series of nylon straps added for safe inversions and the tough wearing coated rubber hand grips for extra comfort levels. Please note also that the ankle supports are thick and high density which gives plenty of support and protects your shins and skin. Price wise, it has been seen on sale between £90 and £110 which can be double checked below.


  • Frame design ensures minimum exertion effort is needed on your end for total inversion
  • Price is in line with various other models seen throughout the market
  • Lots of padding provided be it for your ankles, your lower back or even your head.
  • Can be ordered online and delivered within a few days


  • Limited to a height size of 1.98m
  • Limited to a max user weight of 150kg

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Video 1 - Inversion Table Instructional Video

2, The Vitesse Delux Inversion Table

Overview of Features:

  • Similar to the first, this model the Vitesse Delux Inversion Table is also available which can be considered also and likewise it has an inversion level of 160 to 180 degrees and has the reliable non skid floor stabilisers to prevent any unwanted slips or accidents from occurring.
  • The main difference is the high-grade oval tubing steel frame which has a black powder coated finish which makes it an attractive piece of equipment to work with. There is also the thick density foam for the ankle regions to help protect your ankles, shins and skin while you use it.
  • The back board here is also different in that it comes in a mesh type fabric which is great in allowing breathability and reducing moisture build up and it also comes in an attractive blue colour. In addition, you also get the hard-wearing injection coated rubber hand grips which are ideal for having the perfect grip while inverting.
  • There is a 12-month warranty available here and the price range tends to be slightly higher coming in at £100 and £120 which can be double checked below if you are interested in taking a look.


  • High grade oval tubing and solid frame
  • The design permits minimum effort is needed on your end to achieve a full inversion
  • Breathable mesh back boards


  • Slightly higher priced than the first but with less padding
  • Relatively untested across the market with low levels of customer feedback so far

Comparison Table

A summary table is outlined below:

ModelInversion levelMax HeightWeightUser Weight
Vitesse VI Inversion Table160 to 180 degrees1.98m25kgMax 150kg
Vitesse Delux Inversion Table160 to 180 degrees1.98m25kgMax 150kg


If you are still on the fence and still wish to consider further Inversion Table options, then feel free to take a closer look at the Beauty4Less Inversion Exercise bench or the Sportplus Inversion Table which are quite popular and both are available at Amazon at present which are definitely worth taking a closer look at also…

Community Feedback

Finally, many thanks for taking the time to visit and feel free to leave your own personal opinions or thoughts about Inversion tables (good or bad) by leaving a comment in the comment box provided below.

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