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Thanks in advance for your visit and welcome to this Powertech Exercise Bike review which is definitely worth a quick look through if you intend to buy one under this brand over the next week or so. Detailed in this review will be an outline of the pros and cons and also all the key features and capabilities that it has to offer.


Even after this review if you are still on the fence – 2 other alternatives are also provided below that you should and take a closer look at if these alternative brands are of interest to you. So without further delay, let’s get started…

Exercise Bike Review Overview:

Price LevelsApprox £140 to £170 (at the time of this review)
Warranty12 months
Best Place to Buy:Sports and Leisure UK, Shenstone - View Available Stocks Here
Orders OnlineOrders accepted online with Free delivery
DeliveriesLocation dependant, but they target a next day delivery where possible

Powertech Exercise Bike Review 

The PowerTech S4000 Racing Exercise Bike


  • First off – this exercise bike under the Powertech brand is an easy to use indoor training bike and has many features that you would normally see with spin exercise bikes in Gyms throughout the country. Many would call this a racing style bike for exercising and the flywheel weight here is 13kg
  • Another thing that stands out is the fact that the belt transmission system is extremely quiet with a low level of noise which is perfect when working out late at night when the kids are asleep in bed. There is also the non-slip pedals with the toe cage which again enables you to push as hard as you can without having to worry about your feet slipping through.
  • There is small screen added in to monitor the time, speed, distance, calories and your pulse rate and these can be reset with the simple press of a button and the wheels are built in to allow easier movements.
  • The seat and also the handlebar heights can be adjusted when needed to suit your own individual needs to allow longer training periods.
  • Please note also that the maximum user weight allowed here is 150kg, the transmission is belt driven and the size dimensions are 120 H by 105.5 L by 48cm W so please make sure you have adequate space for it before you make any decision.
  • The flywheel gearing here is fixed and in terms of value, the price is quite low as the brand is not as strong as many others and tends to be available at a price level of between £140 and £170 when last seen on sale which can be double checked below if you are interested in taking a closer look.


  • High spec treadmill at a low price level making it very affordable for many homes
  • Both the handlebar and the seat are height adjustable to allow longer training and more comfort
  • Tension is easily controlled by a simple tension knob to create wheel friction
  • Can accommodate people up to 150kg or 24 stone weight
  • The flywheel gearing and pedals are connected directly and the handle positions are interchangeable
  • Belt driven is a lot quieter than the chain alternative
  • For more intense training, SPD pedals can be added and fitted to this bike
  • A 12 month warranty included allows added confidence when buying.


  • The mini computer screen could be larger with more functions – it’s quite basic
  • Brand is somewhat untested over a long period of time versus other more recognised brands.
  • SPD pedals are not included.


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We believe that this exercise bike is definitely worth the money but if you are still undecided about this particular brand, then make sure to check out the models below which tend to work of a starting price level of £130 and upwards if you have a little extra money to spend. Take a quick look below at just one or all 2 options if needed below to compare for yourself...

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  1. Nice review! I’m actually surprised about the price which I thought would be much higher. Is it produced in the UK or somewhere else as I am not really familiar with the brand Powertech? Good point you are making on the mini-computer. Most gyms I go to have more sophisticated computer screens with good options available on health measurement or other media, etc. I guess for home use it’s just what you need right 

  2. I would give the Powertech exercise bike 5 stars!! You can’t beat the features here, quite and adjustable with FREE delivery!! Plus a 12-month warranty. The price seems to be cheap for such an appealing exercise bike. I’ll definitely be getting me one with no doubt about it. Thanks for sharing!!

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