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Are you interesting in learning more about the Fnova Exercise Bike? If so, then check out this Fnova Exercise Bike review before you make any decision as we will reveal all the good and also all the bad points that we came across so you can decide for yourself if indeed this is the Exercise Bike for you or not.

Space Dimensions

Included in our review will be all the features and dimensions you need to be aware of to ensure you have enough space for it in your allocated room along with an overview of what has been reported from the general public – that way you will get more than just our opinion which in turn will provide you with a broader and balance based Exercise bike review.

Main Parts

For easier navigation, our review will be split into 5 main parts for you to go through and please note that guide prices can only be shown at the time of this review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

Fnova Exercise Bike Overview

  • Section 1: Brief overview with frequently asked questions
  • Section 2: Features and dimensions
  • Section 3: The Good verses the bad (pros and cons)
  • Section 4: Similar Alternatives to compare (prices)
  • Section 5: Final conclusion and feedback (optional)

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Section 1: Brief Overview

BrandFnova Indoor Exercise Bike
Flywheel:6kg heavy bidirectional flywheel
Weight capacity:Up to 180kg
Unit weight:28kg
Warranty:12 months available
Best place to buy: Amazon UK – View stock status here

Frequently asked Questions for the Fnova Bike (12)

  • Q1. What are the assembled dimensions?
  • A. The assembled dimensions are 97-109cm high by 50cm deep by 105cm wide
  • Q2. Can the height of the handle bars be raised for taller people?
  • A. Yes, it can be increased from 97cm high to 109cm high
  • Q3. What is the maximum weight capacity it can hold?
  • A. The maximum weight capacity for this bike is 180kg
  • Q4. How heavy is the flywheel?
  • A. The flywheel weight comes in at 6kg (bi-directional) or 13 Ibs
  • Q5. Does it take long to assemble?
  • A. Most of the bike is pre-assembled so it shouldn’t take you any longer than 20 to 30 minutes
  • Q6. Do I need additional tools for assembly?
  • A. No, all the tools required for assembly are included in the box
  • Q7, Do the pedals come with the toe cage?
  • A, Yes, the pedals have the alloy toe cages to keep your feet secure and prevent any slippages.
  • Q8. How do you adjust the resistance level?
  • A. It is adjusted by twisting the red knob – clockwise to increase and anti-clockwise to decrease the resistance
  • Q9. Does it include roller wheels to help with mobility?
  • A, Yes, there are 2 roller wheels integrated into the front frame to assist movement and portability
  • Q10. Are there any holders for your smart device or tablet?
  • A, No, unfortunately there is no holder for a tablet or smart phone device
  • Q11. Is it suitable for people 6 foot tall?
  • A, As the seat is adjustable, yes this exercise bike is suitable for people 6 foot tall but no higher
  • Q12, Is it plugged into the mains?
  • A, No, you will need a set of triple AAA batteries for the LCD tracking screen (not included)

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Section 2: Features and Dimensions

Fnova Indoor Spin Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike Overview

Must be kept indoors at all times

Low priced spin cycling solution - Ideal for bargain hunters

Pulse sensors on handle bars

LCD digital tracking displayed - Low noise silent belt

Flywheel weight 6kg or 13 Ibs

Maximum weight capacity 180kg - Twisting knob for resistances

Solid base with alloy pedals - Double triangle design

Handlebars and seat can be raised

Exercise Bike Description:

  • This exercise bike under the brand of Fnova comes available as a lower spec and lower priced calorie burning solution which in turn makes it more affordable for the average home owner. It doesn’t have the smart device holder or pre set programmes but it does offer a LCD tracking screen for all the main parameters and it comes with the solid double triangle design to support heavier weights of up to 180kg. The construction of the frame and base are heavy duty and it comes with the roller wheels integrated in the base to help with mobility around your home
  • It requires a small level of assembly with the frame, handle bars, seat and base but all the parts and tools required for the assembly as included in the box – it shouldn’t take you any more than 20 to 30 minutes work to have it fully assembled and ready to go. The dimensions of the bike are 108cm by 24.5cm by 79.5cm and the weight is not all that bad coming in at 28kg - again this is supported with the integrated roller wheels.
  • The flywheel weight here is 6kg or 13Ibs and the resistance is increased or decreased by twisting the red knob on the centre frame – clockwise to increase intensity and anti-clockwise to decrease intensity. The pedals come with the aluminium alloy toe cages and the tracker outlines all the main parameters such as timings, distances, calories burned, pulse rates and speed levels. Pulse rates are monitored with the sensors on the handle bars.
  • Both the handle bars and the saddle are height adjustable and it is ideal for people from 5 ft to 6 ft in our opinion. People over 6 ft may find that this bike will be too small for them as the saddle can only be raised to a certain level. You get a water bottle holder on the middle centre frame, the handle bars can be raised from 97cm up to 109cm, there is the emergency stop capability and it comes backed with a 12 month warranty

Price Guide: Less than £120

Fnova Spinning Exercise Bike Dimensions


Flywheel weight 6kg or 13 Ibs with handle bars adjusted 97cm to 109cm

Max weight capacity holding 180kg

Dimensions 79.5cm by 24.5cm by 108cm

Includes emergency brake and Twistable resistance knob

Non slip aluminium toe cage pedals and front mounted roller integrated wheels

Pulse sensors on both handlebars with steel electroplated inertia flywheel

Wear resistant low noise silent belt

Section 3: Pros and Cons to Note (Good vs the Bad)

These pros and cons are based on our own experiences as well as an overview observed from the general public….

Pros for the Fnova Exercise Bike:

  • Instead of paying over £200 for a heavy duty bike, you should be able to get your hands on this bike for less than £120 so there are certainly savings to be made here.
  • Most other low priced exercise bikes have weight capacities of 100 to 120kg where this exercise bike can hold heavier weights of up to 180kg with the heavier duty design
  • Great value spin bike with a lower level of noise than expected backed with an attractive design and appearance for your home
  • The quality of the pedal cages are excellent and you have the water bottle holder which is not available on all exercise bikes
  • All the tools required for the assembly are included in the package and you should have it all completed in about 30 minutes
  • In terms of size, it would be on the smaller side which helps for both shorter people and reducing workout space at the same time
  • A nice level of cushioning is provided on the saddle to help your rear end deal with the longer type cycling sessions

Cons for the Fnova Exercise Bike:

  • Even though there is a warranty of 12 months, we have seen reports where the supplier or seller doesn’t live up to your expectations
  • There are no set resistance levels as such – instead you just twist the knob to increase or decrease the intensity levels as needed
  • It cannot be folded like other bikes to save space and there is no recumbent cycling positioning also
  • No smart device holders or tablet holders are provided in the design and there are no pre-set programmes available either
  • Assembly instructions could be a whole lot better and you will need a set of AAA batteries that are not included in the package
  • The level of customer service in the event of possible repairs or faults could be improved a great deal
  • Some of the tracking information on the LCD digital display seems to be a bit off and it is really limited to people 6 ft tall max in our opinion. Plus the bottle in the image is not included – only the bottle holder

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Section 4: Similar Alternatives to Compare

If you feel that this bike doesn’t tick all of your boxes just yet, then feel free to check out and compare the prices of 2 alternative Exercise bikes outlined as follows from Armada and Reebok which we would recommend in particular…

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Section 5: Final Conclusion and Feedback

After completing this Fnova Exercise bike review, we hope this information can help you out in some small way and perhaps point you in the right direction in what you should do. It is certainly not the best exercise bike you will ever use and it lacks many of the premium feature serious athletes will look for but it does come with a significantly lower price tag which is certainly worth considering. Time will tell if it can stack up to regular weekly use but starting off we couldn’t find any major faults with it.


Assembly is not all that bad to be fair, the noise level is better than expected but we would be slightly concerned with the type of feedback seen elsewhere with the overall quality and the customer service levels seen from the seller suppliers.


In addition, the display tracker could be a whole lot better, the frame is on the smaller side and the level of information about how to use the bike is quite lacking. It is a solid bike though with a heavy duty frame to cater for heavier people, the price is certainly a big attraction but it wouldn’t be good enough for the elite type athlete in our opinion – only for beginners or casual use for people looking to lose some weight and burn off calories in the comfort of their own home.


Would we buy it? It would only be 50/50 to be honest and based on some of the customer service support reports seen elsewhere, it would most likely be a no. I would much prefer to stick with a more recognised brand and trusted supplier instead but that is just me. If you want a hassle free Exercise bike experience with a superior level of features, customer service and quality, then check out our recommendation from JTX Fitness who are based in West Sussex below.

Fnova Exercise Bike Community Feedback

Have you ever used the Fnova Exercise Bike yourself in the recent past? Did it live up to your own expectations?

If possible, feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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